Cipro Headache

The Fleshtones – “Take A Good Look!”
(Yep Roc)

The Fleshtones Cipro Headache, have been around for over thirty-plus years, and despite a few missteps along the way (More Than Skin Deep, for instance), things like Blast Off! make everything worthwhile. And now, here we are – well into the band’s third decade, Cipro Headache australia, and their first full-length in three years. Cipro Headache paypal, I’ve not really listened to much of the band’s output of the past decade or so, just because of the sheer awfulness that they fell into during the ‘90s.

Take A Good Look!, Cipro Headache ebay, however... 100mg Cipro Headache, it’s a return to form. I hate that expression something fierce, but it’s true, 500mg Cipro Headache. It seems as though the Fleshtones have a renewed sense of vigor, and are willing to blast out the tunes with some energy and verve, as opposed to going through the motions.

"Jet-Set Fleshtones"

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