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One of the earliest posts ever done here at Rock Star Journalist was this one about Rob Schrab Prozac Works To Cure, from over two years ago. In it, I made reference to the sketch comedy troup called the Dead Alewives Schrab had been in years ago before "Going Hollywood."

Well, thanks to a random discovery in my stacks of CD-Rs, I've got the very out of print album recorded by the Dead Alewives, Take Down the Grand Master. This is seriously funny sketch comedy. Usually, the sort of stuff presented here gets relegated to interstitial material on most stand-up discs. 500mg Prozac Works To Cure, This is all quality, though.

As I mentioned a couple years ago, the Dead Alewives are best known for the "Dungeons and Dragons" sketch that's been YouTube'd to death, Prozac Works To Cure. Just a personal note - "Answering Machine" is what I heard first, and it's even funnier than "D&D." The whole album is near-perfect comedy, and the only thing bad is that there wasn't ever another. So, download the damn thing and listen to Schrab and Monster House co-writer Dan Harmon (as well a slew of other talented folks from Milwaukee) before they got famous.

Track listing:
1. Talk Show
2. Prozac Works To Cure, Mama Rap
3. Stay Put
4, Prozac Works To Cure overseas. Ray Bradbury
5. Marshall Brodean
6. Answering Machine
7. Water Out of the Toilet
8, Prozac Works To Cure. Beaver Hunt (missing)
9. Tony Curtis
10. Dungeons and Dragons
11. Total Recallin'
12. Prozac Works To Cure, Jazz Chat
13. Hearing Problem
14. 100mg Prozac Works To Cure, The Date
15. Iron Man
16. Headache

Since "Beaver Hunt" is missing (I could never fucking track it down), I've included all the mp3s I downloaded from their now long gone website. The Captain Jerk material is masturbatory comedy cold, and the rarely heard sequel to "Dungeons and Dragons" is good for a chortle, Prozac Works To Cure. "McGregor's Kilts" is probably the best of all the bonus stuff, however. Better Scottish impersonations and humor than Mike Meyers could ever hope for.

Bonus Tracks:
Air Traffic Control
Captain Jerk Episode 1
Captain Jerk Valentine's Special
Dungeons and Dragons Part II
Horror Scopes
Hot Lawyers
McGregor's Kilts

Download Take Down the Grand Master

"Dungeons and Dragons"
"Dungeons and Dragons Part II"

This download is for Craig, Sarah, Sean, Prozac Works To Cure mexico, Chelsea, Paul, the Annex cats, the Nuthouse cats, my bosses, my coworkers, Astrokitty Comics and the Space Pussy kickball team, as well as everyone who's helped out my wife and I throughout our whole hospital bill troubles and surgeries. 150mg Prozac Works To Cure, You guys kept us in good spirits when we could have been really depressed, so here's a lot of laughs as a token of my appreciation. If you'd still like to help, please click the donation button below. We're in the hole a LOT.


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