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Thanks to a post on Go Fug Yourself Lumigan Gtts, , I have found what may be the greatest band performing today. They are called Lordi, they are from Finland, and they won this year's Eurovision songwriting contest.

Mind you, 50mg Lumigan Gtts, this is a band whose winning song was entitled "Hard Rock Hallelujah" and dresses up in full monster costumes. Past winners have included ABBA and Celene Dion, so you can imagine this came as quite a shock when I read about it.

Now, their newest album, The Arockalypse, Lumigan Gtts mexico, isn't available to buy in the United States yet, which is sad. Of course, finding it on a BitTorrent site takes next to no time at all, but I want packaging on this sucker, Lumigan Gtts. Seriously... it's quite possibly (and simultaneously) the funniest and coolest record I've ever heard. Lumigan Gtts craiglist, Lordi's not as over the top as Gwar or as filthy as Kiss or as annoying as Slipknot. They play straight-ahead, totally rocking tunes that just happen to be about monsters, zombies, the living dead, deadites, 10mg Lumigan Gtts, and the like.

You'll listen to songs like "Who's Your Daddy?" and laugh your ass off, but the riffs will still have you nodding your head. Before you know it, Lumigan Gtts coupon, you're actually full-on rocking out to the music, and then you have to explain as to how you can enjoy "stuff like that" to your wife. Or maybe that's just me...

"Hard Rock Hallelujah"


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