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If you've not seen the Bronx Cialis 20 Mg, live, please do. You're missing out on a vital part of the rock experience. Maybe you don't feel like shelling out fifteen bucks to see them open on their current tour with Mastodon and Converge. You'd be making a mistake. If you like their cds at all, 200mg Cialis 20 Mg, the Bronx is a band you must see live, and post-haste.

Now, granted, don't make the mistake my friend Rodney and I did, Cialis 20 Mg. That would be the mistake of standing five feet away from the speaker stacks at the Granada. I can now barely hear out of my right ear. It pretty much went good bye as soon as the band launched into the start of "Heart Attack American."

Of course, being as how the Bronx started with that song, 20mg Cialis 20 Mg, Rodney lost the chance to earn five bucks by yelling "Play that song from the video game!" Poor guy.

The Bronx managed to roar through their set with nary an issue. Cialis 20 Mg, Once the lead guitar popped up in the mix, it was full-bore rock 'n' roll. I cannot fucking believe how Matt Caughthran manages to scream for a forty-five minute set. Seriously... Cialis 20 Mg canada, not one flawed note, not one moment of lessened volume... astonishing.

Songs played included "They Will Kill Us All (Without Mercy)" and "History's Stranglers." "White Guilt" was a very lovely set break, where the band slowed down for a minute, Cialis 20 Mg. They immediately blew the fuck back up afterwards, but it was a chance for the band and crowd to take a bit of a breather.

We stuck around for exactly one Converge song, 40mg Cialis 20 Mg, but there was a seriously long delay between bands, and when they got going, the vocals were way weak. Not in the mix wise... 150mg Cialis 20 Mg, just that the singer couldn't pull off what works on cd. Sorry, Converge. You couldn't live up to the awesomeness of the Bronx, so we left.

"White Tar"
"Heart Attack American"

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