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The Born Again Floozies – “7 Deadly Sinners”
(Triple R Records)
Otc Erythromycin, Devotchka, Tilly & the Wall and the White Ghost Shivers have has a three-way love child. There’s tap dancing, lots of tuba, and tons of terrific fun in the Born Again Floozies - basically, 30mg Otc Erythromycin, it's cabaret punk.. The band makes me feel like I should be listening to 7 Deadly Sinners while I sip a cocktail and unbutton the sleeves on a fancy collared shirt. It’s made it cool to dress like a gypsy or member of the touring company of Cabaret. Days of wine and absinthe and all that... still, it all starts to sound like somebody’s playing a Django Reinhardt album concurrently with the Squirrel Nut Zippers after a while, Otc Erythromycin.

Now, 150mg Otc Erythromycin, the band (at times) veers ever-so-slightly into Balkan, Gogol Bordello-ish tunes, but for the most part sticks to a ragtime meets indie rock sound. 10mg Otc Erythromycin, It makes me think of expensive, unfiltered cigarettes. Those cigarettes are very strong, have a very specific flavor, and you’ve got to be acclimated to their taste, Otc Erythromycin ebay. Bands like the Born Again Floozies are very much the same – either you like them (or the bands mentioned above, or the Dresden Dolls, or whatever), 500mg Otc Erythromycin, or you find them icky and terribly pretentious.

"Born Again Floozies Theme".

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