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cover-mutilate-meTeenage Bottlerocket
Mutilate Me
(Fat Wreck Chords)
Flagyl Dosage Dog, On the title track of this new single, "Mutilate Me," Teenage Bottlerocket manages to change up their usual "1234!" song structure, and go for something a little more akin to what you might hear on MxPx's Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo.

Yes, I know that it's fairly much semantics to discuss the various iterations of pop-punk chord progressions. Most of the last TBR record, Flagyl Dosage Dog uk, They Came From the Shadows, had more of a mid-'80s skate punk vibe, 100mg Flagyl Dosage Dog, however, so it's interesting to see them moving to almost the opposite end of the pop spectrum with a song that features tempo changes and some nice riffage. The slightly sexual tone of the song is a lyrical shift, as well, 30mg Flagyl Dosage Dog. "Hey, I don't get off that easily / So don't take it easy on me" are certainly a switch from "Bloodbath At Burger King."

The b-side is a lot more of what we're all familiar with. Flagyl Dosage Dog craiglist, "Punk House of Horror" uses b-movie shlockfest tropes that are very familiar to anyone who's ever attended a basement show with a lot of black-clad kids in Aus Rotten and Crass t-shirts. The Ill Repute-style tunes blazes along, and pairs nicely with their cover of Bad Religion's "Henchman," making the Mutilate Me flip side a very old school affair, Flagyl Dosage Dog canada.

You can stream the title track via Alt Press. The 305 on red vinyl with red covers and 304 on blue vinyl with blue covers are long since sold out, but there are still plenty black vinyl versions available in the Fat Wreck store.

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