Cytomel Or Synthroid

Cytomel Or Synthroid, So, in an effort to get a bunch of reviews done for Chris over at Lab Productions on Thursday night, I ended up getting amazingly drunk. Believe it or not, all this gold-star material doesn't come easily. There are times after a particularly stressful day at work that I need something to calm me down. In this case, it ended up being the better portion of a bottle of Sailor Jerry rum and some Squirt.

Hey, 200mg Cytomel Or Synthroid, while it might sound like I'm buying into the whole drunken writer stereotype (and I am), it sometimes pays off. At least I think so, Cytomel Or Synthroid. I mean, I've written reviews and articles while slamming beer, wine, 1000mg Cytomel Or Synthroid, rum, whiskey, vicodin, tramadol, and high as a kite after smoking a bowl. It's pretty much been an equal opportunity thing when it comes to drug abuse and writing for me. It loosens me up, 250mg Cytomel Or Synthroid, and allows some truly uncensored opinions to flow forth.

It's not that they're all gold. Cytomel Or Synthroid, There have been a few things here and there that I simply disavowed and redid from scratch. For the most part, however, I tend to re-read what I've written while intoxicated with a raised eyebrow and statement of "Damn, 100mg Cytomel Or Synthroid, I wrote this. I'm fucking good!"

Should you wish to try this an experiment (and I'm not recommending this for term papers or anything that's important), you'll need to have some proper musical accompaniment. In that spirit of spirits, here're a few songs about liquor, beer, and assorted other intoxicants for you, Cytomel Or Synthroid japan.

Flogging Molly - "Drunken Lullabies"
Hayseed Dixie - "Have A Drink on Me" (live)
Satan's Jeweled Crown - "Blood In My Whiskey"
the Whiskey Rebels - "St. Ides"

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