Shoganai author Servo Jefferson talks about his “year on tour”

zine-cover-shoganaiZine author Servo Jefferson recently released Shoganai, an epic tale of love, punk rock, and teaching English in Japan. It’s an amazingly well-written story which delves deeply into the titular concept of “shoganai,” which is Japanese for “nothing can be done.” Essentially, Jefferson gave himself over to it, allowing a focus “upon oneself and one’s inability to change the external world.” This is good, as Jefferson encounters poor work conditions, bizarre roommates, and being stranded in unfamiliar parts of Japan. The positives outweigh the negatives, however, and it’s all handled with good humor and aplomb.

Jefferson will soon be going on what might be the longest book tour ever to promote Shoganai, starting in January. He was cool enough to do an e-mail interview with Rock Star Journalist regarding the tour and Shoganai.
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