Windian Records’ Subscription Series Number 3 is bonkers cool

windian subscription header Let us discuss the amazingness that is the new Subscription Series from Windian Records. We really enjoyed the singles we heard from the last round, with music from the Ettes and Mrs. Magician, but those were just solo copies, not as part of the whole collection. In other words, how do you talk about a box set when you have neither the box, nor the set? Well, we've the third installment sitting here in the Nuthouse basement, and it is the bee's knees. It's six 7-inch, bog hole, 45rpm singles in a custom box with a big, glossy booklet that showcases the sleeves these singles would have, were they to be purchased individually (which you can, with the art for an additional 79 cents). There's even a download code, and a glow in the dark 45 adapter. The cardboard shipping container the set came in was custom-stamped with the Windian logo, and the pieces of cardboard inside the box, holding everything tight were stampd with the logo of the Subscription Series on the top piece, with another on the bottom saying "Thank You, Come Again." That is devotion to an aesthetic ideal far beyond anything I can remotely conceive of. How's that for vinyl fetishism? This is beyond fetish object into full-on totemic territory. As a bonus, you can get two versions, on black and clear vinyl, limited to 150 and 100 copies, respectively. However, for $6 a single, I'm assuming you want some quality music, too, unless you're just one of those peopel who buys things and sticks them on a shelf to stare at. It's a bit of a mixed bag, as are all single series. In this case, I wasn't familiar with any of the artists being featured, so it was rather like getting a label sampler and hoping for the best. Norfolk, Virginia's the Seeers do a rather nice straight-ahead garage power pop. It's a little muddy and midtempo, but I can really see myself getting into those harmonies come springtime, while DD Owen (aka Drew Owen of Sick Thoughts) rocks dirty electronic punk with enough reverb to drive you mad. Platinum Boys hail from Wisconsin and certainly do have the guitar chops of Thin Lizzy, if a bit skinnier in terms of tone. "Candy" is pure pop sugar, while "Wild Child" has an underlying scuzzy fuzz. NYC's Church Bats could be accused of worshipping a little too devotedly at the feet of cavestomp artists. The way they ape that whole lo-fi, hollow recording aesthetic on "Foreign Man" could come across as fake, were it not for the fact that the song's a genuine rave-up, excellently contrasted by the perfect fuzzed-out instrumental "Half Man, Half Shellfish" that does Link Wray's grinding strip club undertones in a way I've not heard in ages. War Party's a-side is absolutely perfect psychedelic pop, but the b-side is another garage song about being drunk, and if you're not going to bring anything new, find something else to write about. Finally, John Wesley Coleman III's a-side is the cut that really doesn't grab me. "I Feel Like A Sad Clown" is fine enough power-pop, but "I Found A Home" is so absolutely off-kilter musically (that keyboard really goes freaky at points), but absolutely touching lyrically. It sounds like nothing so much as the Troggs covering "Care of Cell 44," and I can't get enough of it. You can listen to 8 out of the 12 tracks below, via Soundcloud. [embed][/embed] The Windian Subscriptions Series #3 is available for order through the Windian Records store

The last batch of singles from Windian Records’ founder, Travis Jackson

windian singles Getting a big package of singles in the mail is always exciting, especially when you're not expecting them. It's bittersweet to open the box and realize that these are the last singles overseen by the late Windian Records' head honcho, Travis Jackson. Jackson died unexpectedly earlier this year when hit by car as he worked on a road construction crew. Looking at the note, which was right on top of the stack of singles when I opened the package, I basically burst into tears. Now, I don't claim to have known Jackson very well, but he'd been helpful with providing some promo stuff for review and play on the podcast, and every interaction I had with him was kind and excited and full of life. It's strange to think that a man who I never met in person would be missed so much, but Jackson's verve for music and excitement for what he was doing with Windian was infectious, and you wanted him to succeed. Eric Brady will continue the label on, and the music looks to be coming strong. cover - mrs magicianOut of this stack of singles, there's not a one that didn't grab me in one way or another. Top of the list has to be Mrs Magician's "Friday Night" b/w "Crosses" single. It was part of the second Windian Single Series, and it's a masterful piece of reverb-drenched surfy power pop. It sounds like summer. Comparisons to the likes of Dum Dum Girls and New Pornographers are inevitable. However, who cares? Because both of those bands are wonderful. I want to put "Friday Night" on a mix CD in my truck and drive around listening to it while drinking lemonade at 2 o'clock in the morning. The flip, "Crosses," ups the surf angle, and jangles its way through three minutes of the catchiest anti-established religion cut you've ever heard. "Crosses" twangs and harmonizes everywhere you'd want a song to do so, and works in girl-group (by way of dudes) "sha-la," "woo-hoo," and every other onomatopoeic vocal affectation in the book. [embed][/embed] cover - the ettes cryWhile not reinventing their sound with every new release, the Ettes manage to tweak it just enough to sound fresh and interesting. The last thing I'd heard from them was the gothic country of "Teeth," and it was a full switch from their second album, Look At Life Again Soon, which featured the frantic stomper "Crown of Age." I just never know what to expect from the trio, other than it'll be fucking good. The a-side cut's a little more loose and hazy than we've heard from the Ettes before, and it's fucking great. "Girl I'll Never Be" is darker and more ominous than the a-side, with the bass distorted to the point of almost breaking. It pulses, while the guitar cuts right through in counterpoint. The Ettes spin it around in a whirl of declination, going down into a dark hole of contradictory shouts. [embed][/embed] cover - ar-kaicsThe Ar-Kaics are previewing their forthcoming Windian LP (although neither of these tracks on on it), with these two primitive bangers. Snotty vocals, simple pounding drums, and basic churned-out guitars suddenly give way on "Why Should I?" to a surprisingly catchy chorus, replete with an equally-catchy guitar line. "Slave to Her Lies" is a little less poppy, sounding like a dark mirror image of the Turtles' "Happy Together." It's almost as if the relationship in the Turtles song has long since gone sour, for reasons of infidelity and distrust. It stomps along, nearly dirge-like, punctuated by shouted "SLAVE!"s, for its entirety. Dark, dirty, dirgy, and damned good. [embed][/embed] cover - killer beesThis bit of Dictators worship from D.C.'s Killer Bees, Buzz'n the Town, has a lot in common with most punk songs about television. Be it "TV Party" or "Television Addict," the songs have a glee about them, even as they denigrate that about which they sing. The kick drum hits with a flat thud, pegging out the meters, and lending a strange metronomic effect to an otherwise propulsive cut. The guitars rip along, and you know this was a pogo cut in its day. [embed][/embed] The flip's very much in the same vein, chooglin' along like an amped-up southern r&b act, but manages to throw in some nice stop-and-start "I like it! I love it!" breaks, as well as a solid guitar solo for the bridge. Wish the ending "rock & roll hangover" bits could've been more harmony or more shouted, rather than some half-assed middle ground, though. cover - penetrators shopping bagIs there a bad Penetrators recording? I mean, I know they all sound like crap -- seriously, for all of the Mummies' claims, the Penetrators are the real kings of budget rock -- but the band's songs always manage to have something about them. "Shopping Bag" is nasal, and the attempt at a guitar solo is almost laughable, but damned if this tinny piece of schlock isn't going to worm its way into your head almost immediately. [embed][/embed] "Everybody Needs Lovin'" might've been recorded in a closet by mentally deranged individuals, but it's still danceable in its own weird way. The guitar solo succeeds more on this side, but Syracuse's finest fascinate in spite of possible displays of technical proficiency. It's mainly due to a spoken word intro and outro that makes no sense, but sounds cool, like an avant-garde take on the Blues Brothers' version of "Someone to Love." All of the singles are available for purchase from the Windian Records store.

Windian Records head Travis Jackson on the art of reissues

WINDIAN-LOGOWindian Records, based out of Washington D.C., is a fascinating label. Not only do they put out a seemingly bottomless trove of obscure (yet assuredly worth hearing) reissues, but they've been on the cutting edge of garage rock 'n' roll lately, releasing singles and LPs from everyone from Heavy Times to the Shirks. Label head Travis Jackson was fantastic enough to take time out from following a crawling infant and working to answer some questions via e-mail about the label's releases. The label puts out both new releases -- upcoming stuff from Ar-Kaics, the Hussy, and others -- and reissues of some pretty crucial Penetrators records. How do you decide what new bands you'll release? Is it just a case of what appeals to you, or do some bands seek you out at this point? It's a little bit of both. The majority of releases I either knew from touring or really dug the band and asked if we could do a single. I think the only band I've released through the demo process was the White Faces LP. I plan releases early for the whole year, and sometimes more is added. With the reissues, I've always just reached out to one of the members work from their. Getting to work with The Penetrators releasing their whole singles collection, Testors, Bizarros, and Crushed Butler has been amazing. Definitely learned a lot. I'm more than ever focused on the reissue side of the label, it's a lot more work and research, but it pays off when you put your imprint on some classic sounds. When and how did the Penetrators' connection come about? I contacted Spike a couple years ago about reissuing the "Gotta Have Her" 45 and the hopes of putting together a Fred Records retrospective LP. The single did really well and we decided to just reissue everything from the Fred catalog on 7" just as they came out initially (printed paper sleeves, promo sticker) 30 years ago. We are still working on getting to the Basement Anthology Volume 2, doing a lot of digging. windian box setSome labels choose to just say, "Hey, trust us," when it comes to singles series, but yours listed all the acts out in advance. Why do the latter, instead of the former? When I decided to start a subscription series, I wanted the restrictions that come along with most other series to be limited. One of the most important is not signing off on a series you have no idea what you're expecting. Every year you get to choose if you want the next set. So far we've had nearly an 85% turn around for #2, and I'm beyond flattered. I'm glad people were happy with the inaugural set, and I'm working really hard to make sure this years set tops last years. One thing that worked really well was the reserve. I never liked paying a large sum and waiting for it to arrive. Also, pre-selling 200 box sets and getting 200 emails every week asking "where's my records" will drive a healthy man to the brink of blowing their head off. So we decided to take reserves for $1 and when the set was ready to ship, sent an invoice. Their were some that couldn't pay right away, but we held their set for 2 months in some cases until they could. Once reserved, it's yours. What's involved in setting up a subscription series? Packaging and sound. It has to be presented very well for someone to pull the trigger on 5 singles if they are only interested in say one of the bands. The response we received from our subscribers from the art of the factory sleeves, to the booklet, the button, the stamped mailing box it was shipped in was huge. I've been cut, folding, and glueing our sleeves since we started, and I was very involved with the art book as I designed and manufactured by hand. Sound I think is vital with this series as I hired an old friend Eric Brady to do the mastering. He's done everything since for Windian as I was just blown away with his work on the series. Going back to the reissues: your next reissue is a compilation of DC "stompers" called Capitol Rock 'n' Roll Volume 1: Garage Unknowns. Where did you pull the twenty tracks from? This project has taken a lot of time and research. I've been working with Mark Opasanek who wrote a book about DC Rock and Roll a few years ago. A lot of them are from a killer comp that was released in '84 called "Signed DC". Ever since I heard that LP, I wanted to reissue it. The others I found through research or by talking to friends who had some original 45's. This first volume is mostly 60's stuff while volume 2 will focus on the 70's punk scene (not Dischord) and volume 3 going back further to the 50's focusing on early Rock and Roll and Soul. [embed][/embed] Did you have an idea of what you wanted to included going into Capitol Rock 'n' Roll? Link Wray. In my opinion, he is the most important musician to make music here in Washington DC. He performed "Rumble" for the first time live at a dance in Fredericksburg, Va., the town I grew up in. It's amazing I even have the opportunity to release anything he ever recorded. I named my kid after him! What should people know about Windian if they're not already familiar with the label? Born to lose, out to lunch.

Natural Tetracycline

cover-white-faces Natural Tetracycline, It's entirely possible that I ruined my knee stomping my foot on the basement floor. White Faces' self-titled LP on Windian Records is almost absurdly infectious. Be it the toe-tapping, hip-swaying of "Stand Up" or the aforementioned foot stomping brought on by the likes of "Happy," this Milwaukee trio is just great.

"Great" seems a little noncommittal, I know, 500mg Natural Tetracycline, but White Faces are just that sort of band that you listen to, and somebody sees you grinning and nodding your head while it comes out of your headphones. They ask what you're listening to, and when you try to answer their "How good are they?" question, all that comes out is a bigger grin, Natural Tetracycline paypal, a sheepish laugh, and "Man, they're just ... they're great, you know?"

Do they veer from tuneful ditties to snotty barn-burners a little too abruptly, Natural Tetracycline. Possibly. The sudden sonic switch is a trifle unsettling, but it serves to keep the listener involved and engaged, rather than tuning out and letting the record become background music, Natural Tetracycline canada.

It's totally offset by the fact that even off-kilter swagger of something like side b opener "MY Blunder" is an instant sing-along. Once through the chorus, and you're singing "You're my blunder, my moonshine." It's pop with a case-hardened knife-edge of punk. Natural Tetracycline, White Faces are like rock candy - they're sweet, but you go at them wrong, and you're going to end up with a busted tooth. It's a dangerous confection, Natural Tetracycline usa, this LP, but worth the risk to your dental work.

You can buy White Faces' debut LP from the Windian Store. Buy it in a combo pack with some of their other new releases from Dead People, Chinese Burns, and the Poppets, and get a bonus White Faces 7-inch, Natural Tetracycline india.


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Oral Tetracycline

cover-penetrators-gottaThe reissue of the Penetrators Oral Tetracycline, ' "Gotta Have Her," backed with "Baby, Dontcha Tell Me" on Windian Records, is as perfect a reissue as you could ask for. I love the fact that reissues no longer try for redone art, or changing things up to differentiate them from the original, other than an additional logo from the reissuing label. This is essentially what you would've gotten from this garage rock duo in 1976.

It's rough, Oral Tetracycline australia, dirty, and owes more than a little to the likes of ... oh, let's just say any band featured on Nuggets. It's cheap shorthand, to be sure, but the drumming is straight off a Sonics record, and the slightly off-key, but enthusiastic vocals could be from anyone from Shadows of Knight to the Trashmen, Oral Tetracycline. The titular a-side's pretty good, but the b-side has a snotty edge that really makes this worth picking up.


cover-mondo-rayAlso out now on Windian is Mondo Ray's "Hypnotized, 500mg Oral Tetracycline," backed with "Nothing." This is a cleaner, less raucous single than the Penetrators' release. It's a very angular, chiming kind of garage - sort of like what frequently makes its way onto In the Red these days. It blasts through your stereo so quickly that you'll find yourself repeatedly flipping the single, Oral Tetracycline overseas, desperate for more of their music.

It's a big sound from a trio, with the guitars ringing like there was a chorus of them. The rhythm's a little down in the mix, with David da Cruz's riffs the clear focus of the title track. As with the Penetrators' single, the b-side outshines the a-side, 30mg Oral Tetracycline, if only because it showcases all three members far more equitably as it alternates a piercing, throbbing, pulsing rhythm with high harmonies and big riffs.


Both releases can be had from Windian's online storefront for the low, low price of $5 each, 250mg Oral Tetracycline, along with a cavalcade of quality garage and punk from Rock Star Journalist faves the Shirks and Personal & the Pizzas, amongst a slew of acts new and old.

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Increased Discharge Diflucan

[caption id="attachment_3354" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Banksy"]Banksy Increased Discharge Diflucan, [/caption]Such a fun show this week. It seemed like the whole thing breezed by. There's a lot of new music from Slovenly and Windian, as well as some Internet-sourced tracks. Legal gets, of course - Soundcloud and Bandcamp streaming tracks - but they certainly make the show a little more well-rounded.

The focus of the show will remain vinyl, Increased Discharge Diflucan uk, as always, but the fact remains that many great songs won't make it onto wax, and there's no reason to exclude them because they're in a different format. Honestly, the whole thing ends up mixed down to 128 Kbps mp3 files, Increased Discharge Diflucan mexico, anyway. Sonic fidelity is pretty null.

Podcast #66, "The Writing On the Wall"

The Penetrators, "Baby, Dontcha Tell Me" ("Gotta Have Her" single)
Mouthbreathers, "The Creeper" ("Anxiety" single)
Mondo Ray, Increased Discharge Diflucan ebay, "Nothing" ("Hypnotized" single)
The Blues Magoos, "Gotta Get Away" ("(We Ain't Got) Nothing Yet" single)
Acid Baby Jesus, "It's On Me" (Hospitals)
Total Babes, "Rot Away" (Swimming Through Sunlight)
Die Wasted, "Party to the Hells" (Party to the Hells)
Punch, Increased Discharge Diflucan overseas, "How Nothing Lasts" (Nothing Lasts)
Fires, "Things We Lost In the Sea" (split with Self Defense Family)
The Phenomenauts, "I Am (Not) Robot" (Adventures in the Third Dimension)
The Tigermilks, "She's Losin' It" (We Don't Stand A Chance)
Apple Brains, "Ba-na-nas" (Get Fruity!!)
The Gateway District, "Run Away" (Perfect's Gonna Fail)
The Monsters, "In and Out" (Pop Up Yours!)
The Holy Shakes, Increased Discharge Diflucan us, "Crips and Bloods" (Demo).

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