Whatever Brains, “Whatever Brains (2013)” LP

cover - whatever brains 3The third self-titled LP from Raleigh, North Carolina’s Whatever Brains is less manic than their last, also for the Sorry State label. It’s droning as fuck. I don’t mean that in a negative or positive way — it’s simply that each and every track on this particular release has an underlying vibe than hums along monotonically.

That’s not to say that it’s a monotonous record. I don’t think Whatever Brains could be monotonous if they tried. Take, for example, the closer to side A, “Horse Complex 2,” which is a Boards of Canada song gone awry. It mixes their cinematic drone with the electronic blips of a science fiction theme song — it reminded me of nothing so much as the opening credits to Forbidden Planet while on a fistful of pills.
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Whatever Brains’ 7-inches on sale at Funny/Not Funny all month long

cover-whatever-brains-7-inchRemember how much we liked that Whatever Brains LP (before Pitchfork was all up on it, too, I might add)? Well, when you buy the LP, you get a download of their earlier 7-inches. Two of those – Nesting and Rapper’s Delight Part II – were released by Funny/Not Funny Records, and they’ve got them both on sale for $4 each for all of September. Go grab ’em, along with whatever else grabs your fancy.

More details over at their blog, and check out the video for “The Future of Porn,” off that new self-titled LP, below.
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Whatever Brains, “Whatever Brains” LP

cover-whatever-brainsWhatever Brains
Whatever Brains
(Sorry State)

If you took Geza X & the Mommymen, sped them up, and made the whole thing as herky-jerky as Devo, you’d have Whatever Brains. That’s fucking wonderful, really. How often does a band listen to something like “Isotope Soap” or “Uncontrollable Urge” and think, “Man, the two of those songs are great, but together – now, that’d really be something!”?
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