“Wasted Opportunities” has interviews that go the distance

zine-cover-wasted-opportunitiesThe recently released ‘zine, Wasted Opportunities, is a true fan’s work of love. There are two interviews in this issue, and they are epic. The interviews that Justin does – with the members of Elway, and the proprietor of Poison City Records, Andrew Hayden – span 10-12 pages apiece, and contain every bit of dialogue from said interviews.

Now, these could be said to be a bit rambling, and they are, but by transcribing the entire Skype conversation verbatim, these interviews read more like chats between like-minded individuals, rather than the tightly-edited back-and-forth you find in most print interviews. As ‘zines are the sort of reading material you like to keep on the coffee table, in your bag, next to the toilet, whatever, reading these interviews is almost like being there as they unfolded in real time.

Good reviews, too, and a great piece on finding the perfect burrito in Brisbane. Hopefully, Wasted Opportunities will see further issues past this first spring edition. It’s a fun read, and Justin does some nice stuff. You can read the interviews over at the Wasted Opportunities blog, or hit up Justin via e-mail for a hard copy.