Aaron and the Burrs, “Release the Bats” 7-inch

cover - aaron and the burrsSurf trio Aaron & the Burrs does an excellent job of keeping everything short and sweet on their "Release the Bats" single. With instrumentals, it's difficult to know where to stop, but both of these tracks had me repeatedly flipping the 45 to listen to it over and over. While absolutely standard in terms of genre, it's loaded with flourishes and detail that reveal a new delight with every repeated play. As I said, both cuts on this 45 aren't breaking any new ground. Aaron & the Burrs play sunny surf-rock, the same as has been purveyed since the '60s. This still sounds absolutely wonderful, though. The songs are short, catchy, and well-executed. The a-side, "Release the Bats," has a nice workout somewhere in the middle that really brings it to life, and ends with a fantastic bit of revved up guitar. "Oh No, More Bats" is the more sonically interesting. It changes up the tempo several times as it goes, and works a much more complex interplay between the guitar and bass, with the bass at times even doubling the guitar line for a much more full sound. For a three-piece, Aaron & the Burrs have a sonic fullness to them that hearkens back to the likes of Joe Meek-produced cuts like "Telstar." Producer Geza X is well-known for his work in giving punk rock far more musical depth and heft than is usually given it, and he's applied his talents just as well to these two tracks. If you get this as a physical product, it comes with a download code, and is housed in a screened 3/4 sleeve. The 45's on solid black vinyl. Ut Records and Feral Kid gave a simple single a very nice treatment. The Daniel Clowes-looking artwork is eye-catching, as well. Additionally, notice needs to be given for the fact that the songs are "Release the Bats" and "Oh No, More Bats," which gave me a solid chuckle. However, the lyric sheet, which reads simply, "NA," might be the real selling point of this single. Never underestimate the allure of cleverness, folks. You can buy Aaron & the Burrs' "Release the Bats" single from Ut records (who also have their first two cassettes) or Feral Kid.