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CateforisCover.indd 500mg Cipro Bladder Infection, In his book for the University of Michigan Press, Are We Not New Wave. Modern Pop at the Turn of the 1980s, author Theo Cateforis created a selection if essays on the various focii of new wave, and what connected the quite diverse genres which fell under its umbrella.

Cateforis makes several points as to what conncted the various, seemingly disparate genres that made up new wave. Synth pop, power pop, 500mg Cipro Bladder Infection paypal, post-punk, and even rockabilly revivalists and punk itself all fell under the "new wave" banner at one time or another. So, what connects all of these things. In one case, it's the beat, 500mg Cipro Bladder Infection. Cateforis returns again and again to the beat. be it the double backbeat or "Burundi beat," rhythmic change was just as important to new wave's image of "herky-jerky" music as the various visual elements.

The author also focuses on the idea of nervousness, which is the emotional component of that herky-jerky rhythmic sensibility, 250mg 500mg Cipro Bladder Infection. Are We Not New Wave? certainly connects nervousness to the Talking Heads and Devo, as well as the lyrics of other bands, and that segment of the book works quite well. 500mg Cipro Bladder Infection, However, when Cateforis moves to the idea of camp, he focuses pretty much exclusively on the B-52's. While I understand that narrowing it down to one band sharpens the focus of the author's analysis, it lacks the punch of his chapter on nervousness. That chapter, "From Neurasthenia to Nervousness: The Whiteness of the New Wave, 10mg 500mg Cipro Bladder Infection, " bounces comparisons off Devo and the Talking Heads, but it also contrasts the differences between the two.

Sadly, there's nothing of that in "Camp. Kitsch. Trash, 500mg Cipro Bladder Infection. New Wave and the Politics of Irony," and that's where Are We Not New Wave? misses a distinct opportunity. Comparing and contrasting the B-52's with a band like the Cramps would've involved the two bands' shared common grounds of "disposable" music like surf, as well as B-movies and assorted other pop culture ephemera, 40mg 500mg Cipro Bladder Infection. Cateforis could've then shown the distinct takes offered by each group, given their respective light and dark takes on the material.

That being said, Cateforis' Are We Not New Wave? is not only the first book-length analysis of the new wave movement in pop music, it's certainly one of the better analyses of post-punk music, and allows for a study of the characteristics of the music. When combined with something like Simon Reynolds' Rip It Up and Start Again, 500mg Cipro Bladder Infection ebay, which looks at an in-depth, well-rounded history of the music, you can put together a complete overview of music after punk rewrote the rules.

You can check out a few musical samples at the University of Michigan Press's page.

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book-cover-blues-in-bw Cipro Recommended Dose 500 Mg, In the interest of honesty, I'll be forthright and explain that I'm not a big fan of photography collections. Inevitably, there are shots that are included more for their historical value than artisitic value, especially in the case of music photography. The accompanying text is also usually of the "you should have been there" variety, explaining that the photos are in no way a substitute for the actual event itself.

Blues In Black & White: The Landmark Ann Arbor Blues Festivals As Photographed By Stanley Livingston has none of those issues, Cipro Recommended Dose 500 Mg ebay. The Ann Arbor Blues Festivals took place in 1969 and 1970, and for the price of $14 for three days, you could've seen Lightnin' Hopkins, Son House, BB King, Cipro Recommended Dose 500 Mg craiglist, Big Mama Thornton, John Lee Hooker, JB Hutto & the Hawks, Big Joe Turner, Willie Dixon, Clifton Chenier...and more. It was one of the first, if not the first electric blues festival, and Stanley Livingston captured performances from all of the performers in gloriously crisp, clear, electric blabk and white, Cipro Recommended Dose 500 Mg. These photos have a vibrancy to them to where you can look at one of them and hear the music issuing forth from the page, Cipro Recommended Dose 500 Mg usa.

The introduction and text by Michael Erlewine (who was there and went on to found Allmusic), eschews the "you had to be there" aesthetic, but rather makes you wish you had been there. There's a sense of joy and happiness that runs through Blues In Black & White. As you read, 30mg Cipro Recommended Dose 500 Mg, you can sense how lucky and thankful the festival organizers felt at being able to attract so many artists to the festival. Cipro Recommended Dose 500 Mg, As Erlewine states in his introduction, 90% of the artists who performed are now gone.

The introduction also honestly looks at how the discovery of electric blues by white folks took it out of the black neighborhoods, and changed the artists' audience. Many of these artists had their careers extended and made money for the first time in their lives thanks to the white acceptance of blues. There was a very definite attempt by the festival organizers to make sure that there was no exploitation taking place, and that's made very clear in the book, but Erlewine does note that:

We were perhaps guilty of ascribing to the blues something outside of our own experience and longing to know what the experience meant.

That is perhaps the most honest, 100mg Cipro Recommended Dose 500 Mg, legitimate assessment of white folks' blues appreciation I've ever read.

The book is out now via the University of Michigan Press.

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book-cover-i-dontI Don't Sound Like Nobody Generic Cipro, takes its title from a famous quote attributed to Elvis Presley. For the first half of the book of the same name by Albin J. Zak III, the same cannot be said. The musical history contained within the first few chapters is a retread of what's been said many times in other histories of popular music, Generic Cipro paypal, and is familiar to anyone with a passing knowledge of the twentieth century's first half.

While no better nor worse than the coverage that came before, the subject of '50 rock 'n' roll and its attendant rise in youth purchasing power has been covered ad nauseum. However, I Don't Sound Like Nobody starts really kicking about halfway through, when Zak starts examining the concept of covers and copies in chapter five, "Surface Noise."

While one wouldn't expect that the analysis of legal cases involving copyright law to be anything other than dry, Zak manages to take a potentially dull topic and make it exciting, Generic Cipro. Generic Cipro overseas, It's in the legal realm that the importance of recording in determining a record's sound becomes spelled out most clearly. When Al Patrick of Supreme sued Decca for recording a version of "A Little Bird Told Me" that sounded identical to the original, it moved along the idea that a song might be more than words and notes on paper.

Zak's examination and analysis of recording techniques and how they shaped the history of popular sound makes a case for the '50s being the important decade of popular music. Granted, 50mg Generic Cipro, every book that pitches a certain era as being the decade where "it all changed!" has a valid point, be it the advent of recording, the rise of jazz, 200mg Generic Cipro, punk, or what-have-you. Generic Cipro, Zak's postulation as to the rise of the recording and its producers and engineers as defining the sound of music is just as valid and cogently argued.

Pre-order the book from the University of Michigan Press. It comes out in September.

Listen to sample audio tracks of songs mentioned in Albin J, Generic Cipro usa. Zak III's I Don't Sound Like Nobody..

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book-cover-theater-will-rockUntil I read Canine Flagyl Blood In Urine, Elizabeth L. Wollman's The Theater Will Rock (from the University of Michigan Press), I'd thought that the history of the rock musical was a bit larger than it actually is. In her book, Wollman analyzes the the history and impact of the rock musical on "legitimate" theater, and I realized that the sub-genre of the Broadway musical started only in 1967, with Hair, 200mg Canine Flagyl Blood In Urine, with whose subtitle, "The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical," the genre was named.

The book covers most of the major productions that followed, and the ones that have been original concepts can almost be counted on one hand. Such productions as Grease, Hedwig & the Angry Inch, or Rent have been rare, Canine Flagyl Blood In Urine canada, with performances such as Mamma Mia!, Jersey Boys, and Jesus Christ Superstar more the norm.

The Theater Will Rock is an excellent primer for anyone looking to get an overview of the rock musical, Canine Flagyl Blood In Urine. Most works presented here will be familiar to most readers, because, as a subgenre, 100mg Canine Flagyl Blood In Urine, the rock musical hasn't had the chance to really blossom out like the musical as a whole. Of course, the fact that, while Hair really made a big name for itself, repeated attempts at a follow-up really didn't get anywhere. The book's main theme seems to be that while certain aspects of rock 'n' roll introduced via Hair like amplification, and different phrasing and tempo, the rock musical has not revolutionized the Broadway musical the way it was expected to, Canine Flagyl Blood In Urine paypal.

The book proceeds chronologically, with the various innovations introduced in each chapter expanded upon in follow-up "Interludes." These interludes further explain such things as audience (the difference between what is ok and what isn't in theaters and concerts) or the megamusical. The book reads a bit slow, but it's comprehensive without being exhaustive. Wollman's book was originally published in 2006, and the paperback edition came out earlier this year, 20mg Canine Flagyl Blood In Urine, so Green Day's recent American Idiot musical doesn't get mentioned. It's a pity, as one wonders what she though of a rock band's performance at the premiere of their own theatrical production.

Listen to an interview with the author on WNYC's Soundcheck..

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