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rsd-2012 Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics, Obviously, I have too much free time, because after I got done going for a walk on Saturday afternoon, I came home and worked my way through a bunch of beer while I listened to all of my Record Store Day acquisitions. This marks the first year I didn't have the day off, so I stayed in Lawrence and grabbed what I could after I got off work. Here are my increasingly honest and incomprehensible live rankings of what I purchased.

100_1832Mastodon / Feist - Feistodon Fuck. For all the hype, and all the difficulty people were having tracking it down, I didn't figure on there being any copies left when I got to Love Garden at noon. They had plenty of copies, even then, Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics. It's boring as shit, and I regret spending $8 on it. Neither side brings anything interesting to the other act's tune. I would've preferred they teamed up on two original songs. Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics uk, That would've been cool. Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics, As it is, I'm seeing if anyone's interested in taking it off my hands.

100_1833The Hives - "Go Right Ahead" b/w "1000 Answers" "Go Right Ahead" sounds just as much like Electric Light Orchestra's "Don't Bring Me Down" as it did the first time I heard it a few weeks ago, but who fucking cares. "Idiot Walk" sounded like the Who's "Can't Explain" and it rocked socks, and so does this. The Hives know how to rip somebody off, that's for damned sure. The b-side is even better. It sounds like vintage, Barely Legal-era Hives, Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics. Hell yes.

100_1834Bronx - Live Split release between the Bronx and their mariachi alter-egos. Basically a way to promote new releases from both, but no biggie. It sounds fucking great, 1000mg Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics. Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics, The Mariachi El Bronx side is a little clean. I was hoping it would be a little dirtier, but the Bronx side does that just fine. "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" is a Hanoi Rocks cover. Seriously. It's even got Michael Monroe on vocals. Does that count as a cover if the original singer does it, Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics. Whatever. First record to be on colored vinyl. Pretty fantastic splatter.

100_1835Lydia Loveless - "Bad Way to Go" b/w "Alison" Why the hell haven't I bought Lydia Loveless' Bloodshot debut yet. Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics, It came out last year, I interviewed her about it, and I've got a copy of her independently-released debut, which I adore. She covers the Replacements and Loretta Lynn live, and she's a completely, Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics ebay, cavalierly candid person both on stage and on the phone when she's being interviewed. "Bad Way to Go" makes me feel like a terrible person for not picking up Indestructible Machine, it's so fucking good. Clarion vocals over a down-home, raucous ramble through the brambles. Her take on Elvis Costello's "Alison" has a vulnerable quaver that made me tear up a touch.

100_1836Various Artists - Trouble In Mind Record Store Day 2012 4-Way split These splits are kinda pricey ($10 for a 7-inch) because of licensing rights, but it always ends up being worth the money, Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics. Mikal Cronin's take on the Banana Splits' tune is cute, and I'm being more and more won over by his stuff the more I hear it. Apache Dropouts doing Nilsson wins because ... well, it's Nilsson. You're never going wrong having poppy garage acts cover amazing '70s singer-songwriters. Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics, It gets freaky near the end, too. Hackles will raise in astonishment, Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics paypal. The Paperhead and Limiñanas go psychedelically crazy on the flipside.

100_1837Pujol - "Reverse Vampire" b/w "Psychic Pain" (home demo) Put out the goddamned LP already. The Nasty, Brutish, And Short 10-inch EP last year, and now an RSD single. Saddle Creek needs to stop teasing (and taking my money), Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics. By the time the full-length comes out this summer, I'll be so tired of dropping cash on pujol albums, it'll get skipped. Pretty brownish-red clear marble vinyl, although -- word to the wise, Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics us, here -- when you press 1000, it's not limited. That's just a "pressing." The music's fucking great, though, of course. New wave meets power-pop garage. It's timeless, reminding me of so many different rock 'n' roll era all at once.

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Zithromax And Increased Intracranial Fluid

trouble-in-mind-logoToday sees the release of two new EPs on the always-excellent Trouble In Mind Zithromax And Increased Intracranial Fluid, . The Chicago label has issued solo releases from Alex Cuervo (who fronts Austin's kings of garage the Hex Dispensers) and Jeffrey Novak (of the Tennessee garage-popsters Cheap Time).

Also out today from the label are LPs from the Wrong Words and the Paperhead, Zithromax And Increased Intracranial Fluid usa, meaning you might as well just head on down to the record store after work today and throw down some cash for wonderful tunes. 10mg Zithromax And Increased Intracranial Fluid, Alternately, you can just head on over to the label's website and grab them all direct.

The only thing I've heard is the Novak track below, Zithromax And Increased Intracranial Fluid paypal, but Trouble In Mind is one of those labels where it's pretty much worth taking a chance on anything they put out. 150mg Zithromax And Increased Intracranial Fluid, You can be about 99% certain of getting a quality, enjoyable release. Besides, Zithromax And Increased Intracranial Fluid uk, you should like the Hex Dispensers, anyway.

Jeffrey Novak - Back At The Bottom by PressWolfPR

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Drugs And Diflucan

LP_Jacket_11073The Limiñanas
The Limiñanas
(Trouble In Mind)
Drugs And Diflucan, My working knowledge of French consists of being able to say that I speak no French, that I am a gigantic duck, and asking where the nude beach is located. That being said, I love French garage pop. The best French garage takes a psychedelic edge from American and British '60s rock 'n' roll and combines it with the relaxed, seductive edge of Serge Gainsborg for a potent, 50mg Drugs And Diflucan, heady mix.

Such is the case with the Limiñanas. Their self-titled debut has rapidly made its way to the top of my favorite albums this year, Drugs And Diflucan india, despite being released just last month. The louche vocals of Marie and Lio Limiñana have a certain come-hither approach, Drugs And Diflucan. Every word drips with sardonic appeal.

The arrangement allows for a definite sense of sexuality. The best way I can descirbe is to say that songs like "Je suis une go-go girl" are the aural equivalent of bedroom eyes. There's a lot of open space in the Limiñanas' songs, Drugs And Diflucan craiglist, so while there's lush instrumentation going on (organ, harmonica, acoustic guitar, Drugs And Diflucan usa, tremelo, et al), it's not all crammed in. Drugs And Diflucan, There's room for the xylophone to breathe next to fuzzed-out guitars, while Marie's vocals float on top of everything else.

This album is the musical equivalent of a particularly intense one-night stand. After listening to the band's debut full-length, Drugs And Diflucan mexico, I feel as if I ought to have a cigarette and a lie-down. As it is, I feel like I ought to call them and see how they're doing -- maybe take the Limiñanas out for drinks and see how they're doing. This album is the musical equivalent of a particularly intense one-night stand.

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Stieva A Erythromycin

trouble-in-mind-logoThe latest batch of singles from Chicago's fine Trouble In Mind Records Stieva A Erythromycin, showed up the other day, and after a lengthy weekend of listening to nothing else here in the basement, I feel as if I'm okay to share some opinions on what's what.

The Wrong Words' single has a sound that I can't quite put into words, other than to say that it sounds exactly like something you'd hear on mid-'80s college radio. "What Went Wrong?" is somewhat surfy, whereas "Clock Keep Ticking" is total jangly power-pop, but both complement one another with catchy bits to spare. The a-side is more immediate, but it's the b-side to which I keep returning time and time again. 750mg Stieva A Erythromycin, There's something about the timeless nature of the song that makes me want to listen to it over and over.

The Wounded Lion release is the only one of the bunch that I might consider advising against getting, Stieva A Erythromycin. The a-side, "Pointed Stick" is all right -- the distortion level is such that I thought my speakers might be dying, but it's a fun, thudding rocker. The flipside, "Muppet Babies," is like "Pointed Stick" in that it's a fairly repetitive piece of fluff, but "Muppet Babies" is so very Raffi and irritating that it makes me want to suggest gouging up the b-side so as to never accidentally play it, 30mg Stieva A Erythromycin.

cover-personal-tim-singlePersonal & the Pizzas are pretty much a definitive singles band. Their collection, Raw Pie, is handy-dandy in that it collects all the disparate releases the trio's put out, but after 33 straight minutes, their shtick gets a little old. Stieva A Erythromycin, On this single, Personal & the Pizzas change things up a little, thankfully. The a-side, 250mg Stieva A Erythromycin, "I Want You," is a little more polished, with the mid-tempo ballad featuring a little more production value. It also leans more towards the Television end of New York punk, unlike the b-side, "(Don't Trust No) Party Boy," which returns the band squarely to Ramones territory. The "hidden" track, "(I Don't Want To) Think About It" is also a hidden gem in the Pizzas' repertoire, 10mg Stieva A Erythromycin, featuring as it does a wonderful water effect on the guitar, and the very Phil Spector fade out at the end.

The last single in the batch comes from Italy's Vermillion Sands, and is nothing short of wonderful country pysch rock that comes barreling like a freight train off your turntable. "20 Hours" had me rocking so hard, I nearly tipped my chair over while re-listening to it for this review, Stieva A Erythromycin. Both tracks sound like Nancy Sinatra fronting the Sadies. The b-side, "The Last Day, Stieva A Erythromycin craiglist, " is less go-for-broke than "20 Hours," but no less intense. I cannot suggest this single enough.

You can preview a track from each of these releases at Trouble In Mind's catalog page, as well as purchase anything you end up liking.

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