Troma director Kaufman’s newest book dirty funny, but remarkably helpful

book-cover-sell-your-own-damn-movieLloyd Kaufman — director, producer, co-founder of Troma Films — makes bad jokes. Terrible jokes, really. If you’ve ever watched any of the Troma DVD intros or the innumerable YouTube videos he’s recorded, you’re familiar with what you’re going to get in his new book, Sell Your Own Damn Movie! It’s crazily random weirdness, slams of various pop culture entities, and frighteningly regular comments regarding hairless boys.

However, this third book in his series about independent film-making for Focal Press (the other two being Direct Your Own Damn Movie! and Produce Your Own Damn Movie!) is more than just homeoerotic jokes about shirtless young men performing vague, yet strangely explicit, acts upon Kaufman’s person. In conjunction with his co-writer Sara Antill, Kaufman has created a remarkably candid and realistic guide to getting your movie sold. I say candid, because Kaufman’s up-front and honest regarding your chances of getting a movie sold. In other words, they’re pretty fucking slim.
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