Halloween Horror Marathon: Slither

Original Cinema Quad Poster - Movie Film Posters After nearly a decade, I finally sat down and watched the directorial debut of James Gunn, Slither. How James Gunn didn't get the pants sued off him for Slither blows the mind*. It's Night of the Creeps meets ... well, every other '50s sci-fi alien invasion movie ran through a Troma filter. Well, a Troma language and gore filter. It's surprisingly chaste, but the rather impressive number of animal mutilations, people infestations, and rampant disgusting imagery are pure Tromatic bliss. Big props to Gunn for shouting out Troma with a brief snippet of The Toxic Avenger and a Lloyd Kaufmann cameo, too. Dierector Gunn's approach to movie-making has really turned into a sort of formula at this point, but it's a good one: take a wackadoo script (in this case, an alien worm invasion in a small town turns people into zombie-like creatures), combine with a collection of fine character actors, soundtrack with fine soft rock classics, and let 'er rip with some impressive special effects. slither screencap The best part is that Gunn just lets his actors do what they do, rather than casting against type. These folks play exactly the parts you expect, and that's why Slither is so fun. Cases in point include, but aren't limited to:
Michael Rooker is abrasive and an asshole. Elizabeth Banks is cute and a little weird. Nathan Fillion is charming and awkward. Gregg Henry is arrogant and dickish.
It's most similar in casting to Tremors: no big names to speak of, weird tentacle-y things, and a really fun tone despite the impending sense of doom. And, much like Tremors, I waited a goddamn decade to watch it. It's loaded with quips, quips, quips, ridiculous creatures, and it's fun as hell. Double shame on me for waiting damn near a decade to put my peepers upon it. I'd go into further details, but really, I agree with the cats behind Two Cents over at Cinapse: "The best way to go into seeing Slither is not reading anything about it. Stop reading this." * Yes, I am aware of the Bloody Disgusting refutation of the Night of the Creeps / Slither debate. There's sadly no good American Blu-ray available, but you can snag a cheap widescreen DVD for like, $6 from Amazon. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-f8wU6Fpeo[/embed]

Lumigan Eye Lash

book-cover-sell-your-own-damn-movieLloyd Kaufman Lumigan Eye Lash, -- director, producer, co-founder of Troma Films -- makes bad jokes. Terrible jokes, really. If you've ever watched any of the Troma DVD intros or the innumerable YouTube videos he's recorded, you're familiar with what you're going to get in his new book, Sell Your Own Damn Movie! It's crazily random weirdness, slams of various pop culture entities, and frighteningly regular comments regarding hairless boys. Lumigan Eye Lash uk, However, this third book in his series about independent film-making for Focal Press (the other two being Direct Your Own Damn Movie! and Produce Your Own Damn Movie!) is more than just homeoerotic jokes about shirtless young men performing vague, yet strangely explicit, acts upon Kaufman's person. In conjunction with his co-writer Sara Antill, Kaufman has created a remarkably candid and realistic guide to getting your movie sold. I say candid, because Kaufman's up-front and honest regarding your chances of getting a movie sold, Lumigan Eye Lash. In other words, they're pretty fucking slim.

In an excerpt from Sell Your Own Damn Movie! that's been making the Internet rounds, 10mg Lumigan Eye Lash, Kaufman argues for piracy. Actually, he argues that piracy has made it possible for some of his movies to make money, by making inroads in countries where they wouldn't otherwise have been seen. However, for those that don't want to rely on donations or merchandise sales, he does provide a step-by-step guide to getting your films into festivals, Lumigan Eye Lash australia, how to shop them at film markets, and the like.

It's funny -- for a book with more humorous footnotes than an installment of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Lumigan Eye Lash, , when Kaufman drops advice, it's sage-like in its wisdom. The instructions on how to shop a movie at the American Film Market is almost deadly serious. Kaufman knows that, despite his predilection for dick jokes, people are wanting some actual advice for their $19.95, and when the real words of wisdom come, they're hard-earned nuggets of truth that every new filmmaker needs to know.

Also invaluable are the real-life stories told by filmmakers large and small, Lumigan Eye Lash ebay. There's the tale of the folks behind Paranormal Activity, who managed to turn a $15,000 film into a phenomenon, as well as the guy who made Incest Death Squad and saw his PayPal shop shut down for two months because they thought he was selling pornography. Everyone interviewed has insight into the marketing and distribution of independently-made features, and it's all worthwhile, Lumigan Eye Lash.

Is Sell Your Own Damn Movie! loaded with juvenile jokes. Yes. Does it plug Troma films an absurd number of times, 50mg Lumigan Eye Lash, to the point where there's an appendix featuring nothing but movie posters for films Troma has released. Yes. Is this book still a useful and intelligent way to spend $20 of your film's budget. Yes. Take Kaufman's books and the "film school" segments Robert Rodriguez includes on his DVD releases, and you've spent less than $100, and gained more knowledge than four years of film school.

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