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cover-weak-teeth-what-a-plagueWeak Teeth
What A Plague You Are
(Tor Johnson Records)
Does Diflucan Affect Yasmin, Yesterday, we had a book about the new hardcore scene in Europe, and today we have a more modern hardcore band from here in the States. It's a brutal week at Rock Star Journalist, evidently. Weak Teeth is a band we've featured here at the site before, and such is the same with their new home, Tor Johnson Records. Now, while I'd never call Weak Teeth melodic, 1000mg Does Diflucan Affect Yasmin, they have a sense of tunefulness about them, and it's about the only way I can describe this Providence quartet.

Build, destroy, rebuild seems to be the aesthetic by which Weak Teeth is abiding on What A Plague You Are. The second-to-last track on side a, "Get A Life, Read A Book, Eat A Dick" works in a sickly twisted riff that turns in on itself, then rises up into an ebbing and flowing series of crescendos and crashes that comes to a screaming finale, Does Diflucan Affect Yasmin. And all the songs have some sort of switch, Does Diflucan Affect Yasmin coupon, wherein they turn on a dime. Suddenly, your breakdown has become a running series of chords, or your strummed harmonies smash headfirst into a drum solo.

It's a little thin at the upper registers, with the guitars not chiming as much as I'd like. It might just be that Weak Teeth eschews the "meedly-meedly" guitar tones preferred by most modern day hardcore acts. Does Diflucan Affect Yasmin, The foursome seems to prefer their guitar tone closer to slightly off-kilter hardcore acts like Snapcase, working in a math-rock meets indie approach to hardcore, not rooted in Iron Maiden.

Then, Does Diflucan Affect Yasmin uk, at the very end, you get the fucking epic "Blue Skies, Shit Life," a song that - amazingly - manages to sound like three different songs in the course of its execution, and all three of those songs fit together perfectly, and might be one of my favorite tracks of the year now. Does Diflucan Affect Yasmin japan, The way it ends, with a crowd of people shouting, "I'd rather be alone!" is awesome in its irony.

This is a gorgeous full-color jacket, and my LP came on gorgeous bably-blue marble that complements the purples and navy blues of the sleeve perfectly. Does this have one iota to do with how the record sounds. No, but it certainly makes it look boss hoss sitting on my turntable, 750mg Does Diflucan Affect Yasmin.


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cover-now-denialNow Denial
Fuck Now Denial
(Tor Johnson Records)

Boston's Now Denial 100mg Clomid Success Stories, have a good listen with this 12-inch EP, entitled Fuck Now Denial. Lots of hoarse-voiced screaming over deeply-hitting rhythms, and that all has the counterpoint of sparse guitar licks against stoner-metal riffage. The mixture of hardcore punk's anger and frustration with the tuneful nature of classic rock is entertaining ... while I'm listening to it. 750mg 100mg Clomid Success Stories, Therein lies the rub, though. It's a conundrum, because the thing's on my turtable right fucking now, and I'm enjoying the hell out of it, 100mg Clomid Success Stories. However, I've spun this record something like a dozen times since it showed up in the mail, and five minutes after I'm done listening, I can't remember a damned thing about it, 100mg 100mg Clomid Success Stories. "Epic Fail," the last song on the first side, always grabs my ear when it's on, but fuck if I can tell you what I like about it when it's not playing (for the record, 250mg 100mg Clomid Success Stories, it's the Thin Lizzy riffing mixed with big hardcore breakdowns). So, I can recommend Fuck Now Denial, but these are not songs that you will find yourself coming back to time and time again.

The album comes pressed on 47 white/black marble, available from Tor Johson Records only; 52 transparent green, 50mg 100mg Clomid Success Stories, available from Now Denial only, and 201 orange marble, with screen-printed covers. I got not only the orange vinyl, 100mg Clomid Success Stories india, which looks wonderful, but a screened poster, as well. The poster actually looks cooler than the album cover.

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