Pre-order Too Many Daves’ “Dawn of the Daves” from ADD

cover-dawn-of-the-davesThe new EP from punk rock super-dudes Too Many Daves is available. The group, to whom I recently got hipped thanks to the new issue of Jerk Store, releases Dawn of the Daves on ADD Records on November 8.

The six-song EP comes with a digital download of the entire EP and the “Dudes Room” video, along with a 21 x 14 full-color fold-out cover poster. Dawn of the Daves is limited to a pressing of 1000, with 200 on clear red, 200 on clear green, and 600 on black. Pre-order that sucker directly from ADD’s store, and grab the rest of their discography while you’re at it. The split with Dude Jams is only $3.

New issues of Jerk Store and Filter

filter-and-jerk-storeSome new publications have made their way to the mailbox here at the Nutghouse, which behooves us at Rock Star Journalist to hip you to that which you ought to be reading. First up is the newest issue perennial RSJ fave, Jerk Store.

As the ‘zine goes along, it’s coming into its own and getting a little comfortable with what is has to offer. It’s to the point that even though this ish is a little light on the personal stuff, that which is there pretty much blows your hair right back. The visit to Melbourne offers up a glimpse into a town most readers aren’t going to get to experience. It makes you feel like you’re wandering the streets with Alex and Kelly, though, so it’s just as good, and without the airfare. Alex’s discussion of Embrace really demonstrates what sort of impassioned writing he’s capable of, as well.
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