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sad-bunny Cheap Cialis, Lots of interesting new stuff this week, courtesy of Traffic Street Records, as well as the Art of the Underground 5 for $5 7-inch sale they ran last month. New stuff and new-to-me stuff, as well, plus some interesting folk-punk-blues type tunes that I don't frequently have cause or reason to play (including that fantastic new 45 Drakkar Sauna put out on Third Man).

This week's podcast was ran through Levelator, so that hopefully took the edge off the abrupt shifts between spoken words and music, Cheap Cialis canada. That was an obvious and irritating hallmark of last week's Halloween podcast that really detracted from the overall effect, and I apologize.

Podcast #24, "My Head is Hanging Down"

Abusing the Word, 750mg Cheap Cialis, "Guitar Picks & Spare Change" (Abusing the Word)
Everything Falls Apart, "Give Up" (Tension)
the Transgression, "Sleazeball" (split with the Credentials)
Billy Raygun, "Flashlight" (Dangerous Intersections VI)
Riverdales, "Agent For H.A.R.M." (Invasion USA)
Ben Weasel, "My Brain Hurts" (The Brain That Wouldn't Die)
Prey, Cheap Cialis us, "Worth of Our Existence" (split with X-Wing)
No Cl@ss, "National Anthem" (split with Cease & Desist)
Fear, "Let's Have A War" (Repo Man soundtrack)
Customers, "Monster on the Loose" (Customers)
Mannequin Men, Cheap Cialis mexico, "Private School" ("Private School" single)
Shopping, "You Talk All Destroy!" (split with Mannequin Men)
Drakkar Sauna, "Brundlefly, My Chariot" ("Leave That Hole Alone" single)
Thomas Function, "Relentless Machines" ("Relentless Machines" single)
Meisce, "The Death of Michael Flatley" (Bored of the Dance), Cheap Cialis india.

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