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The Uncouth isn’t streetpunk the way you’ve come to expect. It’s not birthed from years of Dropkick Murphys, nor the latter ‘90s oi that was more akin to old school hardcore. The gang vocals and buzzsaw guitars let Jonesy’s War sound instead like a cross between Cocksparrer and Sham 69. From the opening cut, “Madness on the Streets,” you know what you’re in for: those buzzsaw guitars, razor-throated vocals, and fist-pumping rhythms. I haven’t heard music this angry and sharp since the early days of the Ducky Boys.

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The Uncouth / photo by Samantha Levi

The Uncouth / photo by Samantha Levi

The past few months have yielded some especially strong local releases. The psychedelic rock of Lawrence Psychic Heat, AY-MusiK’s positive hip-hop, the Uncouth’s throwback oi — there’s something new for just about any taste. And five of the acts behind the best such recordings are playing in the area over the next week. Here’s what they have to say.

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Podcast #133, “Cover Your Ears”

plug your ears
This marks the first actual mixtape-style podcast in months. Guess I’ve just been too busy talking to people about their favorite music to actually play any of my own. That means I’ve a whole bunch of stuff that’s accumulated, going all the way back to Record Store Day and before.

Starting off the podcast is the latest installment of the Too Much Rock single series, from Kansas City’s the Uncouth!. It’s been a year since Sid’s last installment, and it’s worth the wait. Good, solid streetpunk, the likes of which hasn’t come out of KC since the heyday of the Main Street Saints and Tanka Ray. And, continuing Sid’s ability to read my mind, the b-side cover is my absolute favorite Slade song, so go grab it, because there’s no finer slab of blue-collar rock ‘n’ roll you’ll hear all year. You can pick up copies from Teenage Heart Distro.

Usually, I don’t write a lot in these intros, but that’s a pretty sweet release you needed to know more about. Also on the podcast: new music from Magnetic South Recordings, Fat Wreck, and more.

Podcast #133, “Cover Your Ears”
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