Review of the Philistines’ “The Backbone of Night” at Modern Vinyl

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There’s a lot to love about the Philistines’ debut LP, The Backbone of Night, but the way the first side ends and the second side begins might be the best one-two punch of audio I’ve heard in ages. While the entirety of the album is a strong collection of psychedelic-tinged rock ‘n’ roll, the pure, energetic blast of “A Twitch of the Death Nerve,” coupled with the epic six-piece “guitarchestra” of “The Accretion Disco” is everything this Kansas City sextet can do, summed up in two tracks.
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Lawrence Field Day Fest 5 feature at the Pitch

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In its original incarnation, Lawrence Field Day Fest featured the sort of games played during elementary school field days. Those games have gone by the wayside in favor of three days of the best local music the area has to offer. Past years have focused on indie and rock acts, but the fifth edition has the fest branching out with more bands and artists than ever before. In addition to the fest spotlighting Girls Rock Lawrence, there will be three different local labels showcasing their acts. The Pitch spoke with the folks behind the Record Machine, High Dive Records and Datura to find out what they have to offer attendees this year.
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