KKFI Beatles tribute feature at the Pitch



photo by Todd Zimmer

In the world of community radio, funding is a must. So KKFI 90.1 does on-air pledge drives, echoing the calls put forth by nationally subsidized media PBS and NPR. Instead of mugs and tote bags and umbrellas, though, KKFI has been using live music as its fundraising premium. Which this weekend yields the station’s fifth Beatles tribute show, organized by station manager Barry Lee.

Read the full feature at the Pitch. Published 10/6/16

Review of the Philistines’ “The Backbone of Night” at Modern Vinyl

philistines cover

There’s a lot to love about the Philistines’ debut LP, The Backbone of Night, but the way the first side ends and the second side begins might be the best one-two punch of audio I’ve heard in ages. While the entirety of the album is a strong collection of psychedelic-tinged rock ‘n’ roll, the pure, energetic blast of “A Twitch of the Death Nerve,” coupled with the epic six-piece “guitarchestra” of “The Accretion Disco” is everything this Kansas City sextet can do, summed up in two tracks.

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