The Girls Rock Lawrence theme song, all-star deluxe edition

grl campers 01 Check out this all-star, deluxe edition of the Girls Rock Lawrence theme song, featuring the GRL board members, along with Kelley Hunt, Kristie Stremel, Kawehi, Nadia Imafidon from Sharp 9, STITCH81CLASSIC, Sarah Storm from Vigil and Thieves, Britt Adair from The Bad Ideas, Alex Williams from Ultra Vivid, Lizz Weiler from Vedettes / Cave Girls, and The Sugar Britches: Ashley “Ziggy” Zeigenbein, Brianne Grimmer, Kahlen Mitchell, Kimberly Simonetti, and Monica Greenwood. It was coordinated by me and engineered by Matt Pelsma at the Lawrence Public Library's Sound + Vision Studio, with funding and organizational support from Lawrence Magazine. Additional thanks can be found on the Sound + Vision Soundcloud. You can go to the Girls Rock Lawrence site to donate. Also, check out the GRL camp showcase next Saturday, June 12, at Liberty hall in Lawrence, Kansas. You can find details about that show here.

Red Kate / Bad Ideas split 7-inch

cover - bad ideas red kate split The first release from Kansas City's Mills Record Company features the finest punk rock 'n' roll the city has to offer, with two songs each from Red Kate and the Bad Ideas. Red Kate continues the wonderful racket they had on last year's full-length, When the Troubles Come. The first cut, "On My Mind," is a melodic rocker, almost wistful in the way it recalls someone gone. The cover of Naked Raygun's "New Dreams" clocks in at half the length of its predecessor, and blasts away for its entire 80 seconds. Factor in the copious "way-oh"s, and you've a pile-on pit classic reborn. The Bad Ideas have always been a live force with which to be reckoned, but these two recordings are fantastic. Mixing classic-era Epitaph Records energy with Sonic Youth guitar work and absolute snottiness, they're absolute keepers. I can't decide whether the straight-ahead energy of "Apocalypse Detroit" or the off-kilter jerk of "I'm Stuck" is my favorite, so I just keep flipping the record and starting over from scratch.
It's on a solid slab of 7-inch black vinyl, with cardstock covers (union-made, too -- check the mark), and might be the nicest single I've laid hand on in a good long while. It's a hand-numbered limited edition of 516. You can buy it direct from Red Kate via Bandcamp or you could easily pick it up in person when both bands play this weekend. They're at Mills Record Company in Westport Friday, June 27 at 7:00pm for the split's release party. It's free and all-ages. They're also playing as part of Lawrence Field Day Fest on Saturday, June 28. The Bad Ideas play at the Bottleneck at 9:00pm, with Red Kate on the Jackpot stage at 11:30pm.