Vinyl Review: The Architects — Border Wars

Vinyl Review: The Architects — Border Wars

Combining two EPs into an LP is a risky proposition. Depending on how far apart in time they were recorded, and the attending differences in lyrical, musical, or thematic content, you could end up with a 12-inch which has two uncomfortably different sides. Even when packaged as one collection of two separate records, you can end up with something like Courtney Barnett’s The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas, where the year and a half between the first disc, I’ve Got a Friend Called Emily Ferris, and the second, How to Carve a Carrot Into a Rose, show a distinct turn.Â


Photos: Agent Orange / The Architects / Stiff Middle Fingers at the Bottleneck

agent orange logoFriday, October 24, California surf-punks Agent Orange played the Bottleneck in Lawrence, Kansas. It was their first appearance around here since a wintery show at the Jackpot four or five years back, and this time, the crowd was much larger. Agent Orange was touring with Kansas City's the Architects, who brought their punk rock 'n' roll to the stage in spades. Openers Stiff Middle Fingers kicked things off with a high-energy set of old-school punk rock which I'm sure made the Agent Orange guys feel right at home. We've galleries of all three acts after the jump. Agent Orange [gallery ids="18060,18061,18062,18063,18064,18065"] The Architects [gallery ids="18054,18055,18056,18057,18058,18059"] Stiff Middle Fingers [gallery ids="18048,18049,18050,18051,18052,18053"]

Podcast #98, “Border Wars”

The Architects - 2013It's been a while, blah blah blah. The podcast returns with some excellent music and a compelling interview with Brandon Phillips of Kansas City punk rock 'n' rollers the Architects. Phillips and his three brothers (two literally, one "in rock") release the first installment of their five-episode concept album / graphic novel Border Wars this Saturday, July 13, with a show at the Riot Room in Kansas City. The journey to release the first episode has been a long and interesting one. It was great that Brandon was able to take time to speak with us about the inception, creation, and execution of the album, because the story's fucking fascinating. In addition to the interview, we've a track from Border Wars: Episode One ... along with about 16 other great tracks to kick your week off properly. Podcast #98, "Border Wars" Ex Friends, "Vexed Question" (Twisted Around) The Shirks, "Don't Tell Me" (The Shirks) Livids, "Midnight Stains" ("Midnight Stains" single) Rough Kids, "So Sophisticated" ("Into The 'OOs" single) --- Nuclear Santa Claust, "Time Machine" (Order of the New Age) Terrible Twos, "Alcohol & Adderall" (A+A) Radkey, "Spirals" ("Spirals" single) Mouthbreathers, "Nowehere Else to Go" ("Nowehere Else to Go" single) --- Interview with Brandon Phillips of the Architects --- The Architects, "We're Goin' Live" (Border Wars: Episode 1) Dry Bonnet, "Do It Clean" ("Hey You" single) Kid Congo Powers & the Pink Monkey Birds, "Lose Your Mind" ("Conjure Man" single) The Perfect Fits, "Songs About Girls" ("Radio Transmitter" single) Stolen Hearts, "Fire" ("Heart Collector" single) --- Salt the Earth, "Concrete Vs. Cranium Pt. 2" (split with Tablets of Orion) Jowl, "Sway Slow" (Cursed) State Lines, "Plenty of Time" (State Lines) Laura Stevenson, "The Fire" ("Runner" single)