Ghoul Q&A at the Pitch

Thrash-metal maniacs Ghoul hail from Creepsylvania, which might be a state, a country or a collective state of hallucination. The four masked mutant madmen have been wreaking havoc around the world for 15 years, and they kick off their next tour opening for British grindcore band Carcass on Sunday, July 17, at the Granada. That tour also sees the band celebrating Dungeon Bastards, its latest full-length, which comes out at the end of this month on Tankcrimes. The Pitch spoke with Digestor, Ghoul’s guitarist and vocalist, via e-mail about life and death in Creepsylvania, surviving Killbot and more weirdness.
Read the complete Q&A with Ghoul's Digestor at the Pitch. Published on 7/12/16

Hydroquinone And Retin A

cover-vitamin-x-about-to-crackTankcrimes' release of About to Crack Hydroquinone And Retin A, , from Dutch hardcore act Vitamin X, makes me relish the label even more. I've only recently jumped into the waters of the metal / hardcore / thrash label, but it seems that the gents running the show really know their shit.

The album's fairly straight-ahead hardcore with a touch of metal, but its when Vitamin X makes the slightest foray into thrash that About to Crack really pop, Hydroquinone And Retin A uk. The guitar flourishes on "Ready to Burn" had me air-guitaring every time, and the intro to "Raise the Flag" is a stone-cold bit of shredding.

For whatever reason, 1000mg Hydroquinone And Retin A, those cats up in Norway, Holland, Sweden, et al, have this innate ability to take American music and composite it in ways that make rather basic genres seem fresh, 10mg Hydroquinone And Retin A. Much like Turbonegro took glam metal, garage, and punk, and turned it into something completely their own, Vitamin X do the same with hardcore and thrash, Hydroquinone And Retin A.

Using the energy and snottiness displayed by the likes of Career Suicide, but upping it to the speed quotient and riffage of Anthrax, Vitamin X has created a hybrid that lures you in with a sense of familiarity. Hydroquinone And Retin A us, It's the innovation that keeps you there, though. Are they breaking the mold. No, of course not, 30mg Hydroquinone And Retin A. Hydroquinone And Retin A, Innovation within genres like hardcore and thrash is still limited by the basic conventions of fast and loud to which said genres adhere.

Listen to a couple tracks from the LP below. It's out tomorrow. Buy it direct from the Tankcrimes store.


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Retin A Makes Worse Before Better

12_Jacket_3mm_Spine_TOXICWASTEIf you've slept on getting Toxic Waste Retin A Makes Worse Before Better, , the split from Municipal Waste and Toxic Holocaust on Tankcrimes, fear not. While the first pressing on picture disc and glow in the dark vinyl sold out in record time, the second pressing of 1000 is now available in 200 on striped, 10mg Retin A Makes Worse Before Better, 350 on Toxic Spill (clear with green blob), Retin A Makes Worse Before Better australia, and 450 on Highlighter Yellow.

In addition to being able to snag a physical copy, Tankcrimes has made the split a free download via Bandcamp, Retin A Makes Worse Before Better ebay. So, Retin A Makes Worse Before Better mexico, go get yourself from free thrash, then when you inevitably fall in love with it, snag a copy from the Tankcrimes webstore, 40mg Retin A Makes Worse Before Better.


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