Podcast #126, “Subhumanoid Meltdown”

subhumanoid meltdown header Somehow, I lost the cable which connects the soundboard to my computer, so I was forced to dig out the old USB microphone in order to back announce. The positive is that I managed to relate some really good information, while the negative is that the audio volume fluctuates quite a good deal. I did my best to mitigate, but we'll have to see what you all think. The music's good, at least. Podcast #126, "Subhumanoid Meltdown" Glenn Acker, "Class of Nuke 'Em High Part 2 Theme" (Class of Nuke 'Em High) Reggie & the Full Effect, "What the Hell is Contempt" (Songs Not to Get Married To) Torche, "Blasted" (Restarter) The Murder City Devils, "Midnight Service at the Mütter Museum" (Thelema) --- Lemuria, "Courtesy Mercedes" (Turnstile Comix #3) Radiohead, "Bones" (The Bends) Tears For Fears, "Head Over Heels" (Songs From the Big Chair) The Jam, "That's Entertainment" (Sound Affects) --- Andrew Thomas Wilson, "Car Chase" (Chain Reaction) Umberto, "Confrontations (Antoni Maiovvi's Galaxy Of Terror Mix)" (Digital download) John Carpenter, "Night" (Lost Themes) Kurt Vile, "Invisibility: Nonexistent" (Square Shells)

Podcast #125, “Dim Light of Winter”

[caption id="attachment_18226" align="aligncenter" width="560"]http://wha-ever.com http://wha-ever.com[/caption] The first podcast of the new year finds us giving up more information about the music you hear. It's a mixed bag, because it means there's more talking, but you get a better idea of where these cuts come from and information about the artists who perform, which is a pretty good trade for having to listen to me ramble on longer than usual. If you like what I play on the podcast and want to hear it live, I'll be on KJHK 90.7FM on Tuesday, January 13, from 9:00am-noon, Central Standard Time. You can click on the link to stream it live, or hear it over the air, if you're within the wattage range in eastern Kansas. I'll be spinning new wave, horror disco, and assorted sounds to make you dance your Tuesday away. Podcast #125, "Dim Light of Winter" Sturgill Simpson, "Life of Sin" (Metamodern Sounds in Country Music) Tav Falco's Panther Burns, "Snake Drive" (Behind the Magnolia Curtain) Shingoose, "Silver River" (Native North America Vol. 1) Santo & Johnny, "Summertime" (Slow Grind Fever Vol. 2) --- Emily Wells & Clint Mansell, "If I Ever Had A Heart" (Stoker) Mogwai, "HMP Shaun William Ryder" (Music Industry 3 Fitness Industry 1 EP) Wino, "Rake" (Songs of Townes Van Zandt) Jonathan Snipes & William Hutson, "Emotional Architecture" (Room 237) --- Isis, "False Light" (Oceanic) Wolfmen of Mars, "All Those Terrible Times" (Gamisu) Kraftwerk, "Computer Love" (Computer World)

Podcast #124, “Boo Hoo”

sad-kitten Sitting around, being a sad bastard -- despite four days off work, time in front of the TV, plenty of books, good food, and even exercise. I have no idea what has me in such a shit mood, but here's to hoping the music sounds better than my attitude. I mean, it does. Several year-end favorites make the list, as well as some new discoveries. So, yeah ... Happy New Year, I guess? Podcast #124, "Boo Hoo" Weak Teeth, "Providence Music Scene Soccer Camp Trophy" (So You've Ruined Your Life) Your Funeral, "I Wanna Be You" (Killed By Deathrock Vol. 1) The Cramps, "How Far Can Too Far Go?" (A Date With Elvis) --- The Paperhead, "Mother May" (Africa Avenue) Rev Gusto, "Boys Are At It Again" (Midwestern Audio Vol. 2) Angel Olsen, "Forgiven/Forgotten" (Burn Your Fire For No Witness) --- The Clash, "Police On My Back" (Sandanista!) Earth Girls, "Wrong Side of History" (Wrong Side of History EP) The Mr. T Experience, "King Dork Approximately" (digital single) Here's the Frank Portman interview I mentioned in the podcast -- A Conversation With Frank Portman About Following Up ‘King Dork’. You should buy King Dork Approximately, too.

Podcast #122, “Holiday Hangover”

3 Turkey wine illustration It's so very cold, I'm so very busy, and these songs have been sitting, waiting for someone to do something with them for so very long. It's a mix of film score and assorted other instrumental bits, pieced together to sooth you after a weekend chock full of family, hectic shopping, and food. Podcast #122, "Holiday Hangover" Jerry Goldsmith - Capricorn One - "Break Out" Calexico - The Black Light - "Minas De Cobre (For Better Metal)" Gianni Ferrio - Djurado - "Djurado No. 9" Ennio Morricone - Il Gatto - "Gli Scatenati" Stelvio Cipriani - Concorde Affaire '79 - "Dangerous Flight" Calibro 35 - Calibro 35 - "Italia a Mano Armata" Christian Bruhn - Captain Future - "Der Bose" Espectrostatic - The Daemonium EP - "The 447" Daniel Mudford & Pete Woodhead - Shaun of the Dead - "Burn Down the Sun" Shooting Guns - WolfCop - "Spy In the Sky" John Ottman - X-Men: Days of Future Past - "Rules of Time" Boards of Canada - Hi Scores - "Hi Scores" Cristobal Tapia de Veer - Utopia Series 2 - "Satan’s Waltz (Metamorphosis Stage 1)" Roberto Donati - Cannibal Ferox - "Cannibal Ferox Theme" Fabio Frizzi - A Cat in the Brain - "Sequence One" Can - Ege Bamyasi - "one More Night" Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi - Rome - "Theme of Rome"

Podcast #121, “Can’t Feel Things”

ice tree It's super-duper cold outside here in the Midwest, meaning it's time to hunker down in the basement with wool socks and enough coffee to drown a small child. The songs are a bit slower, a bit sadder, and a bit darker, but I think you'll agree that they're quite wonderful. New music from the Kansas City Bear Fighters and Death to Tyrants, as well as a trip through the vinyl stacks with recent acquisitions and rediscovered favorites, makes this installment of Sunglasses After Dark a lovely start to your week, wherever you may be. Podcast #121, "Can't Feel Things" The Jayhawks, "Blue" (Tomorrow the Green Grass) Uncle Tupelo, "New Madrid" (Anodyne) The Old 97's, "Won't Be Home" (Drag It Up) --- The Shins, "So Says I" (Chutes Too Narrow) The Kansas City Bear Fighters, "You're In Kansas" (The Planet Where We Fell In Love) The Monkees, "You Just May Be the One" (Headquarters) --- Talking Heads, "Memories Can't Wait" (Fear of Music) Death to Tyrants, "So Far Above Sea Level" (Death to Tyrants) Rush, "Red Barchetta" (Exit ... Stage Left) --- Lou Reed, "Intro / Sweet Jane" (Rock 'n' Roll Animal) Alice Cooper, "Go to Hell" (Alice Cooper Goes to Hell) Cheap Trick, "Stiff Competition" (Heaven Tonight)

Podcast #120, “Psychedelic Sounds”

mescaline cat After a brief break for that excellent (if I do say so myself) Halloween mix, we're back with the regular Sunglasses After Dark podcast. We discuss some recent shows, showcase some new releases, and hip you to what's coming soon. If ever there were a build to a podcast's sound, this would be it -- we start out rather mellow, and just go until we're blasting your brain through your eardrums. Podcast #120, "Psychedelic Sounds" Oils, "Waves We Feel" ("Waves We Feel" single) J. Roddy Walston & the Business, "Same Days" (Essential Tremors) Built to Spill, "Girl" (The Normal Years) Diarrhea Planet, "Platinum Girls" (Aliens In The Outfield) --- The Turtles, "You Showed Me" (Present the Battle of the Bands) The 13th Floor Elevators, "Roller Coaster" (The Psychedelic Sounds of...) Ultimate Painting, "Winter In Your Heart" (Ultimate Painting) Acid Baby Jesus, "All of Your Love" (Selected Recordings) --- 999, "Emergency" (999) Nothing, "Get Well" (Guilty of Everything) Protomartyr, "French Kiss" (Sub Pop 1000) Hossferatu, "Mountebank" (Hossferatu)

Podcast #119, “Play the Bones”

goonies organ It's Halloween next week, and I've a fantastic mix of creepy music for you. There's some soundtrack pieces, some creepy tracks from electronic musicians, and a few movie trailers to get you in the mood. I keep my mouth shut, and you get a solid hour of uncomfortability. We'll be back in two weeks with a standard mix of new tunes. Podcast #119, "Play the Bones" John Carpenter - The Fog - "Prologue & Theme from the Fog" Dennis Michael Tenney - Witchboard - "Witchboard Theme" Curtains - split with Ghost to Falco - "Mystery Lines In Pencil" Espectrostatic - Espectrostatic - "Searching the Museum" Vintage radio spots - Triple Terror Show Goblin - Zombi - "L'alba Dei Morti Viventi" Michael Perilstein - Deadly Spawn - "Spawn Lake" Giorgio Moroder - Cat People - "Bring the Prod" The Night Terrors - Pavor Nocturnus - "Asleep With The Bats" Tyler Bates - The Sacrament - "Father's Interview" Rod Slane - Revenge - "Nerves on Edge" Sergio Ferraresi - Galaxi - "Lunar Dream" Vintage radio spots - Dr. Tarr's Torture Dungeon Pino Donaggio - Crawlspace - "The Chase " Tangerine Dream - Thief - "Igneous" Walter Rizatti - 1990 The Bronx Warriors - "Bronx Traffic" Vintage radio spots - Females For Hire The Laze - Phantom of the Opera - "Scorpion Vs Grasshopper" Lalo Schifrin - Enter the Dragon - "The Human Fly" Don Harper - Cold Worlds - "Dank Earth" John Carpenter - Halloween - "The Evil is Gone"

Podcast #118, “Such Newness”

New Arrival Logo The Halloween Horror Marathon is taking up an awful lot of my time, so I almost didn't do a podcast, but I had a stack of new stuff I wanted to share, so I did a short nine songs. They're all really great, and I highly recommend this installment of Sunglasses After Dark. The new episode will be an hour-long horror / sci-fi / instrumental mix for the holiday, and I've been crafting that sucker for months now, so expect to have your mind blow in two weeks. Podcast #118, "Such Newness" Altered Beast, "Lost Not Found" (Demo 2014) True Crime, "Fill Your Boots" (Breakout) Stiff Middle Fingers, "On the Watch List" (Songs About Sucking) --- Jeff Rosenstock, "Hey Alison!" ("Hey Alison!" single) Paul Williams, "The Hell of It" (Phantom of the Paradise soundtrack) Paperhead, "None Other Than" (Africa Avenue) --- John Schooley, "Clawhammer Banjo Medley" (The Man Who Rode the Mule Around the World) The Goddamn Gallows, "Sinner's Song" (Gutterbilly Blues) The Maggie's Marshmallows, "Come Along" ("Come Along" single)

Podcast #117, “Sadder Slower”

sad-cat My mood, as of late, has been horrendously mercurial. I've been an emotional wreck, prone to fits of raging anger and crippling sadness. Needless to say, the new podcast reflects both that and the Audio Reader benefit sale from the weekend before last. Podcast #117, "Sadder Slower" Patty Griffin, "Ohio" ("Ohio" single) Immigrant Union, "The End Has Come" (Anyway) Forgetters, "Hoop and Swan" (Forgetters) Sonny & the Sunsets, "Surfer Girl" ("Imagine" single) --- The Raspberries, "Go All the Way" (The Raspberries) U2, "I Will Follow" (Boy) The Walkmen, "Weight On My Shoulders" ("Weight On My Shoulders" single) Elliott Smith, "Between the Bars" (Either/Or) --- Pelican, "Parasite Colony" (Arktica) Cola Freaks, "Menneska Lim" (split with Digital Leather) Aaron & the Burrs, "Oh No, More Bats" ("Release the Bats" single) Girls, "Honey Bunny" (Father, Sun, Holy Ghost)

Podcast #116, “Short and Frickin’ Sweet”

munchkin cat Maybe it's due to a lengthy week, with a lot of mileage in it. Maybe it's due to the weather, which went from hot and humid to rainy to seasonally-appropriate. Maybe it's because I drank a can of FourLoko last night, got spectacularly drunk in a very short period of time, and then immediately crashed at 10:00pm. Who's to say? All I know is that there's a shorter set of tunes than usual, but they're absolutely rock-solid. Podcast #116, "Short and Frickin' Sweet" The Litigators, "Let Me Cross Over" ("Let Me Cross Over" single) Gas Huffer, "Bedtime For Freaky" (The Shrill Beeps of Shrimp) Zero Boys, "Put Some Lipstick On It" (Pro Dirt) --- The Wytches, "Grave Dweller" (Annabel Dream Reader) Black on Black, "I Dreamt I Died" (Firebrand) Mannequin Pussy, "Sheet City" (Gypsy Pervert) --- Ghoul, "Tomb After Tomb" (We Came For the Dead) Judas Priest, "Halls of Valhalla" (Redeemer of Souls) Iron Reagan, "I Won't Go" (The Tyranny of Will)