Various Artists, “Cheap Beer” LP

cover-cheap-beerThe debut release from Replay Records is the compilation Cheap Beer. Comprised of local acts from the Lawrence and Kansas City area, this is a primer for anyone wondering what’s worth checking out in Kansas. While acts like Mouthbreathers and Dark Ages have seen releases earlier this year on In the Red and Sorry State, respectively, others such as Fag Cop and Rooftop Vigilantes are probably only known to those who troll the TermBo forums.

Hopefully, though, those four bands will hopefully draw some attention to Der Todesking’s angular post-punk or Spook Light’s garage rockabilly, allowing the lesser-known bands to make an impression outside the Midwest.
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Help fund the new movie from Scarum Harum

poster-the-galactic-jungleWhile we’re usually loathe to plug Kickstarter projects, we do have to get behind them when it means that something cool will come out of it. In this case, it’s a new movie from the folks at Scarum Harum. They made the ever-excellent It Starts With Murder! (coincidentally, just now out on DVD, and not-so-coincidentally featuring me as an extra), and are the brain trust behind the Spook Lights, Lawrence’s B-movie influenced garage rockabilly surf combo.
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Only 12 hours left to register for the Scion Garage Fest

garage-fest-flierAt 11:59 p.m., Pacific Daylight Time, the RSVP page for the Scion Garage Fest closes. Your chance to see scads of amazing bands for free will end, and you’ll have to listen to everyone else talk about how they got to see the Clean for free in Lawrence.

The line-up for the Saturday, October 2, festival keeps changing (Guitar Wolf was originally on the bill and the Raveonettes weren’t), but the core acts (the Oblivians, the Gories, Hunx, et al) seem to be holding steady. Somebody’s already posted a tentative list of set times and venues over at the Goner Records board, so you can start planning as to whether you’re going to see the Gories or King Khan & the Shrines.

In related news, the Spook Lights have organized an all-local show to present some bands that are getting shunted aside, like Fag Cop, Wayne Pain & the Shit Stains, Strong Smells, and themselves at the Replay Lounge that same day. So, for those of you who either don’t want to participate in the corporate-sponsored hullabaloo or simply want to get away from the crowds, there’ll be that show to hit, as well.