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book-cover-touchableAnybody have $45 they want to lend Amoxicillin Dental Dosage, give me. Soundscreen Design's latest book, Touchable Sound is an in-depth analysis of the last 25 years of 7-inch packaging and design. From the press release:

"Curated by Brian Roettinger, Mike Treff, 500mg Amoxicillin Dental Dosage, and Diego Hadis, Touchable Sound features over 300 records and 600 bands, with an introduction from the always insightful Henry H. 750mg Amoxicillin Dental Dosage, Owings, and essay contributions from Simple Machine’s founder Kristin Thomson, Amphetamine Reptile founder Tom Hazelmyer, Three One G founder Justin Pearson, and many more."

You can take a look at sample pages and buy the book in the Soundscreen Design webstore, Amoxicillin Dental Dosage canada. If you want a seriously limited edition package, make your way to Atlanta's 40 Watt Club on November 5, where you can see Man or Astro-Man? play the book's release party. Amoxicillin Dental Dosage uk, There will be an exclusive Man or Astro-Man. single and book package available only at that show, making it collectible as all hell. There will be a panel discussion with the book's editor, Mike Treff and author Henry H, Amoxicillin Dental Dosage overseas. Owings the next day, November 6, at Atlanta's Criminal Record, as well.

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br_amj_book_pg3The upcoming tenth edition of Soundscreen Design's Artist Music Journal series features the work of Hand Held Heart impresario Brian Roettinger Skin Staph And Tetracycline, . That art collective / record label has put out some absolutely gorgeous and amazing records (including a Song of Zarathustra 7" I'd kill to own), 1000mg Skin Staph And Tetracycline, 10mg Skin Staph And Tetracycline, and Roettinger did all the artwork for that first batch of No Age singles that later became Weirdo Rippers.

Edition 10 of Artist Music Journal is not only a 24-page book of Roettinger's work, 750mg Skin Staph And Tetracycline, Skin Staph And Tetracycline craiglist, but also includes "a one-sided 10" record, featuring a collaboration between Brian and No Age with 3 exclusive tracks." It's limited to 1000 copies, Skin Staph And Tetracycline india, so I'd suggest getting yours ASAP. It can be pre-ordered via the Soundscreen webstore, and ships around the middle of this month. It'll run you $17.00.

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