History Of Amoxicillin

cover-joint-d History Of Amoxicillin, According to what I read online, the reason this band's known as Joint D≠ is because "Joint Damage abruptly had to change their band name due to being served a cease and desist order from a Rhode Island rap metal band named Joint Damage." Damn shame. Joint D≠ is just fucking weird, and the sort of name you have constantly explain.

The music hasn't changed any, though -- great, 250mg History Of Amoxicillin, nervous garage punk. More punk than garage, really, but it'll make you do that thing where you sit in a chair or car seat and pump your hand next to your head, like you're trying to throw dice. It's so fucking rocking, History Of Amoxicillin mexico, you know you'll throw double sixes, right.

Sorry State mentions the Wipers, and Greg Sage's mojo certainly floats around the sounds of Strike Gently, History Of Amoxicillin. It's almost too well-done to totally freak out, if that makes any sense. History Of Amoxicillin india, Basically, Joint D≠ aren't the sort of band to blast anger forth. They're tense and coiled, letting everything seep out gradually over the course of their record.

While not extraordinarily ground-breaking, Joint D≠ strikes off into infrequently-explored territory on this album, 150mg History Of Amoxicillin. It's certainly a record you'll find yourself flipping over to experience over and over. It stayed on the turntable down here for several days straight, just getting restarted every time it finished. Not much better an endorsement than that, History Of Amoxicillin usa, is there.


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Zithromax Strep Throat

cover-hardcore-confusion-1and2Double Negative
Zithromax Strep Throat, Hardcore Confusion Vols. I&II
(Sorry State)

These singles ... man, I've listened to them over and over and over since they showed up in my mailbox over two weeks ago, and I'm still finding it hard to put into words what they're like. Double Negative doesn't adhere to any sort of formula. Zithromax Strep Throat japan, Why does "Writhe" go into a reptitious throb at the end, only to start looping in upon itself again, then suddenly end. Why is "Cunny Hop" simultaneously the most offensive and most fantastic song title ever, Zithromax Strep Throat.

Hell, "Cunny Hop" - from Hardcore Confusion Vol. I just blasts through in its short time, and while there's a certain amount of Jesus Lizard in some of the other tracks, Zithromax Strep Throat india, that track is like Motorhead at its most speed-freak. It's a blast of intense energy. All the tracks are, really, but they all bear some sort of strange earmark that makes them each stand out. Zithromax Strep Throat, There's a guitar tone that runs through everything, and the vocals' snotty edge tear into each song. 150mg Zithromax Strep Throat, Honestly, it's like there's a progression from each side and each single. Hardcore Confusion Vol. I's a-side, "Writhe," is outdone by its b-side, "Cunny Hop, 100mg Zithromax Strep Throat," which is turn bested by Hardcore Confusion Vol. II's "Fat City Address," with "Face Jam" appropriately rocking your face off. After both 7-inches, you're left bloody and beaten, terribly afraid of what the next two installments will do to you, Zithromax Strep Throat.

Both the singles have a sort of yellow/red marble that matches the artwork. It's nice. Zithromax Strep Throat us, This is a project that's put together so well, I'm astounded. If the remaining installments of Hardcore Confusion show this amount of detail, this might count as the best EP of 2011. Collectively.

MP3: Double Negative, "Writhe".

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Cipro For Sinus Infection

cover-whatever-brainsWhatever Brains
Whatever Brains
(Sorry State)
Cipro For Sinus Infection, If you took Geza X & the Mommymen, sped them up, and made the whole thing as herky-jerky as Devo, you'd have Whatever Brains. That's fucking wonderful, really. How often does a band listen to something like "Isotope Soap" or "Uncontrollable Urge" and think, "Man, 200mg Cipro For Sinus Infection, the two of those songs are great, but together - now, that'd really be something!".

Well, maybe Human Eye, but they're nowhere near as catchy as Whatever Brains, Cipro For Sinus Infection australia. The Brains are twitchy and throbbing, and while songs like "Whatever Helps You Sleep Pts I&II" eventually build to a climax, there's not a lot of full-bore spazzing out going on. The speed never really blasts off, and the garage rock comparisons to bands like the Marked Men aren't exactly accurate, Cipro For Sinus Infection.

More than anything, 750mg Cipro For Sinus Infection, the band takes after bands like Digital Leather, sounding like a leather dungeon set to music. I'd suggest avoiding drugs if at all possible while listening to this album, as you're apt to flip the fuck out. "I Know Where Graham Simpson Lives," the opening track on the second side, 30mg Cipro For Sinus Infection, is a slow, creepy, childish sing-along that suddenly segues into "Math." The tonal shift from the lighthearted tone and register of "I Know" into the evil, depraved videogame blips and bleeps of "Math" shocks and amazes, Cipro For Sinus Infection usa, even when sober.

MP3: Whatever Brains, "The Future of Porn".

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Retin A Purpose

cover-smart-copsSmart Cops
Per Proteggere E Servire
(Sorry State)
Retin A Purpose, Since this showed up in the mail last week, I've listened to it five or six times. Smart Cops play enjoyably speedy Italian garage rock, with a snotty edge to it.

Unfortunately, Retin A Purpose coupon, all I keep thinking is, "It's the Hives singing in Italian," and I can't get past that. The elements of surf and more deeply thrumming guitars take away from the comparison to their Scandanavian counterparts a little bit. Unfortunately, 20mg Retin A Purpose, the mile-a-minute instrumentation and vocal style that's more declamatory statement than actual singing is so up front that it's impossible to shake the similarities. Well - perhaps "unfortunately" is a tad strong, Retin A Purpose. I love the Hives, and as long as their style is being aped well, 1000mg Retin A Purpose, it's enjoyable.

Nice vinyl on this release. It's heavy-duty 180-gram, with the usual Sorry State labels. Sadly, 10mg Retin A Purpose, unlike the majority of their releases, this one's licensed from somewhere else, meaning there's no download for the LP. Retin A Purpose india, Bummer. I'm sure that if you buy it, you can track it down on Mediafire without too much trouble.

MP3: Smart Cops, "Vesciche In Guerra".

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Generic Lumigan Glaucoma Eye Drops

(Sorry State)
Generic Lumigan Glaucoma Eye Drops, Why don't more bands sound like the Criminals. Shards manage to take that menacing, slightly mush-mouthed delivery for which Jesse Luscious is known and fuse it with faster, more evil instrumentation. The temptation to compare Shards to the whole crack rock steady family of Choking Victim, Generic Lumigan Glaucoma Eye Drops australia, INDK, et al, is tempting. The North Carolina act does resemble those New Yorkers, especially in that the bass is at the forefront of most songs (especially "Suicide"), but the music really owes more the early '80s SoCal hardcore scene than recent New York crust developments, 200mg Generic Lumigan Glaucoma Eye Drops.

The press release from Sorry State mentions TSOL, and you can hear a lot of Dance With Me on Shards' songs - the intros specifically, which have that tuneful build before launching into the song proper. There's also a lot of the anger inherent in Shards' songs that parallels other acts like CH3 and early Social Distortion, Generic Lumigan Glaucoma Eye Drops. What I really appreciate about this release most, Generic Lumigan Glaucoma Eye Drops canada, however, is the end of "Time's Up," which fades out, and then drones on in feedback for a minute or so, almost too quietly to hear, before exploding with the sound of a knock on the door and gunfire, Generic Lumigan Glaucoma Eye Drops craiglist. The only way it could've been better were it to have been a locked groove that went on and on, ad infinitum.

EDIT 2011.03.29: According to Sorry State's Daniel Lupton, "the Shards LP actually DOES end in a locked groove!" So, Generic Lumigan Glaucoma Eye Drops us, my turntable is persnickety. I hope the rest of you get to enjoy that which I cannot.

MP3: Shards, \"Breeder Scum\".

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Fin Rot Antibiotic Tetracycline

Sympathy Rations EP
(Sorry State)

The first song and title track on Stripmines' Sympathy Rations EP Fin Rot Antibiotic Tetracycline, fuses hardcore and thrash into a powerful piece of work. Until the 7-inch's last track, "EmptyThreat," it's pretty much unmatched, Fin Rot Antibiotic Tetracycline usa. The middle of the EP is nice and strong, but nothing really makes them stand out. 250mg Fin Rot Antibiotic Tetracycline, The middle three tracks are fairly basic and otherwise unremarkable hardcore. It's the speed and intensity of "Sympathy Rations" that causes it to stand out, while "EmptyThreat" is a wallop to the back of your head. It's all rumble and chug, Fin Rot Antibiotic Tetracycline us, until it ramps up the tempo, working your ears like a speed bag. Fin Rot Antibiotic Tetracycline uk, Still, these two tracks certainly live up to the Totalitär comparisons made by the label. While not quite as overtly violent in their delivery, Stripmines certainly take a lot of their focused anger from that bunch of Swedes, 750mg Fin Rot Antibiotic Tetracycline.

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Retin A Gel 0.1 No Prescription

Manipulation 2
(Sorry State)

My favorite thing about this 7-inch from Manipulation Retin A Gel 0.1 No Prescription, is the way they work in contrasts. Manipulation ramp up heading into the breakdowns, and that's saying something, of course, Retin A Gel 0.1 No Prescription overseas, given the frenetic pace at which the band is already moving. Still, Retin A Gel 0.1 No Prescription paypal, it seems the band punches up the energy level just a bit more, making the breakdowns' slower pace seem that more intense in their sonic attack.

The tracks where bassist Annie's back-up vocals come through more clearly are the real standouts. Simply put, 250mg Retin A Gel 0.1 No Prescription, the higher pitch of her razor-throated vocals counterpoint Jordan's gravelly snarl, making tracks like "Silence" and "Under the Influence" into twisted tales of anger. 500mg Retin A Gel 0.1 No Prescription, However, it's the last track on Manipulation 2, "Deathwatch," that really demonstrates the powerful attack of which this Chicago act is capable, 10mg Retin A Gel 0.1 No Prescription. It flies along, only to drop tempo and chug into this molasses-speed breakdown that makes you want to punch the nearest object.

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