The Guns, “The Guns” double LP

cover-the-gunsThe reissue of the Guns‘ self-titled LP is another case of how the DIY movement began a march down a hole from which I doubt we’ll ever escape. Once bands and artists began using recorders to capture their performances — starting with your basic cassette unit and continuing through to today’s pocket-sized units that can store a lifetime of gigs — the possibility of “lost material” became infinite.

While we may have finally reached the end of the road with rockabilly and ’60s garage acts, there’s now the treasure trove of late ’70s and early punk acts to begin unearthing. What started with Killed By Death and Bloodstains compilations has now become a sub-industry, with entire labels (Last Laugh, Sing Sing, and Cheap Rewards to name but three) devoted to reissuing lost releases. Hell, in some cases, these labels are putting out recordings that never made it past dubbed cassettes passed around by friends.
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