Lawrence Field Day Fest 2015, Night Two

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My first band of the second night was a muscular rock ‘n’ roll quartet. It looks like I’m going for a theme, huh? Actually, Kansas City’s Admiral of the Red would pair nicely with the Vedettes. The KC act definitely leans more toward modern rock in their sound, but definitely knows how to lock in to more than just shredding and screaming. There’s a punk verve and melodic hook to what they do, and while it’s not earth-shattering in terms of novelty, it’s certainly worth watching.

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Iron Guts Kelly & Sister Rat at the Bottleneck

poster - krampusfestThe night after Christmas, the Bottleneck played host to Krampusfest 2012. A free show, it featured some loud, loud music. Loadblower pulled out (make your own jokes), and I disappeared before the Melting Point of Bronze played. Nevertheless, this free show was hopping with folks sucking down drink specials and enjoying some heavy tunes. I showed up later than I’d originally expected, but was happy to walk in to discover that I’d not missed Sister Rat. The noise trio’s not played that many shows yet, and they’re still a little rough around the edges. As they got further into their set and the violin came out, however, shit started to get gorgeously weird.

Iron Guts Kelly‘s set seemed a little short, but it was pretty damned good. They played a bunch of new stuff, which bassist Shawn Reynolds described as being a little slower — “too much Weedeater.” He also clued me in about an upcoming project the band’s putting together, and I hope I can share further details in the coming weeks, because it’s pretty goddamn amazing. I snapped a few shots of both bands, which I’ve shared here. There’s not many, as the stage lights were as minimal as you can get, but the ones that turned out looked pretty good. Continue reading