Podcast #130, “Jeff Rosenstock”

jeff rosenstock Jeff Rosenstock's new album for SideOne Dummy, We Cool?, debuted on the Billbroard Heatseeker Charts at #7. Not a bad accomplishment for a guy I once saw play a basement three blocks from my house. We interviewed the former Bomb the Music Industry frontman for The Pitch and took the opportunity to get Rosenstock to chat with us about songs he likes for this latest installment of the podcast. Podcast #130, "Jeff Rosenstock" Michael Damian, "Rock On" (Where Do We Go From Here) Bobby Brown, "My Prerogative" (Don't Be Cruel) --- Everclear, "Heroin Girl" (Sparkle and Fade) --- Shinobu, "Violence House" (10 Thermidor) Father John Misty, "Bored in the USA" (I Love You, Honeybear) Sleater-Kinney, "A New Wave" (No Cities to Love) Alvvays, "Adult Diversion" (Alvvays) --- MU330, "Got Caught" (Chumps On Parade) Chinkees, "Another Angry Man He Goes to War" (Bay Area Ska Volume 2) Operation Ivy, "Sound System" (Energy) --- Jeff Rosenstock, "You, In Weird Cities" (We Cool?) Jeff Rosenstock is currently on tour with with Andrew Jackson Jihad, The Smith Street Band and Chumped You can find tour dates and more info at his Tumblr.

PUP’s self-titled LP out today from SideOne Dummy; BUY IT

pup teeth Toronto's PUP have the stateside release of their self-titled debut out today via SideOne Dummy. I've been listening to it pretty regularly since I was turned onto them by Wade from Black on Black, because it's a monster stereo record -- it's the sort of thing you put on, and just steadily crank the volume until things are rattling on shelves and your ears are ringing. It's exuberant and raucous and holyfuckingshit have you heard "Reservoir"? [embed]https://soundcloud.com/puptheband/reservoir[/embed] If that doesn't make you want to go driving extraordinarily fast and pump your fist, you're dead inside. This might be my favorite song in years. It comes on, and I find myself ignoring the rest of the album to just repeat it over and over and over and over ... which is both a joy and a shame, because the song is just that fucking good, but the rest of the album is also excellent. You can buy it on either black or white vinyl, along with CD and a bunch of packages, from the SideOne Dummy store. PUP's headed out on tour with Lemuria, Cayetana, and the Menzingers soon -- go see them, because the tour's not hitting Lawrence or Kansas City, so I fucking can't.

Hospital Colchicine Injection

bigd_dsides_digital_cover Hospital Colchicine Injection, And here we have the precise moment where digital downloads reveal their fatal flaw to me. Big D and the Kids Table release Built Up From Nothing: The D-Sides and its attendant Strictly Dub disc on October 2, but SideOne Dummy sent me an advance download for review.

While I can review the music easily, putting the details into perspective is a little difficult, as there's no actual information beyond track titles, Hospital Colchicine Injection australia.

Here's the press release:

"This new release is a double disc collection of unreleased songs, "D-sides", rarities and outtakes that span the bands history, from 1996 to 2012. Hospital Colchicine Injection coupon, The first disc is appropriately titled The D-Sides and includes the bands studio outtakes and unreleased tracks along with interviews that introduce the story behind each song. Disc #2 is called Strictly Dub and is a collection of dub versions of classic Big D tracks."

Here's the problem: those interview segments put the bands' music into perspective, but by no means do any of the stories directly address the songs which follow, Hospital Colchicine Injection. Hell, I have no idea where the interview segments even originate. From a radio show. from a phone call to the label. I don't fucking know, Hospital Colchicine Injection ebay.

The tracks which have appeared on other albums -- "LAX" is tagged as the "original recording" of the How It Goes Hospital Colchicine Injection, cut, but I'm hard-pressed to figure out what differentiates it from the album cut. The same thing goes for "Digging in Your Nails," originally from their Beijing to Boston split with Brain Failure.

I'm sure the liner notes make this all quite clear, but without them, Hospital Colchicine Injection india, this is just a mish-mash of tracks downloaded from the internet, and might as well have been put together by some fan site. I've pulled things from Mediafire with more notation than this.

The dub tracks are nice. A few cuts are a little thin for my tastes -- "Baby Don't Cry" and the two rehearsal cuts, "Come Along" and "These Dubbed Streets" don't have that low-end necessary for a really great dub track, Hospital Colchicine Injection craiglist, but the various iterations of "Strictly Rude" will have you nodding your head pretty quickly. Nothing that'll blow your mind like an early King Tubby track or anything like that, but if you're looking to chill after a night out, it's well worth grabbing.

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Retin A Drying Face Out

Complete Control Sessions
(SideOne Dummy)

It's official - Anti-Flag Retin A Drying Face Out, has used up whatever goodwill they once might've had. My 18 year-old self thought they were the bee's knees, circa Die For Your Government and A New Kind of Army. I still have a hoodie in my closet with not one, but two A-F patches on them, including the ever-so-slightly shame-inducing "FUCK YOUR POLITICS" scrawled on it with black Sharpie.

That being said, Retin A Drying Face Out usa, the band was able to knock out quality punk rock 'n' roll back in the day. Somebody once referred to their brand of punk as "bumper sticker politics," and I think that's been fairly apt all along, but my ability to stomach their sloganeering because of their quality riffage has been undermined. The catchy shout-alongs have been replaced by what sounds like Noam Chomsky passages recited over recycled rejects from the Casualties, Retin A Drying Face Out.

There's nothing new here. Retin A Drying Face Out uk, I say that not only because of the three Clash covers ("Should I Stay Or Should I Go?" twice, for some reason), but because they played "Turncoat," which is essentialyl an anti-Bush song. Considering the vast back catalog they have at their disposal, and the numerous songs they could've played that don't sound dated ("Tearing Everyone Down," "You'd Do the Same, 150mg Retin A Drying Face Out," et al), it just seems like a waste of limited space, to say nothing of repeating a song.

And, fuck - if you're going to cover a bunch of Clash songs for an entry in the Complete Control Sessions, 10mg Retin A Drying Face Out, play "Complete Control," for God's sake. Retin A Drying Face Out, "I Fought the Law" is a cover of a cover. It wasn't even a goddamn Clash song. All in all, this just seems like a wasted opportunity and a cash grab. It's kind of like the Bouncing Souls' Live at Generation Records LP that came out for Record Stor Day: a live recording, that despite not being very good at all, Retin A Drying Face Out japan, and more like a bootleg, still gets pressed on limited colors and sold at a premium price because people will buy it.

Stream "White Riot" and "The Economy Is Suffering" via AMP Magazine.

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Erythromycin Helps Egg Implant Uterine Wall

cover-big-d-damnedBig D & the Kids Table
For the Damned the Dumb and the Delirious
(SideOne Dummy)

On Big D & the Kids Table Erythromycin Helps Egg Implant Uterine Wall, 's new album, For the Damned the Dumb and the Delirious, they return to the ska-punk sound that first got them attention. This album sounds like the best of every other "regular" album they've done, which can be seen as a positive for anyone who was put off by the experimentation of Fluent In Stroll. Right off the bat, the band kicks out a song that is vintage '90s third wave. "Walls" blends the toasting elements of the Pilfers and the Agents with the "punk rock with horns" of Link 80, 20mg Erythromycin Helps Egg Implant Uterine Wall, and the Slackers' organ work. It's a pastiche of every song I ever heard in 1997, and it works wonderfully.

If I ever had a problem with Big D, it's that the band's albums always slightly overstay their welcome, Erythromycin Helps Egg Implant Uterine Wall. Most of their records, Erythromycin Helps Egg Implant Uterine Wall uk, going all the way back to their first full-length, Good Luck, could easily have had three or four songs trimmed off. The political asperations of For the Damned the Dumb and the Delirious are admirable, and "It's Raining Zombies On Wall Street" is a tight piece of punk rock fury, but the lyrics are at odds with "Clothes Off" earlier on the record, Erythromycin Helps Egg Implant Uterine Wall craiglist. There are a few lyricists out there who can mix party-time imagery with revolutionary polemic. David McWane isn't one of them, unfortunately. Erythromycin Helps Egg Implant Uterine Wall, While he does a wonderful job of detailing alienation and personal issues in a plethora of voices and situations, the straight political lyricism is not his forte. Big points to the Zombies nod in "Good Looking, 1000mg Erythromycin Helps Egg Implant Uterine Wall, " though.

In summation: if you weren't happy with where Big D & the Kids Table went on Fluent In Stroll, and were wanting a more tightly-focused ska-punk record in the vein of Strictly Rude, you've got it right here. While not quite as start-to-finish fantastic as that record was, nor as interesting as the band's forays into experimentation have been, 150mg Erythromycin Helps Egg Implant Uterine Wall, anything Big D does is head and shoulders above most ska-punk.

You can pre-order the album from SideOne Dummy and get a bottle opener, coaster, and coozie. It's available on both CD and double vinyl LP.

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Acai Berry And Synthroid

cover-brothers-of-brazilBrothers of Brazil
Brothers of Brazil
(SideOne Dummy)
Acai Berry And Synthroid, Combining elements of samba, dub, and rockabilly into a potent package, Brothers of Brazil do a wonderful job of filling the void left at SideOne Dummy after Gogol Bordello moved to Rick Rubin's American Recordings a year ago. It's slightly unfair to compare the Brazilian duo to the grandiose antics of Eugene Hutz and company, but the pan-global sounds of Brothers of Brazil are inevitably going to draw parallels, especially given their new choice of label.

That being said, 100mg Acai Berry And Synthroid, brothers Supla and Joäo take a more intimate approach to their sounds. The sound makes you want to grab your sunbrella umbrella and sit back and relax. Rather than exploding, the pair operate economically, doing as much as possible as two men can with a drum kit, acoustic guitars, Acai Berry And Synthroid coupon, and a series of samples. It's a very relaxing combination that comes closer to '50s lounge than anything else, Acai Berry And Synthroid. Although, strangely, when their lounge-laden sounds combine with dance music elements, Acai Berry And Synthroid japan, it makes Brothers of Brazil sound like nothing so much as a non-humorous Flight of the Conchords. It's that same combination of exotic accents from the Southern hemisphere, acoustic guitars, and dance club bangers. The way "Blinded By Fashion" also has an intro painfully close to that of the Conchords' "Fashion Is Danger" just brings the similarities home.

The way things have been getting hot and muggy around the Nuthouse lately has driven me to the basement and the beer fridge, 200mg Acai Berry And Synthroid, and the smooth, relaxing, quietly hip-shaking grooves and strummings of Brothers of Brazil have really taken the edge off the sweltering misery that is summer in the Midwest. SideOne Dummy has a knack for releasing albums during the season in which they're best suited to be played, Acai Berry And Synthroid india, and this one is no exception. Make yourself a cuba libre, kick back, and mellow out.

Samba Around the Clock by SideOneDummy

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