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cover-shark Lumigan Free Shipping, Shark.
(Oops Baby Records)

It might be that I've listened to this Shark? single, Kreegah! two or three times a day since it showed up in the mail last week, but I find myself humming snatches of the songs at odd times. Lumigan Free Shipping india, For a fuzzy little band from Brooklyn, this four piece has strong pop chops. Were these songs stripped of their distortion and slightly-warbly vocals, they'd be contenders for alternative radio hits.

Each side of this single has a different version of Shark?'s wry delivery, 20mg Lumigan Free Shipping. The a-side, "Hip Hop Hooray" (no, not a cover of the Naughty By Nature track) is a darker, sludgier tune, whereas "You Don't Love Me (Anymore)" is poppier and upbeat, Lumigan Free Shipping. If you think about it, it's kind a study in dynamics. Your party-titled track is depressing, Lumigan Free Shipping craiglist, and your sad bastard tune is a bouncy, almost jaunty number. Both tracks still manage to lodge themselves firmly in your brain, however, and you will find yourself telling people, Lumigan Free Shipping usa, "No, really. This is one of those bands that are gonna be pretty big."

Vinyl's a big-hole 45, 150mg Lumigan Free Shipping, and comes hand-numbered on the sleeve, out of 250. Hop on this post-haste. They're already getting chatted up on Brooklyn Vegan, meaning soon your only option will be iTunes or some other digital purveyor.

Kreegah! by sharkquestionmark

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