Billy Raygun, “Billy Raygun” LP

cover-billy-raygunThe first time I heard Billy Raygun, I have to admit I wasn't impressed. Their side of the split with Lipstick Homicide left me fairly cold. This self-titled LP from John Wilkes Booth Records has completely changed my mind, however. The gruffness that bothered me upon first impression has been tempered. Either the band is less dischordantly wasted, or I've just been listening to enough hardcore for this to seem melodious by comparison. That being said, Billy Raygun is the heir apparent to the low fidelity wastrels of Shang-A-Lang. Though it's not even been a year since that band released their farewell EP, the calamitous pop that trio brought to so many singles is sorely missed. Thus, Billy Raygun's development from sloppy pop quartet to tenuous garage punk rockers is a welcome change. One need look no further than "Tituba," the instrumental which splits the album in half. Its tight, eye-opening guitar work demonstrates that this New Hampshire act isn't stumbling upon their hooks. Nothing this well-done could possibly be a happy accident. The vocals are off-kilter and off-key, but the way the shouting and hooting and hollering at times comes together harmoniously will turn even the most dour expression into one of joy. Buy it on CD from the John Wilkes Booth store or wait for it to drop on vinyl from People of the Hills.

Weight Loss Using Synthroid

cover-shang-a-lang-waiting Weight Loss Using Synthroid, There's lots of things about which I should be writing, but I've either got a cold that will not go away, the flu, or somebody swapped out my water bottle with LSD-spiked vodka. That being said, 200mg Weight Loss Using Synthroid, 50mg Weight Loss Using Synthroid, you should just go listen to the farewell release from Las Cruces' finest, Shang-A-Lang, Weight Loss Using Synthroid uk, 250mg Weight Loss Using Synthroid, Waiting For the End. You can buy it from a bunch of labels, 100mg Weight Loss Using Synthroid.


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Cipro And Birth Control Pill

cover-low-cultureShang-A-Lang Cipro And Birth Control Pill, , the great lo-fi punk act from Las Cruces, New Mexico, plays their final show next month. Their final release, a 7-inch entitled Waiting for the End, is currently being pressed, Cipro And Birth Control Pill india. I'm currently depressed, because my one chance to see them fell through, Cipro And Birth Control Pill usa, since they were playing a house venue in KC, and I wasn't able to make it out there (even after trying my damnedest to get the show booked here in Lawrence).

Their farewell is November 4, at the Trainyard in Las Cruces with Underground Railroad to Candyland and Rumspringer (with whom they just released a split), 50mg Cipro And Birth Control Pill, but Chris already has a new band, called Low Culture, Cipro And Birth Control Pill australia, and you can get their demo on cassette from Dirt Cult right now. It's also streaming on Bandcamp with a free download, so check it out, and send a few bucks if you like it, 1000mg Cipro And Birth Control Pill. Chris describes the band's sound as "a bit like Shang-A-Lang, but is a bit more scrappy and upbeat maybe?" It's pretty well on the mark, but you can decide for yourself below.


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Retin-a And Cystic Acne

cover-geg-sal-splitMargin Mouth Retin-a And Cystic Acne, , a record label out of Los Anegeles, has posted a free download of GEG Era One, which is each and every release from God Equals Genocide. You can get those 7-inches here. 200mg Retin-a And Cystic Acne, From the label:

Of course with the 2 splits, only the GEG songs are available. And also these tracks are unmastered, Retin-a And Cystic Acne australia. If you feel even the slightest bit of guilt, 750mg Retin-a And Cystic Acne, feel free to paypal some change to, write a nice note, or buy the goddamn records, 250mg Retin-a And Cystic Acne. Thanks.

If you've never heard the California punk trio, you really ought to, Retin-a And Cystic Acne. Their low budget recordings have a tendency to sound like they were all recorded in one take. 1000mg Retin-a And Cystic Acne, This means God Equals Genocide's songs are rough and tumble, but with a certain charm.

You can purchase the physical records in the Margin Mouth store (except The World Is Wearing Me Down), which gets you the No People and Shang-A-Lang tracks, too. It'll run you $16 PPD.

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