Places to Hide, “Almost Nothing” LP

cover - places to hide almost nothingAtlanta-based Places to Hide's debut full-length, Almost Nothing, was pressed courtesy of a Kickstarter campaign. Obviously, it's a self-released affair. The actual content therein is surprisingly charming, despite flat vocal delivery and leadn lyrics. It may be that they're attempting to portray some kind of artless honesty, removing any semblance of flowery language. Everything is couched in truthful, bare-bone statements, frequently espousing a desire to get fucked up. The lyrics read like something from a high school punk band -- "And I just want to have sex with you" from "Love Song" and "Today I stole some shit from the grocery store/ Then threw up in the trash can at work" from "Michael Jordan" being particularly egregious examples.
It's just kind of off-putting, at least for me. Mawkish honesty I can handle in small doses, but an entire LP's worth just leaves me exhausted. If you listen to the music and ignore the lyrics, you get a rocking bit of pop -- the Superchunk comparison's an apt one, even if Places to Hide's sound isn't as immediately arresting. There are still a few copies left on black vinyl from their Bandcamp page.

Average Dose Of Synthroid

Average Dose Of Synthroid, After the first listen of this 7-inch, I was almost afraid to put it on again, for fear that my stereo would think I was punishing it. No, no - this self-titled release from Pittsburgh's Heartless isn't bad. 750mg Average Dose Of Synthroid, It's just that it's one of the few releases that deserves the descriptor "brutal."

Whomever mastered this record must have pushed the limits of what's possible, because listening to Heartless' pummeling hardcore is like repeatedly taking a two-by-four to the chest.

With track titles simply put - "Disgust," "Concrete, 10mg Average Dose Of Synthroid," "Buried," "Absent" - you know there's no frills here, Average Dose Of Synthroid craiglist, only music that penetrates to your very core and gets you up and moving. You know the way fight scenes are shot for movies, where it sounds like everything was recorded inside a mortar. That's what Heartless sounds like: as if there were a war going on inside your stereo, Average Dose Of Synthroid.

Download it yourself and take a listen, Average Dose Of Synthroid ebay. You can hear the sounds of battle for yourself, churned out with the machine-like precision that can only come from those who come from a factory town like Iron City. Average Dose Of Synthroid india, You can also buy it from Tor Johnson Records. It comes with a screened cover and the inserts are like handmade books.

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