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cover-spits-book Side Effect Of Cipro, Remember those little Golden Book singles that came with storybooks. You'd get a 33 rpm single that told the story in the book. You'd read along, Side Effect Of Cipro craiglist, and turn the pages whenever the record made a little "ding!" There were Disney ones that you can find for a quarter or so at most thrift stores, Side Effect Of Cipro india, as well as everything else under the sun. I've got an Alice In Wonderland one sitting right on top of one of my speakers at this very moment.

They had these CDs in the gift bags that were being handed out at the Scion Garage Fest earlier this month, 750mg Side Effect Of Cipro. The Spits do their own version of one of those old picture book records, Side Effect Of Cipro australia, called Haunted Fang Castle. It even comes complete with its own illustrated story booklet. You can hit the link below and download the whole thing, 1000mg Side Effect Of Cipro, just in time for Halloween.

Download the Spits' Haunted Fang Castle.

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half-full Amoxicillin Insert, So, I give you an archive podcast last week, and then I come back with an episode that's only half an hour long, and six songs shorter than it usually is. And I wonder why listenership is so low. Yeah, this week's episode is only nine songs, and a lot more talking than usual. Amoxicillin Insert ebay, It's a garage rock special, with an emphasis on folks that played this past weekend's Scion Garage Fest in downtown Lawrence. You can read my review over at Wayward Blog, but it doesn't begin to explain the fun this was. If you get a chance to attend it next year, no matter where it is, go, Amoxicillin Insert. You won't be disappointed.

Next week's podcast has lots and lots of new stuff, 20mg Amoxicillin Insert, as well as new-to-me stuff, so I promise an extra-long episode to make up for this week's shortness. Really, I just didn't want to shoehorn in a bunch of thrash and skate punk after all that power pop and garage, Amoxicillin Insert coupon, so I decided to cut one episode short and lengthen another. It'll all even out eventually, right.

Podcast #21, "Half Strength"

Bad Sports, "Would You Wait For Me Too?" (split with Cheap Time)
Hunx & His Punx, Amoxicillin Insert japan, "Dream On (Little Dreamer)" (split with Kid COngo Powers & the Pink Monkey Birds)
Oblivians, "Oblivion" (split with Andre Ethier)
Gentleman Jesse & His Men, "I Won't Say Goodbye" ("She's A Trap" single)
Spitballs, "Gino Is A Coward" (Spitballs)
Gaye Blades, Amoxicillin Insert mexico, "My Shit Belongs to Pee" (Wild About Jenkem)
Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, "The Mighty Sparrow" (The Brutalist Bricks)
So Cow, "Start Over" (Meaningless Friendly)
Nobunny, "Your Mouth" ("Brace Face" single).

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20101001-greg-cartwright Zithromax Fda Warnings, On Friday night, there was a little pre-show for the Scion Garage Fest at Love Garden Sounds. Okay, technically, there were three: the official, invite-only shindig at the Taproom with the Spits, Zithromax Fda Warnings australia, an all-local one at the Replay with the Spook Lights and Fag Cop, and then the one at Love Garden. However, Zithromax Fda Warnings us, the show at Love Garden was early and free, so that's where the wife and I ended up, getting to see Tyvek, Nodzzz, and the last-minute addition of Greg Cartwright of the Oblivians and Reigning Sound, Zithromax Fda Warnings japan.

He played a short, solo electric set, and to me, Zithromax Fda Warnings india, the highlight was this version of the Compulsive Gamblers' song, "Sour & Vicious Man." Getting to see him play from about ten feet away was frickin' amazing, and I hope this video shows how powerful he can be, even when not backed by a full rock band. Apologies for the lighting - the Kodak doesn't really do well in low-light situations, 750mg Zithromax Fda Warnings.

Greg Cartwright, "Sour & Vicious Man" (live at Love Garden) from Nick Spacek on Vimeo.


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Zithromax Plus Flagyl

garage-fest-flier Zithromax Plus Flagyl, At 11:59 p.m., Pacific Daylight Time, the RSVP page for the Scion Garage Fest closes. Your chance to see scads of amazing bands for free will end, and you'll have to listen to everyone else talk about how they got to see the Clean for free in Lawrence.

The line-up for the Saturday, October 2, Zithromax Plus Flagyl mexico, festival keeps changing (Guitar Wolf was originally on the bill and the Raveonettes weren't), but the core acts (the Oblivians, the Gories, 30mg Zithromax Plus Flagyl, Hunx, et al) seem to be holding steady. Somebody's already posted a tentative list of set times and venues over at the Goner Records board, so you can start planning as to whether you're going to see the Gories or King Khan & the Shrines.

In related news, 20mg Zithromax Plus Flagyl, the Spook Lights have organized an all-local show to present some bands that are getting shunted aside, like Fag Cop, Wayne Pain & the Shit Stains, Zithromax Plus Flagyl india, Strong Smells, and themselves at the Replay Lounge that same day. So, for those of you who either don't want to participate in the corporate-sponsored hullabaloo or simply want to get away from the crowds, there'll be that show to hit, Zithromax Plus Flagyl craiglist, as well.

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