Rumspringer answers what are in retrospect inane questions regarding their new album, “Stay Afloat”

Tempe, Arizona’s Rumspringer released their second LP, Stay Afloat, via Dirt Cult Records yesterday. It’s a dangerously catchy bit of punk rock, and a grand step forward for the trio. All three members were kind enough to take some time to answer our inane questions via e-mail.
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Download the debut Traffic Street podcast

traffic-street-recordsOur good buddy Sam North over at Traffic Street Records has posted the first of what we hope will be many, many podcasts. He’s calling it “Word On the Street,” and the details are as follows:

“On Thursday afternoon, I decided rather abruptly that I wanted to do a Traffic Street podcast. […] Anyway, I recorded it on Thursday when the impulse first hit, but was feeling self-conscious and wasn’t sure if I wanted to post it at all. I didn’t like the way my voice sounded, I didn’t think the things I had to say were interesting -you know… the usual self-doubt stuff. But I decided this morning to throw caution to the wind and just post it. I did my best to get all of the levels right between the speaking parts and all of the different songs, but I didn’t have headphones on me to test the volume with anything other than my computer’s built-in speaker, so there’s a chance it could use some adjusting.”

North promises a lot of music from the likes of Nuthouse faves like Off With Their Heads and No High Fives to Bullshit, as well as unreleased tracks from upcoming releases.

Sam also promises iTunes linkages and an RSS feed if demand is good. Hit him up with positive e-mails and such. The world needs more good punk podcasts.

Download “Word On the Street” #001. (left click, Mediafire)

Podcast #17 – Out In the Street

traffic-street-recordsThis week’s podcast is devoted entirely to Traffic Street Records. The tiny pop-punk label is ran out of Sam North‘s apartment in Washington, D.C., and is probably one of my favorite go-to places for music these days. If you’ve not heard anything from Traffic Street, then you’ve not been listening to the podcast, but here’s your chance to play catch-up.

We’ve got songs got songs from a few of the label’s releases, as well as an in-depth interview with label honcho North. He talks about the label’s history, the future, and what it’s like to DIY it. Sit back, listen, and enjoy.

Podcast #17, “Out In the Street”
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