Adventures / Run Forever, “Split” EP

cover - adventures run forever splitPairing Adventures with Run Forever is such a ridiculously perfect idea, it’s basically one of those “shut up and take my money!” releases. Adventures’ dreamy indie pop has a certain angular melodicism to it that hints at part of the band’s involvement with Code Orange Kids. It especially comes out in the feedback-drenched ends to their songs.

Run Forever, however, works it a little differently. Rather than fading out their songs, they opt for epic intros, leading into harmonies suited perfectly for lifted hands and heartfelt sing-alongs. The bands compliment one another, and they’re both on the rise, so why wouldn’t the two acts come together?
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Run, Forever, “Settling” LP

cover - run forever settlingThe first long-player from Run, Forever in a year and a half — and the first recordings from the band in over a year — Settling is an album that’s been long-awaited. Now that it’s out on Tiny Engines, what do we have?

Run, Forever’s sound on Settling is the natural successor to the late ’90s / early ’00s acts who filtered alternative rock through a pop filter (i.e., the entire Drive Thru records roster). On this LP, Run, Forever flip the equation, filtering alterna-pop through an indie rock filter.
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Run, Forever guitarist Anthony Huebel on the trio’s new album (also, cats)

RunForever_NewPhoto1_hi res
Pittsburgh punk trio Run, Forever recently released their second LP, Settling, via Tiny Engines. It’s been over a year since the band last released any new music, and they’re celebrating the new album by setting out on a tour with labelmates State Lines. The tour hits Kansas City’s Art Closet Studios for a show with Emo Side Project on Sunday, January 13. Singer and guitarist Anthony Heubel spoke with us via e-mail about the new record, touring, and cats.
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The Wild / Run, Forever, “Split” 7-inch

cover-wild-run-foreverThe Wild / Run, Forever
(Solidarity Recordings)

With this release, I’m not sure what I’m happier about: the new bands to whom I’ve been introduced, or the fact that the 7-inch comes with a ‘zine. They’re both so exciting. Seriously, though, I am pretty damn jazzed about the Wild and Run, Forever. Both bands are pretty raucous, yet heartfelt, with the Wild leaning a little closer to the folk-punk end of the spectrum, and Run, Forever going a bit more towards the anthemic. Think of the Wild as Andrew Jackson Jihad and Run, Forever as Against Me! They’re both on the same wavelength, with the primary being a little more rooted in the acoustic and intimate than the latter.
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