Anniversary reunion feature at the Pitch


Josh Berwanger is hanging out in my living room, drinking an iced coffee, expressing admiration for three of the four cats roaming the house. Ostensibly, we’re discussing the reunion of his former band the Anniversary, for which he plays guitar and sings. But we keep getting sidetracked talking about horror movies.

Read the full feature at the Pitch. Published 9/13/16

PG.99, “Singles” LP

(Robotic Empire)

For those not in the know, PG.99 were a strange case of crossover. While that usually refers to the metal/hardcore hybrid, in their case, it was more of a strange cross between grindcore and hardcore.

While not operating entirely in the grind realm of cookie monster vocals, yet still dirtying things up just enough to keep the crusty kids interested, PG.99 were an interesting band that really defied description.
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