The Ready Set’s Jordan Witzigreuter on remixes and future plans

the ready set Jordan Witzigreuter is better known as The Ready Set, the name under which he releases dancey, upbeat pop rock. Signed to Decaydance Records, ran by Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz, the Ready Set has released three full-length albums, wiith a fourth due out later this year. In advance of that release, the Ready Set released the GMYH V2 Remix EP back in May, wherein the upcoming album's first single, "Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever)," was remixed in a variety of styles by the likes of Zook√ęper and others. The Ready Set plays the Granada in Lawrence on Sunday, July 14, as part of We the Kings' Summerfest 2013 tour, along with Breathe Carolina, T. Mills, and Keep It Cute. Witzigreuter was kind enough to answer some questions via e-mail about the remix EP and transforming a solo act into a live show. cover - the-ready-set gmyhYour most recent release is a series of remixes of last year's "Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever)." How'd the idea of a remix EP come about? The remix EP was basically something I wanted to do to show fans that new stuff is coming. I just finished my album, and thought it would be cool to have something like that to lead into new music coming. Did you approach all of the producers / DJs who remixed the song, or had any of them come to you beforehand? It was all sort of mutual acquaintances from my A&R and team at the label. We basically sent it out and said "do anything you want, take liberties with it," then picked the ones I liked most. [embed][/embed] Will you be doing more along these lines in the future? Honestly, it's kind of funny because my music is progressively edging away from the electro-EDM vibe into something else. That being the case, I'm 100 times more stoked to hear the "new" style songs remixed, so yes! Being as how the Ready Set started as a basement project, how did you made that leap to performing with a full band? It was natural. I had my tracks and sent them to my friends and said "write what you want." I don't like looking at it as a "me and my live band" type thing. When we play shows, I want it to feel like a band, not a pop thing with hired guns. I want to have the band play what they want and enjoy it all the same way that I do. the ready set liveHow does the band come together for tours? Do you have a regular crew that backs you, or does it change? We have occasional changes, but the core stays the same. Most of my dudes have been with me for years, it's like a family. We live all over ... I'm in LA, my bassist lives in Connecticut, guitarist in Nebraska, and drummer in Dallas, so we all just fly out, rehearse, and go from there. What's the reaction at live shows -- do people get that this is dance music? It's always different, because it's not always dance music. The show has always felt more rock-ish. Tons of electronic track type stuff is going on, but it's under guitar, bass, and drums. I think sometimes it's unexpected, but I love that. We never fit in anywhere. Where do you get your influences? I hear a lot of mid-'90s pop / R&B in there, but there's something else I can't quite put my finger on. I love rap. Cool vocal rhythms are what I'm into, so I feel like some of that is derivative. Also, the 90's comment is flattering. That was a good time for pop music! Anything anyone who's yet to hear the Ready Set should know about the music, you, or otherwise? I write songs, I'm the Ready Set. We play shows, we're the Ready Set. I make all kinds of music and party onstage. I'm on tour forever, and my new album is coming soon. Thanks! The Ready Set plays the Granada Theater in Lawrence on Sunday, July 14. Doors for the all-ages show are at 6:00pm, and the show starts at 6:30. Ticket information can be found at the Granada website, and more information about the Ready Set can be found at the band's website.

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