CINE-WEEN: Put Some Terror on Your Turntable With Pig Baby’s Deadbolt reissues

CINE-WEEN: Put Some Terror on Your Turntable With Pig Baby's Deadbolt reissues

CINE-WEEN: Put Some Terror on Your Turntable With Pig Baby's Deadbolt reissues

The scary and eerie voodoobilly sounds of Deadbolt have been emanating from southern California for well over two decades now, but until this past March, very little of the band’s output has been available on vinyl. Aside from a few split singles and 7-inch releases, the music from “scariest band in


New Bomb Turks’ Eric Davidson talks 20 years of “Destroy-Oh-Boy”

new bomb turks Last week, Columbus, Ohio's kings of garage-punk, New Bomb Turks, released the twentieth anniversary edition of their oh-so-excellent debut long-player, !!Destroy-Oh-Boy!! in a deluxe gatefold edition on Crypt Records. We got pretty excited about it, loving as we do both the Turks and Crypt. The band's been playing a few shows to celebrate the reissue, so we took the opportunity to speak with the New Bomb Turks' frontman, Eric Davidson, about the album, the band's relationship with Crypt, and his new band, Livids. cover - nbt destroy reissue betterWas the twentieth anniversary reissue the band's idea or Tim Warren's? We had kind of mentioned it amongst the Turks a couple times over the last couple years, seeing that ominous "20" creeping over the horizon. Then I posted something on Facebook last August about how it'd been exactly 20 years ago since we'd recorded it in NYC, etc., which set off some emails and such, and within minutes Tim was going off about the reissue idea. We were originally thinking of putting a couple of the 1992 cassette demo tunes on a 7" with the reissue, but Tim worried about warping issues, and loved the idea of putting more demo tunes on a 10", so we went with that. Matt came up with the boss idea of redoing the Destroy-Oh-Boy front cover with just the art, no font on it, just a sticker on the outside plastic wrap. Tim asked if I wanted to finally print out the lyrics, so that's on the inner sleeve. John Petkovic agreed to write the liner notes. Tim has really been going crazy with gatefold sleeve reissues on Crypt, and we are more than happy to be one of them!! What's involved in reissuing a record, from the musician's side? For us, mainly reading Tim's funny emails about how trying to remaster it was pointless since he found the "original metal mothers" (the original acetates), and couldn't improve on their sound. (Tim's primary job these days is doing mastering for many cool compilations and 7" reissues, so he really knows his mastering.) Since we weren't remixing or adding extra tracks or anything like that, it was fairly simple from our end, except for some mix-ups with the Destroy LP cover of the first 1,000 coming out way too dark – we're calling it the "Tan Mom Edition." It'll be fixed on future pressings, assuming there will be future pressings. cover - nbt tape wormWhy put out songs which have been unreleased until now on the demo 10-inch? Is it a historical thing, a curiosity, or just added value? Well, Matt found a few 4-track cassette demos of ours from around 1991-3, more than I remembered we even had, and one sounded really cool, had a couple tunes we had never put on any albums, and figured fans would like to hear it. Once Tim remastered them, they sounded even better, so we figured why not?! I think it's kind of cool coming out the same time as the Destroy LP reissue, because it gives you an idea of how once we got to finally recording the album, we were playing the tunes faster; there's a kind of noticeable slight change I think fans would dig; the lyrics are different, etc. But whatever, it's fun to put shit out there! crypt logoGoing back to Tim Warren, how instrumental was Crypt in the success of the New Bomb Turks? Very. Very. Again with the VERY. I think we might've lasted for a couple more years, maybe found someone to do an album. But Tim, in his singular way, found this lil' band outta nowhere; and that label already had a good rep in the dive-bar and youth center corners of Europe for having other trusty live bands (Devil Dogs, Nine Pound Hammer, Gories) who'd gone to Europe, so that got us a toe-hold in Europe, and we were able to tour there forever. Crypt was already really respected for great trash rock, so it was so great getting associated with that; and to pat our own back, I think our kind of faster sound and frequent touring in the States helped Crypt develop an expanded following too, I guess. Also, Mike Mariconda and Coyote Studios in Brooklyn (no longer there) were HUGE reasons for anyone giving a fuck about us, because Mike did such a great job nailing down our sound, and keeping us in check as we got drunker and more nervous while recording. What material do you primarily draw from for your live shows these days? I imagine a goodly amount on this set of shows will be Destroy-Oh-Boy, but what else do you hit? We try to do a couple songs from each album, honestly. We'll add a cover once in awhile too. The New Bomb Turks's last release was 2003's Switchblade Tongues & Butterknife Brains, meaning it's been a decade since you released any new material. Are there any plans for the New Bomb Turks to do so, or is the band just too scattered for that to become a reality? Yeah, we "officially" broke up on New Year's Eve 2002 (into 2003). But the subterranean clamor kept coming, so after about 2004, each summer if some good festival in Europe offers us a good deal to play, or some great friend turns 40 and wants us for a birthday party, or whatever, we get together for a few shows a year for fun. I live in Queens, and the other Turks are all in Columbus with kids and solid jobs, etc. So it's hard to plan stuff, we just kind of tackle ideas as they float in. Like bassist Matt Reber has just recently been making the New Bomb Turks site way more interesting. And we've knocked around the idea of maybe totally remixing one of our other albums… But mainly it's getting together for fun shows (the "Independents Day" fest in Columbus on Sept. 21, and opening for the Cosmic Psychos at Ace of Cups in Columbus the very next day, but that is it for awhile). We always say, as long as we feel we can put on a good show, we'll do our lil' summer vacation tours. We don't plan on any new recordings, but who knows… [caption id="attachment_16957" align="alignleft" width="300"]Photo by Jackie Roman Photo by Jackie Roman[/caption]Various musicians I've spoken with attest to the difficulty of starting a new band, and how it seems like no matter what the success of your last act, a new band is like starting from scratch. How do you balance still playing the occasional New Bomb Turks show, where you're playing to thousands of people in Europe, to playing opening slots in New York with Livids? Well, not every show in Europe is to "thousands" of people. My ego is pretty big, but not so huge that I would worry that Livids "have" to open for some band at a bar on a Tuesday. I probably like that band we're opening for. I'm glad I can still do this, I have fun, and I really love playing with the Livids, as they're all such fine folks. Maybe my feelings would be different if New Bomb Turks had had #1 hits, played arenas, and I'd grown used to seventeen virgins waiting backstage (as opposed to the Turks' usual paultry three). cover - livids adrenalized heartsLivids really burst out of the gate with a stack of singles a few months back. They all seem to have been recorded over a single recording session. Why release four singles, as opposed to an LP? The labels that mentioned maybe doing an LP might've been a little leery because we're not touring all the time; and some labels we really dig asked for singles, and we all like singles, the usual deal. So why not, right? What can folks expect from you -- meaning either band, as well as yourself personally -- after the hullabaloo surrounding the reissue has died down? Livids hope to finish an LP, but not sure when; we've got a short weekend jaunt through Philly, Cleveland, and Columbus from Aug. 15-17; those NBTurks shows I mentioned earlier; I've been very slowly compiling some solo tunes, playing covers with pals; and I'm still doing some freelance writing. And oddly enough, I'll be hosting a re-boot of "Hullabaloo", filmed in a warehouse in Cleveland, with a reunited Death of Samantha as the house band! Seriously. You can check out Livids on Bandcamp and Facebook. You can find New Bomb Turks on Facebook, too, and Eric Davidson on Bandcamp. Order the !!Destroy-Oh-Boy!! reissue (and other things) from the New Bomb Turks' store.

20 Mg Cialis Dose Advice

cover-the-gunsThe reissue of the Guns 20 Mg Cialis Dose Advice, ' self-titled LP is another case of how the DIY movement began a march down a hole from which I doubt we'll ever escape. Once bands and artists began using recorders to capture their performances -- starting with your basic cassette unit and continuing through to today's pocket-sized units that can store a lifetime of gigs -- the possibility of "lost material" became infinite.

While we may have finally reached the end of the road with rockabilly and '60s garage acts, there's now the treasure trove of late '70s and early punk acts to begin unearthing. What started with Killed By Death and Bloodstains compilations has now become a sub-industry, with entire labels (Last Laugh, Sing Sing, 20 Mg Cialis Dose Advice paypal, and Cheap Rewards to name but three) devoted to reissuing lost releases. Hell, in some cases, these labels are putting out recordings that never made it past dubbed cassettes passed around by friends.

This double LP from Smog Veil Records is a collection of compilation appearances, demos, and live recordings from the Cleveland hardcore act, 20 Mg Cialis Dose Advice. The first LP's worth are more listenable than the second, which gets a tad repetitive in its attempt to be as complete a discography as possible. The music is good, if not out-and-out excellent, 20 Mg Cialis Dose Advice ebay. You'll hear elements of nascent thrash in a few of the cuts, but for the most part, this is a sneering bit of '80s hardcore.

The Midwesten sound comes through loud and clear, with a definite bit of fellow Cleveland-ites the Dead Boys in the vocal delivery. 20 Mg Cialis Dose Advice, It's pretty straightforward early '80s hardcore. There's a certain amount of surf in the guitars, 20 Mg Cialis Dose Advice mexico, which always seemed to come through, no matter whether the band was from the West Coast or Midwest. My explanation as to why so many acts swiped that manner of chord progression is simply that the only bands that ever played as fast as hardcore acts were surf bands.

Being as how there are multiple takes of some of the songs (four versions of "Locked Inside" alone), you can hear the group progress as the compilation goes along, following the standard Black Flag template. Songs exist as short, sharp shocks at the beginning, 20 Mg Cialis Dose Advice india, going into slower, almost-plodding Sabbath dirges by the end.

While I appreciate the desire towards a completest aesthetic, a single LP with the best cuts would make for a far more enjoyable listening experience, 20 Mg Cialis Dose Advice. That being said, you can take the download and monkey around with your perfect version. If you want the gritty, live experience, 20 Mg Cialis Dose Advice japan, or the streamlined studio experience, it's all there for the making.

The Guns' record comes as a double LP with free download code. It's a one-time-only pressing of 900 copies. Pick it up in the Smog Veil store.

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Subaction Showcomments Cialis Start From Older

cover-beat-kids-are-the-saemGet Hip Records reissues Paul Collins' Beat Subaction Showcomments Cialis Start From Older, 's sophomore LP, The Kids Are the Same as an 180-gram LP March 6. Originally release on CBS in 1982, the album was - as are many lost classics - a critical success and commercial failure. The repress is of a limited edition of 1000 and comes on the heels of Get Hip's 2011 reissue of the Beat's self-titled debut. 250mg Subaction Showcomments Cialis Start From Older, Paul Collins is currently on the road with Peter Case. Case was the frontman for fellow '80s power pop heroes the Plimsouls, but Collins and Case both did time in seminal West Coast bands the Breakaways and the Nerves. The two are performing songs by the Plimsouls, the Beat, the Breakaways, and the Nerves, Subaction Showcomments Cialis Start From Older.

Here is a chance to see two of rock 'n' roll's finest songwriters performing some classics of underground pop. What are the chances that you'll ever get to hear "Don't Wait Up For Me, 500mg Subaction Showcomments Cialis Start From Older," "Hanging On the Telephone," and "A Million Miles Away" in the same set, much less by the original performers. 200mg Subaction Showcomments Cialis Start From Older, A complete list of tour dates is right here.

cover-plimsouls-beach-townAdditionally, there's a new live album from the Plimsouls out now on Alive, entitled Beach Town Confidential. Recorded at The Golden Bear in Huntington Beach, Subaction Showcomments Cialis Start From Older japan, CA on August 13, 1983, this is the Plimsouls' third live release, Subaction Showcomments Cialis Start From Older ebay, following 1988's One Night In America and 2010's Live. Beg, Borrow & Steal.

If you buy it direct from the label, there's a version on pink vinyl, limited to a pressing of 200.

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Cipro On Line

cover-embos-sex-driveThe Embarrassment
"Patio Set" b/w "Sex Drive"
(Last Laugh Records)

The Embarrassment Cipro On Line, 's debut single has been out of print for decades now, and copies regularly fetch well over a hundred bucks. The only way to hear what many consider to be the definitive Embos song, "Sex Drive," on vinyl for a decent price was to track down a copy of the Bloodstains Across the Midwest compilation. Even that compilation was just sourced from a copy of the single, however, 50mg Cipro On Line.

Then along comes Last Laugh Records, a Brooklyn-based reissue label, to save the day. Working with the original master tapes, 500mg Cipro On Line, they've put out one of the best reissues I've ever seen. The art is identical to the original, save for a Last Laugh mailing address on the back, Cipro On Line. The labels have been duped to look like the originals, as well, with Big Time changed to Last Laugh. The sleeve's a paste-together cardboard one, as well - as opposed to the original's paper, Cipro On Line craiglist. An upgrade, if you will.

But who cares how it looks if it doesn't sound good. Cipro On Line, As previously stated, the Last Laugh folks were working with the original master tapes from the recordings, and it shows. This sounds like it was recorded yesterday, Cipro On Line ebay, and for those such as myself who've only ever heard these tracks on the Heyday CD collection, both songs are going to sound a little different.

"Sex Drive" has a rumble I've never noticed before - more depth, if you will. So does "Patio Set," but the larger, Cipro On Line australia, rounder sound is much more noticeable on "Sex Drive." On that cut, the guitar and bass placed at almost opposite ends of the mix, presenting a high/low differential completely free of any of the midtone muddiness encountered on the CD version.

This is an essential for any musical library, and I'd suggest you buy a copy before they're all gone.

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Can I Take Ginseng And Synthroid

spring_heeled_jack_usa_922969645_lAsbestos Records has their vinyl reissues of Spring Heeled Jack Can I Take Ginseng And Synthroid, 's two full-length LPs on sale. For the low, low price of $20, you get their debut, 250mg Can I Take Ginseng And Synthroid, Static World View (originally on Moon) and Songs From Suburbia (originally on Ignition). That saves you ten bucks. 200mg Can I Take Ginseng And Synthroid, You can grab those from the Asbestos webstore, as well as records from Bomb the Music Industry!, Andrew Jackson Jihad, the Arrogant Sons of Bitches, 1000mg Can I Take Ginseng And Synthroid, the Slackers, and more. 150mg Can I Take Ginseng And Synthroid, Ska fans, this is like heaven for you all.

The sale runs through Sunday, so hop on that right quick if you want to save, Can I Take Ginseng And Synthroid us.


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Side Effects Of Diflucan Pills

cover-electric-kissing-parties Side Effects Of Diflucan Pills, Despite dealing with a Kickstarter fundraiser that came down to the wire and a pressing plant issue (wherein one of the machines broke down, and the part required to fix it had to be ordered) that nearly derailed plans to have copies of the record at last month's reunion shows, Rocket Heart Records made it happen.

That's right: you can now own Ultimate Fakebook's Electric Kissing Parties on glorious 12-inch vinyl. It comes on either black or limited-edition red, Side Effects Of Diflucan Pills uk, and sounds fucking great. 10mg Side Effects Of Diflucan Pills, I picked up my copy directly from Taylor at Rocket Heart headquarters this past Saturday, and it's gotten blasted on the stereo quite a bit down here in the basement. It's mastered nice and full, 100mg Side Effects Of Diflucan Pills, and the sonic quality is just monster. Side Effects Of Diflucan Pills craiglist, It took a lot of time and effort to get this done, and it shows.

You should go purchase the LP directly from the Rocket Heart store for $15 (if you want red, Side Effects Of Diflucan Pills ebay, you might want to hurry - they're almost sold out). The more of these that get sold, the closer we are to a vinyl release of This Will Be Laughing Week.

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Free Samples Of Cialis

cover-cutest-band Free Samples Of Cialis, OMGWTFBBQ!!!. No Way Records repressed Chronic Sick's classic self-titled 7-inch EP (aka the "Reagan Bands" single), as well as their 12-inch EP Cutest Band In Hardcore. Now, 150mg Free Samples Of Cialis, you can have a copy of some of the more essential lost classics of hardcore in your hands without having to pay hundreds of dollars for an original (even the bootlegs went for 50 or 60 bucks).

Of course, 1000mg Free Samples Of Cialis, you've been able to download them via Killed By Death's website for a couple years now. Take a listen right effing now to the self-titled EP and Cutest Band In Hardcore and then go buy them from the No Way webstore.

Give them some time to get it to you, however:

When ordering, 200mg Free Samples Of Cialis, remember we are a 2 person operation that is run while our record store is open. We get stuff done as FAST as we can, 20mg Free Samples Of Cialis, but PLEASE give your order at least 2 weeks to ship before you email us. We’re swamped.

And think, if you spend money with No Way, then they'll make money and put out that new Night Birds EP, Free Samples Of Cialis ebay, Midnight Movies, that much sooner.

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