The One After: Reel Big Fish — Why Do They Rock So Hard?

The One After: Reel Big Fish — Why Do They Rock So Hard?

The One After: Reel Big Fish — Why Do They Rock So Hard?

The One After is a feature in which Modern Vinyl writers take on the album AFTER the peak. In other words, what did a band do to follow up their greatest record? How do you follow up “Blonde On Blonde?” What about “London Calling?” Did the artist build off their success, recoil from it, or land somewhere in between?


Less Than Jake and Reel Big Fish at the Granada

The Granada, Lawrence
Friday, January 16

Something about pairing the twin titans of ska-punk brought out every 30-something in Lawrence Friday night. Also, their kids. Hell, even my kid was there with his roommate. It seemed like the in place to be. And why not, really? While it’s a legitimate argument that neither Less Than Jake nor Reel Big Fish have put out a good album in the last decade, the energy and fun of their live shows is undeniable.
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MU330’s Dan Potthast on solo tours & more

Dan Potthast is perhaps best known as the frontman for St. Louis’ finest circus-ska purveyors, MU330. In the years since that band took an unofficial hiatus, he’s performed solo and with the Stitch Up. Most recently, Potthast performed and recorded with the more traditional ska outfit Dan P. & the Bricks, which features members of Slow Gherkin. He’s getting ready to go on a tour with Reel Big Fish and Pilfers which starts January 5 at the House of Blues Downtown Disney in Anaheim, California. In advance of his six weeks on the road, Potthast was cool enough to answer some questions via e-mail about touring as a solo act, and the inherent differences between that and his usual band gigs.
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Reel Big Fish / Aquabats contest winners

flyer-rbf-aquabatsCongratulations to the winners of our Reel Big Fish / Aquabats contest. Laura Hancock and Taylor Thompson have each won a pair of tickets to the show at Kansas City’s Beaumont Club this Friday, November 12.

Interesting side note: Taylor’s the other half of Rocket Heart Records (we interviewed Colby Blanton a few weeks back).

For those of you who didn’t win, you can still buy tickets via Ticketmaster to the all-ages show. Thanks again to Velocity Marketing for the tickets.

Win tickets to Reel Big Fish & the Aquabats at the Beaumont

flyer-rbf-aquabatsA battle of the ’90s ska titans takes place at the Beaumont Club on Friday, November 12, when Reel Big Fish and the Aquabats bring their co-headlining tour to Kansas City. Expect to see a pretty diverse crowd at this one. I imagine the Aquabats may end up being the bigger draw, thanks to MC Bat Commander having a direct line to a billion parents with Yo Gabba Gabba and all. If you want to get your skankin’ shoes on for free, we’ve got two pairs of tickets to the all-ages show.

Now, being as how these are actual, physical tickets we have — and due to the limited (i.e., non-existent) budget here at Rock Star Journalist — you have to be able to pick these tickets up from me. There isn’t going to be any mailing out of prizes. However, if you can cope with that, all you need to do to enter is send an e-mail to nicholas dot spacek at gmail dot com by 5:00 p.m. Monday, November 8. We’ll announce the winners the following morning.

Thanks to Velocity Marketing for the tickets. You can find more information about the show (including a link to buy tickets) at the Beaumont Club’s website.
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