Black Friday Record Store Day roundups

KC's record shops were a busy delight Friday morning and afternoon. The Black Friday installment of Record Store Day might not inspire the sort of fervent capitalistic enthusiasm of its better-known April counterpart, but this particular cold gray morning seemed to keep people at home drinking coffee a little longer than usual.
Read a round-up of the goings-on at various KC record shops at the Pitch. Published 11/28/16 Music_GrislyHandCREDITPaulAndrews2016.583481b20a62e
With Black Friday just around the corner, we know you’ll find yourself beginning to seek out cool and interesting gifts for friends and family. Rather than buying another iTunes gift card for that stocking stuffer, we suggest you head out to one of the many excellent local record shops to buy an actual physical release from a local act. Whether it’s a benefit album, pop, metal, or lo-fi punk, there should be something for all tastes in this roundup of the latest local releases.
Read a round-up of the best local releases to snag on Black Friday, also at the Pitch. Published 11/22/16

Graham Jones’ “Last Shop Standing” a friendly tour of the UK record shops

book cover - last shop standingGraham Jones, the man behind Proper Records -- makers of some of my favorite box sets and compilations -- has the sixth edition of his Last Shop Standing coming out just in time for this year's Record Store Day. It's appropriate, as last year, the documentary based on the book was the official RSD movie. The book is combination memoir and tour of the record shops of the UK. It's like taking a tour with your favorite uncle, as he introduces you to all his pals and shares their best stories. Granted, the story-telling is pretty bog-standard: there's a bit of a sense that these stories are much funnier in person. Readers outside the UK are going to need Wikipedia up on their computer or mobile as they're reading this, because the references to minor hitmakers and the like begin to confuse after a bit. If you know who Cliff Richard is, you've got a leg up on most readers, but for others, you're adrift in a sea of obscure artists who've never been played on American airwaves. I assume they're all essentially the overseas versions of Mike and the Mechanics or Loverboy. Now, what's depressing is that -- if you've seen the film -- then you know that several of the stores Jones posits as being one of the titular last shops standing have actually closed since the first edition of this book came out. Just digging through the index of American stores, I can see several from my neck of the woods which have gone under. However, what's heartening is the fact that the new edition of the book will feature a chapter on new record shops which have opened since the book came out in 2009. Jones asked each shop owner exactly one question: "Why did you open a record shop?" The answers are enlightening, as you see that many folks felt a need to feel a vacancy left by the closing of a chain store and wanted to offer something to their community. Of course, many do admit that it's a tie in to an obsession (one owner's response is simply "Because I am mad"), but they all have their heart in the right place, and a general sense of wanting to give something to their computer, as well as supporting "a terrible habit that simply won't go away." A delightfully fun book, and well worth getting if you enjoy digging through the bins on the regular. It made me want to hop a transatlantic flight as soon as possible, then just spend a good amount of time following Jones' journey across the country from shop to shop. He makes these people seem warm, personable, and you really get a sense of each shop and shop-owner's personality.

Lemuria’s Alex Kerns on their forthcoming LP, recording with J. Robbins, and more

lemurialowres Buffalo trio Lemuria have been purveying a strain of rocking indie pop for almost a decade now. With a slew of singles behind them, it's surprising that they've only recently finished recording their third full-length. As yet untitled, the LP will be released later this year on Bridge 9 Records, following their second, Pebbles (also on Bridge 9) and their debut, Get Better, on Asian Man. We harrassed the hell out of drummer and vocalist Alex Kerns via Twitter and e-mail, and he was surprisingly willing to answer some questions for us. lemuria secretYou've released both a "surprise" package and two holiday bundles in the past year. What's the impetus behind all of these projects? We have always wanted to release the surprise LP, which isn't really a surprise anymore ... it's the first 5 songs we recorded for our 2004 Demo. It was only a CD-R, and we like to always have our music available in a vinyl format. We sort of timed it's release in the middle of a year where we hadn't really put out too much music because we were in the process of writing and recording our new album. For the past few years we have always done a valentine and holiday bundle. It just helps cover expenses when we aren't on tour and I run a record label called Art of the Underground along with a screen printing shop called Argybargy Printing, so I have all the supplies at our disposal to do random fun things with our merch store. I'm assuming it's tied to Argybargy Printing, but how so, exactly? Everything from t-shirts, stickers, buttons, patches, posters and vinyl b-side printed records we through Argybargy which is a small print shop I run out of my garage with my business partner Biff who is also in a slew of bands like Brown Sugar, I Object and Plates. Lemuria's release schedule is rather regular -- an LP every three years or so, with singles and splits in between. Is this an intentional thing, or just happenstance? Sort of both. A part of it is just our natural speed of producing new music. But we have also become aware of our pacing and we make sure to be mindful that we aren't releasing anything too close to one another. We like to leave a good chunk of time in between full length albums so that we have new experiences to write about and also time to get a good dose of touring in on each release. Regarding singles: I know that the tracks for last year's Record Store Day single, "Varoom Allure," were recorded specifically for that purpose, but is it always that way, or are some of the tracks leftovers? With that record we went in and had two brand new songs we wanted to record specific to that release, and that goes the same for all the split 7"s and EP's that we have released. We entered the studios with our purpose in mind. But the Chautauqua County 7" and the first single 7" that comes out for our new album the b-sides are extra tracks that we recorded during that album sessions and liked enough to release, but they did not flow right to actually fit in the midst of the rest of the songs. One of my favorite artists Tom Waits described these tracks perfectly, he calls these type of songs "Orphans". lemuria_highres1232 copyYou headed into the studio with J. Robbins for the second time. What led the band to work with him again? We like building relationships with engineers. We recorded our 2004 Demo and Get Better with Doug White at Watchmen Studios in Lockport, NY. If you listen to the quality in the recordings of those two records back to back you can hear how a band/producer relationship can build. The same goes with J Robbins, we now have recorded Pebble, the Varoom Allure 7" and our new album which will be titled very shortly. Each experience has grown sonically. When I've spoken with other bands about recording with Robbins, they've described the process of working with him as "full-on involved and active, trying to make the best record he can." Was that the case for Lemuria? Definitely. He really cares about what he produces and at the same time cares about what the band wants and he makes sure to really understand where we are coming from. Is there a particular sonic direction you set as you began recording? We actually have about twice the amount of time we had to record this album than we did the last, so we are definitely going to really go all out and experiment with mic placements and many other things that we have never had time for in the past. I also set up two different drum kits, one in a big open room and one in a more dead room, and I'm using different snares and cymbals throughout the album so that they compliment the songs nicely and also so when you listen to the album your ears don't really adjust to the tones and lose sensitivity to them and each track sounds fresh to the ears, but of course still mixed and mastered to all be cohesive. aotulogoAs a band, you're relentlessly involved with your fans. Twitter, Facebook -- even your Art of the Underground label can be seen as this connection to directly deliver information, as well as musical entertainment. How has this developed, or is it just another facet of making music these days? It is why we do the band. A lot of the people that I would consider my best friends in this world I met through Lemuria or Art of the Underground. We are continuing to make friends and find out about great new bands by staying involved and running things at somewhat of a grassroots volume. Lemuria has made the transition from a label the band started (AOTU) to a small indie (Asian Man) to a bigger indie (Bridge 9). Do you see yourselves ever making that next step up, or are you content with where you are? We definitely are going to do a couple more releases with Bridge 9 because they are really perfect for us right now. Asian Man is also an incredible label. We have put out 7"s and splits on labels like No Idea, Suburban Home, Hex, Salinas, and many others and that is fun for us because it's cool to be involved with labels that we love and respect and it also helps to expose the band to people who may not have ever heard us otherwise. I'm not sure what the next thing is for Lemuria, but we wouldn't ever work with a label that would jeopardize our control of the music. Lemuria will soon be announcing spring and summer tour dates, along with a title and release date for their third LP. Catch the band online via their website and on Facebook.

Death Waltz Records announces their Record Store Day releases

Death-WaltzSome of you may have recently become acquainted with the UK's Death Waltz Records via their profile in Spin. Well, the fine purveyors of horror and sci-fi vinyl announced their releases for Record Store Day 2013. They're fucking choice. While the soundtracks to Horror Business and the short film Yellow will have a lot of the folks out there most excited, I'm pretty jazzed about the series of three split 7-inches of TV themes. There's Star Trek / Lost In Space on black and glitter vinyl, The Twilight Zone / The Outer Limits on clear and black vinyl, and Alfred Hitchcock Presents / The Munsters on white and black vinyl. They're all in exlusive Death Waltz die cut retro disco bag sleeves (300gsm card with matte varnish and black paper inner sleeve), include a free 7 x 7 artprint, and are limited to a one-time pressing of 1000. WANT. HARD. Somebody in the UK needs to figure out a way to get me one of each, please. Check the art below. [gallery ids="16322,16323,16324"]

Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics

rsd-2012 Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics, Obviously, I have too much free time, because after I got done going for a walk on Saturday afternoon, I came home and worked my way through a bunch of beer while I listened to all of my Record Store Day acquisitions. This marks the first year I didn't have the day off, so I stayed in Lawrence and grabbed what I could after I got off work. Here are my increasingly honest and incomprehensible live rankings of what I purchased.

100_1832Mastodon / Feist - Feistodon Fuck. For all the hype, and all the difficulty people were having tracking it down, I didn't figure on there being any copies left when I got to Love Garden at noon. They had plenty of copies, even then, Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics. It's boring as shit, and I regret spending $8 on it. Neither side brings anything interesting to the other act's tune. I would've preferred they teamed up on two original songs. Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics uk, That would've been cool. Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics, As it is, I'm seeing if anyone's interested in taking it off my hands.

100_1833The Hives - "Go Right Ahead" b/w "1000 Answers" "Go Right Ahead" sounds just as much like Electric Light Orchestra's "Don't Bring Me Down" as it did the first time I heard it a few weeks ago, but who fucking cares. "Idiot Walk" sounded like the Who's "Can't Explain" and it rocked socks, and so does this. The Hives know how to rip somebody off, that's for damned sure. The b-side is even better. It sounds like vintage, Barely Legal-era Hives, Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics. Hell yes.

100_1834Bronx - Live Split release between the Bronx and their mariachi alter-egos. Basically a way to promote new releases from both, but no biggie. It sounds fucking great, 1000mg Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics. Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics, The Mariachi El Bronx side is a little clean. I was hoping it would be a little dirtier, but the Bronx side does that just fine. "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" is a Hanoi Rocks cover. Seriously. It's even got Michael Monroe on vocals. Does that count as a cover if the original singer does it, Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics. Whatever. First record to be on colored vinyl. Pretty fantastic splatter.

100_1835Lydia Loveless - "Bad Way to Go" b/w "Alison" Why the hell haven't I bought Lydia Loveless' Bloodshot debut yet. Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics, It came out last year, I interviewed her about it, and I've got a copy of her independently-released debut, which I adore. She covers the Replacements and Loretta Lynn live, and she's a completely, Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics ebay, cavalierly candid person both on stage and on the phone when she's being interviewed. "Bad Way to Go" makes me feel like a terrible person for not picking up Indestructible Machine, it's so fucking good. Clarion vocals over a down-home, raucous ramble through the brambles. Her take on Elvis Costello's "Alison" has a vulnerable quaver that made me tear up a touch.

100_1836Various Artists - Trouble In Mind Record Store Day 2012 4-Way split These splits are kinda pricey ($10 for a 7-inch) because of licensing rights, but it always ends up being worth the money, Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics. Mikal Cronin's take on the Banana Splits' tune is cute, and I'm being more and more won over by his stuff the more I hear it. Apache Dropouts doing Nilsson wins because ... well, it's Nilsson. You're never going wrong having poppy garage acts cover amazing '70s singer-songwriters. Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics, It gets freaky near the end, too. Hackles will raise in astonishment, Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics paypal. The Paperhead and Limiñanas go psychedelically crazy on the flipside.

100_1837Pujol - "Reverse Vampire" b/w "Psychic Pain" (home demo) Put out the goddamned LP already. The Nasty, Brutish, And Short 10-inch EP last year, and now an RSD single. Saddle Creek needs to stop teasing (and taking my money), Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics. By the time the full-length comes out this summer, I'll be so tired of dropping cash on pujol albums, it'll get skipped. Pretty brownish-red clear marble vinyl, although -- word to the wise, Beg For Your Prozac Lyrics us, here -- when you press 1000, it's not limited. That's just a "pressing." The music's fucking great, though, of course. New wave meets power-pop garage. It's timeless, reminding me of so many different rock 'n' roll era all at once.

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Side Effects Of Amoxicillin

Indie-popsters Lemuria have been tweeting Side Effects Of Amoxicillin, about their recent recording session with producer J. Robbins, and it seems that the songs tracked last week will see release on April 21, as a Record Store Day 7-inch, 10mg Side Effects Of Amoxicillin. The two-song single, entitled "Varoom Allure, Side Effects Of Amoxicillin paypal, " comes out via the band's label, Bridge 9. Says drummer Alex Kerns, "We are very excited about them, 150mg Side Effects Of Amoxicillin, I think they are the two best songs we have ever written and recorded."

Honestly, I'm happy that the trio's next release will be a 7-inch. 200mg Side Effects Of Amoxicillin, Their best tunes as of late ("Ozzy," "Chautauqua County," "Lemons") have all been on singles, whereas the full-lengths tend to drag a bit, Side Effects Of Amoxicillin ebay. I'm hoping for a short, punchy, pop blast. Robbins' production on the Rooftop Vigilantes' Real Pony Glue makes me think that he could give Lemuria a slight edge they've been sorely lacking.

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Cheap Flagyl No Prescriptions Overnight

recordstoreday2009 Cheap Flagyl No Prescriptions Overnight, Many of the songs in this week's podcast come from either Record Store Day releases or releases found on Record Store Day while hitting up various and diverse stores in the Kansas City and Lawrence areas. Much love to Vinyl Renaissance's new store on 39th Street in KCMO, as well as the store down the street, Zebedee's RPM, for providing scads of entertainment and helping me to find some much-wanted releases. Love Garden Sounds in Lawrence ought to go without saying, 50mg Cheap Flagyl No Prescriptions Overnight, as it is my hometown record shop, but I always plugs it when I can.

Hopefully, this week's podcast ends up entertaining you as much as it did me. These new tracks certainly manage to provide a diverse cross section of rock 'n' roll.

Oh, and last-minute update: this marks the one-year anniversary of the podcast, Cheap Flagyl No Prescriptions Overnight. The first episode was posted on April 15, 2010, Cheap Flagyl No Prescriptions Overnight australia. This means we've had 44 episodes, which is pretty damned good for something ran on beer, caffeine, and sheer willpower out of a basement in Kansas. Yay us. 40mg Cheap Flagyl No Prescriptions Overnight, Podcast #44, "Day of the Record Stores"

Gloryholes, "Give It A Rest" (split with Fliptops)
Iggy & the Stooges, "Search and Destroy" ("Search and Destroy" single)
Chrome Chranks, "Lost Time Blues" ("Lost Time Blues" single)
Superchunk, "Horror Business" (split with Coliseum)
Husker Du, "Don't Want to Know If You Are Lonely" (split with Green Day)
Generation X, 750mg Cheap Flagyl No Prescriptions Overnight, "Your Generation" (Generation X)
All Systems Stop, "We Don't Belong" (split with Big Bad Bollocks)
Sex Advice, "This Practice Space Smells Like Cocaine" (split with Shang-A-Lang)
Off!, "Rat Trap" (Live at Generation Records)
Burn, "Godhead" (Burn)
Fucked Up, Cheap Flagyl No Prescriptions Overnight usa, "The Black Hats" ("Year of the Pig" single)
Youth of Today, "Disengage" (Youth of Today)
the Breakups, "My Cousin's Got the Big Ones" (The Songs May Last A Minute and a Half...)
Piebald, "The Monkey Verse The Robot" (We Are the Only Friends That We Have)
the Go-Gos, "Head Over Heels" (Talk Show).

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