Vinyl Review: Detto Mariano & Dallaglio — La Principessa Nuda OST

Vinyl Review: Detto Mariano & Dallaglio -- La Principessa Nuda OST

Forty years after its debut, Stella Edizioni Musicali — one of the many sub-labels of Berlin’s Private Records — has unearthed another gem of a score by Italian composer Detto Mariano. This one’s for the soft-core international intrigue film, La Principessa Nuda, aka Black Magic.  The score features music by both Mariano and Dallaglio — also known as Gianni Dall’Aglio — who played together in the early half of the ‘70s as part of the Rebels, an Italian beat combo, with Mariano on keys and Dallaglio on drums.


Vinyl Review: Recht Herzlich — Hab Mut Zu Deinen Lüsten

Vinyl Review: Recht Herzlich -- Hab Mut Zu Deinen Lüsten

Hab Mut Zu Deinen Lüsten is an album of which I’d never heard before Jay at Private Records announced it, but after five minutes poking around on YouTube, I was chomping at the bit for it to arrive in the mail. This is definitely a product of the early ‘80s — fans of the Human League, et al, will find a lot to like in Recht Herzlich’s synth work.


Review of the L’assassino E Ancora Tra Noi soundtrack at Starburst Magazine

When the concept of a ‘film sonoro’ was introduced on last year’s release of Detto Mariano’s score for the Rambo knock-off, Striker, it turned out pretty well, creating a fun ambience of action pieces sprinkled throughout, but it doesn’t work quite as well here. The best thing Private Records’ imprint Stella Edizioni Musicali could have done with this release of Detto Mariano’s score for the 1986 giallo, Firenze! L'assassino E Ancora Tra Noi, was make it a double LP.
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Review of Rene Riche & Her Cosmic Band’s ‘Love In Space’ at Modern Vinyl

Space disco is almost always the name of the game with Private Records’ releases, and Rene Riche and Her Cosmic Band’s Love In Space already leans heavy in the name of both the performer and release — to say nothing of the cover art. So, one oughtn’t be too terribly surprised at what comes out of the speakers.
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Review of the ‘Computered Love’ compilation at Modern Vinyl

computered love cover
The compilations released by Private Records are a solid deep dive into the early electronic dance music and disco of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s Europe. Many of the cuts on their latest, Computered Love, chart a different course than what the label’s best known for though, which is a sort of space disco.
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Review of Michael Bundt and Peter Seiler’s “Dreamdancer” score at Films On Wax

"Is Michael Bundt and Peter Seiler’s previously-unreleased score for Dreamdancer as fully depraved as one would expect a pornographic film? Kind of. There’s a lot of light funk, here, like opening cut “Funky Phill,” as well as the track that opens side 2, “Beach Dreams,” both of which would be appropriate for hold music at your local dentists, were it not for the moaning-inflected lyrics intoning,”I’m ready” on the former, and “Come and take me” and “Love me,” on the latter…"
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