Preview Mark Evans’ new memoir, “Dirty Deeds”

book-cover-dirty-deedsBazillion Points – they of the ridiculous thorough and obscenely thick rock ‘n’ roll tomes – have another release on the horizon. Dirty Deeds: My Life Inside/Outside of AC/DC, by former bassist Mark Evans, is due out from the rock press in November, but you can read the intro right now, as well as a glimpse of the title page and whatnot.

It’s a clever little story that sums up life on the road with Bon Scott, and whets your appetite for what appears to be another salaciously ribald memoir of life in a rock-roll band. You can pre-order the book directly from Bazillion Points, and in addition to free shipping, you get a free Dirty Deeds badge. Do so here, if you’re so inclined.

Grab the preview in PDF, courtesy of AC/DC Collector.

Preview the new Organs 7-inch from Killer Diller

cover-organsOver at Killer Diller‘s website, you can preview their forthcoming 7-inch from New York’s Organs. The vinyl’s entitled Get It Right, and is a four-song slab o’ wax sure to blow out your speakers.

The label’s saying the the release comes as a “rad record pack,” and if the details are to be believed, that is indeed the case. You’ve got the four-song record, which not only comes with a download card, but a frickin’ one-song flexi disc with a bonus track. That’s swankness right there, kids. It should be available later this month.