Colchicine Iv

lemuriaBuffalo's finest indie-poppers Lemuria Colchicine Iv, announced very early this morning that, in addition to their sophomore LP for Birdge 9 later this year, they'll be releasing a "surprise" one-sided 12-inch exclusively through their website. Details:

The contents are a secret. But you will get a limited Lemuria 12" that is ONLY available through this sale, 500mg Colchicine Iv. Featuring material never released on vinyl before. Colchicine Iv craiglist, If you enjoyed the sights of the Varoom Allure 7", this will be similar with a screen printed B-side by Argybargy Printing. It's going to look awesome, 250mg Colchicine Iv. Each 12" will be personalized to you.

The 12-inch is available as a small bundle or big bundle, Colchicine Iv overseas, with "other exclusive items that you will only be able to receive through this spring sale." If you get the big bundle, you get everything that's in the small one, plus "a limited edition T-shirt design." Get the small bundle for $15 or the big bundle for $30, Colchicine Iv japan. As Alex stated on the VC board, "This is a pre-order, don't expect it next week!".

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How To Safely Wean Off Prozac

cover-early-man How To Safely Wean Off Prozac, It should surprise no one that the first release on Mike Conte's new label, Demon Problems, is a split featuring his band, Early Man. The other act is "LA's impossibly loud hardcore/punk duo," It's Casual, 750mg How To Safely Wean Off Prozac.

Early Man contributes the song after which the label is named, How To Safely Wean Off Prozac craiglist, while It's Casual offers up "Suffering" and "Father To Me." It's a limited pressing of 1000 hand-numbered copies, with each side featuring a screened 7"x7" canvas patch. That's the Early Man side to your left, 200mg How To Safely Wean Off Prozac. It doesn't see release until May 22, How To Safely Wean Off Prozac australia, but you can pre-order it right now. Take a listen to all three songs streaming below.

, 20mg How To Safely Wean Off Prozac.

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Can Clomid Cause Birth Defects

book-cover-letters-to-kurtI really don't know what to think of the upcoming Letters to Kurt Can Clomid Cause Birth Defects, , by Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson. While it's understandable that the death of a friend can be a hard thing with which to cope, and understanding the why and wherefore of a suicide is a long-lasting issue for those left behind, this book seems cheap.

Technically, 1000mg Can Clomid Cause Birth Defects, the book itself doesn't seem cheap. Writing "an anguished, angry, 150mg Can Clomid Cause Birth Defects, and tender meditation on the octane and ether of rock and roll and its many moons: sex, drugs, suicide, fame, and rage" as an "an elegy for Kurt and the 'suicide idols' who tragically fail to find salvation in their amazing music" isn't cheap, Can Clomid Cause Birth Defects usa. It's a remarkably touching thing to eulogize a lost friend in any manner, be it poetry, prose, 750mg Can Clomid Cause Birth Defects, or song.

What does seem cheap, however, are the things being offered with the pre-order by Akashic Books. You can find a complete list of items on the pre-order page, Can Clomid Cause Birth Defects overseas, but what strikes me about the whole thing is that there's really no need to have autographed "Polaroid-style snapshot[s]." Taking a book that's supposedly a deeply emotional work and commercializing it in such a manner as this only serves to turn Letters to Kurt from a personal statement into a trivial one. Limited-edition extras and autographs make this less like a literary work and more like an exclusive for the members of the Katy Perry street team.

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Amoxil In Place Of Flagyl

poster-tucker-daleThe independent horror comedy Amoxil In Place Of Flagyl, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil is a flick I heard about almost two years ago, probably on Ain't It Cool or some other movie geek site. It was being touted by the writer as a wonderfully funny take on the horror genre, and something that breathed new life into the idea of the cabin in a woods slasher flick (a la Evil Dead, Cabin Fever, Hatchet, et al). Amoxil In Place Of Flagyl paypal, Well, it took ages for it to see any sort of release, with the film never quite finding a distributor. So, when a copy leaked to various BitTorrent sites, I snagged a version and watched it.

Holy hell, did it ever live up to the hype, Amoxil In Place Of Flagyl. The tone perfectly matched that of the films off of which Tucker & Dale was playing, but you're seeing them from the other side. It's seems overly simplistic to describe the movie as a role reversal, Amoxil In Place Of Flagyl ebay, where the ostensible villains of the piece the heroes, and vice versa, but that's pretty much the tenor of Tucker & Dale. The creepy backwoods rednecks are just two guys fixing up their vacation cabin on the lake, and the college kids are violent idiots bent on death.

You get a sense of what to expect with the various trailers and clips floating around online, but the sight gags and plays upon basic horror conventions are so well done, 750mg Amoxil In Place Of Flagyl, it seems a shame to mention any specifically. Amoxil In Place Of Flagyl, Suffice it to say that the deaths are inventive. Director Eli Craig does a marvelous job of using a change of camera angles and editing to show you how these deaths look from the side of the folks accused. These kids aren't being maliciously murdered - they're just clumsy idiots.

The more I see of Tyler Labine, the more I want to see of him. He was the real star of the CW series Reaper, and his small role in Rise of the Planet of the Apes was actually one of the more pivotal. He and Alan Tudyk do a marvelous job of carrying this film, along with Katrina Bowden, who once again proves herself an able comic actress, as well as eye candy (I'm not being sexist - she's cast as the babe in both this and 30 Rock, with the emphasis primarily on her looks, not her character's inner self), Amoxil In Place Of Flagyl.

While Tucker & Dale could've been played as full-on splatstick, there's a good amount of emotional pathos here, 200mg Amoxil In Place Of Flagyl, giving the characters of Tucker and Dale something more than misunderstood hillbillies. You end up rooting for the characters because Craig gives you someone to like in these guys. It's the slasher equivalent to Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz - a film that, while parodying a genre, is still a quality entry into said genre.

It's finally gotten an official release date, too, Amoxil In Place Of Flagyl india, meaning you can buy a copy on Blu-Ray and DVD on November 29 from Magnolia Pictures. I suggest any horror fan on your list get this for Christmas. I certainly wouldn't mind one myself.


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Yeast Infection Amoxicillin

cover-dawn-of-the-davesThe new EP from punk rock super-dudes Too Many Daves Yeast Infection Amoxicillin, is available. The group, to whom I recently got hipped thanks to the new issue of Jerk Store, Yeast Infection Amoxicillin craiglist, releases Dawn of the Daves on ADD Records on November 8. Yeast Infection Amoxicillin canada, The six-song EP comes with a digital download of the entire EP and the "Dudes Room" video, along with a 21 x 14 full-color fold-out cover poster. Dawn of the Daves is limited to a pressing of 1000, Yeast Infection Amoxicillin us, with 200 on clear red, 20mg Yeast Infection Amoxicillin, 200 on clear green, and 600 on black. Pre-order that sucker directly from ADD's store, Yeast Infection Amoxicillin uk, and grab the rest of their discography while you're at it. The split with Dude Jams is only $3.


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Diflucan Teeth Stain

cover-streetlight-lullabiesTomas Kalnoky is evidently now going by the name Toh Kay Diflucan Teeth Stain, (clever) for his debut solo release, Streetlight Dreams, from Pentimento Music Company. It seems like Kalnoky's non-Streetlight Manifesto output is entirely reworked material. His split with Mu330's Dan Potthast had him covering Potthast's solo work and that of Mu330, but as that was the intent of the project (Potthast covered Streelight Manifesto songs), 250mg Diflucan Teeth Stain, we'll give him a pass. However, 10mg Diflucan Teeth Stain, the Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution's A Call to Arms featured Catch 22's "Dear Sergio," with only three original songs.

However, the 99 Songs of Revolution project he recently started is dedicated wholly "on playing music that other musicians have written, Diflucan Teeth Stain coupon," meaning we've got quite a few cover songs to hear before we get something "new." Add into this the fact that Streetlight Dreams is going to be "a stripped down version of the songs you know," and it makes me wonder if Kalnoky's just turning into the ska-punk version of Kepi Ghoulie. 30mg Diflucan Teeth Stain, In other words, the both of them have recorded a slew of songs I love, but keep recording and re-recording them in different styles and formats, to the point where I just start to wonder if I'll ever hear anything new again, 40mg Diflucan Teeth Stain.

That being said, the pre-order for Streetlight Dreams is up now at the RISC store, as well as that for a single that features the Somewhere In the Between track "We Will Fall Together" and a cover of Bad Religion's "Hooray For Me." The album is due out November 22.

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Can Synthroid Be Taken At Night

cover-video Can Synthroid Be Taken At Night, Denton, Texas' Video features members of that city's finest garage rockers. Folks from Bad Sports, Wax Museums, Wiccans, Can Synthroid Be Taken At Night paypal, and more form to make Video, a band that sounds absolutely nothing like any of its progenitors. The press release describes the band as taking its sound from such diverse influences as Chrome, Alice Cooper, and Hawkwind, Can Synthroid Be Taken At Night australia, and damned if that isn't accurate.

The vocals bring to mind vintage Alice Cooper, and that super-clean, Can Synthroid Be Taken At Night india, super-stripped rhythm section definitely apes Chrome, and the whole epic psych-rock thing. Hawkwind, to a T. This is the sort of band that you put on for other people, and they respond with, "Whoa, Can Synthroid Be Taken At Night. Who's this?" Pre-order for their debut LP, Can Synthroid Be Taken At Night canada, Leather Leather, is available now from Play Pinball Records. The first pressing of 500 comes in custom die-cut sleeves. 1000mg Can Synthroid Be Taken At Night, Check out the pre-order page to see how sweet they look.

Video - Red Pills by playpinballrecords

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Non-generic Diflucan Without A Prescription

cover-saturdays-gone-wildWe did an interview with Cheap Rewards Non-generic Diflucan Without A Prescription, ' Mike Hooker on the podcast a few months back, and he talked about the various difficulties in setting up a reissue label. Well, all the hurdles have been cleared, and yesterday, he announced the label's first release via the Rockaround Records e-mail list:

"Riddled with delays and over six months past our expected release date, 200mg Non-generic Diflucan Without A Prescription, we're very happy to announce Saturdays Gone Wild, a collection of rare and lost recordings by The Reactions from Miami, FL. The LP not only collects the songs from the band's two sought after 7" EP's, 1980's Official Release and 1981's Love You, it also features unreleased demo and live material that captures the essence of the band's sound and energy, Non-generic Diflucan Without A Prescription australia. Culled from the only known source tapes, which have been deteriorating for the past 30 years, Dave from Lucky Lacquers spent an incalculable amount of hours meticulously restoring these lost recordings.

The records will be packaged in a deluxe gatefold cover with band photos and liner notes written by South Florida legend, Non-generic Diflucan Without A Prescription ebay, Charlie Pickett. There will be 100 copies on red vinyl and 400 on black, Non-generic Diflucan Without A Prescription. Free digital download cards are included with every copy. The test pressings have been approved so we are just waiting on delivery from the pressing plant. In the meantime, we are accepting pre-orders if you'd like to reserve your copy. As an incentive, Non-generic Diflucan Without A Prescription japan, all pre-orders will come with a bonus item. We estimate being able to ship in about a month."

Pre-orders can be placed at the Cheap Rewards Records website. Red runs $15, black runs $14. 500mg Non-generic Diflucan Without A Prescription, You can stream the entire album below, as well as purchase it digitally.

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Flagyl And Sun

(Robotic Empire)
Flagyl And Sun, For those not in the know, PG.99 were a strange case of crossover. While that usually refers to the metal/hardcore hybrid, in their case, it was more of a strange cross between grindcore and hardcore.

While not operating entirely in the grind realm of cookie monster vocals, Flagyl And Sun us, yet still dirtying things up just enough to keep the crusty kids interested, PG.99 were an interesting band that really defied description.

They were able to rip shit up with some strange time signatures. Case in point: "A Chronic Case of..." ebbs and flows with anger and frustration, and the bass line rumbles along like a forgotten Helmet song. However, they were still able to flat-out punk it up with a cover of Filth's "The List." You can hear elements of everything that's come to pass these days in PG.99's music from a decade ago, Flagyl And Sun.

With melodic guitar leads jammed alongside d-beat riffage and vocals that shred throats like razor blades given dulcet indie counterpoints, Flagyl And Sun coupon, it's as if they foresaw what was on its way, and wanted to make it all seem like a crappy seventh-generation cassette dub in comparison.

This is a remastered vinyl reissue of a CD compilation of out-of-print vinyl singles and demos. Got that. 250mg Flagyl And Sun, Robotic Empire is reissuing this 2003 Reptilian Records CD on LP in time for PG.99's reunion in August. Those shows are at Best Friends Day in Richmond, VA, on August 19, and at the Black Cat in Washington, D.C., 100mg Flagyl And Sun, on August 27.

You can pre-order Singles from their store on black, blue, or green vinyl (go to the second page). 40mg Flagyl And Sun, Black's limited to 600, and the blue and green are limited to 200 each.


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Prozac And Adderall

cover-domesplitter Prozac And Adderall, Direct Hit.
(Kind Of Like Records)

Here and there, I've been hearing about Direct Hit!. They're a pop-punk band on a small label, meaning somebody in the group posts to the Pop Punk Bored, but as with most acts that only release stuff digitally, I found it hard to get excited. Occasionally, a band like Mixtapes or somebody will manage to intrigue me enough to download, 1000mg Prozac And Adderall, unzip, and load into iTunes, but most bands get passed by. However, because of Mixtapes, I finally heard Direct Hit!, since both bands' first physical release was a split 7" on Kind Of Like Records. I was more impressed by Mixtapes' songs, but Direct Hit, Prozac And Adderall. Prozac And Adderall overseas, managed to interest me enough to keep an ear out.

Well, here we are with their debut LP, Domesplitter, and it's not exactly all-new material, but it's not a compilation, either. If you've been a long-time fan of the band, you've already heard all of these songs on past digital releases, 750mg Prozac And Adderall. However, all of these tunes have been beefed up, re-recorded, and even in digital promo form, bust out of my speakers. Prozac And Adderall, The band's pop-punk is faster than most, and the vocals aren't so much sang as shouted in chorus by everyone near a microphone. It's a wall of sound not unlike seeing a band play about ten inches from your face - so much so, in fact, 50mg Prozac And Adderall, that I keep expecting to have to wipe saliva off my glasses in between songs. The keyboard adds a lot to the songs, as well. It's difficult to pinpoint where it is in each song, but it rounds out Direct Hit!'s music, giving Domesplitter something more than just verse-chorus-verse punk rock.

If you pre-order from Kind Of Like's webstore, you can get part of the first pressing of 250 black or 250 red/white marble (also known as "meat-colored"), along with a t-shirt, Prozac And Adderall uk.


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