Acid Mothers Temple and Space Paranoid, “Black Magic Satori” LP

cover - acid mothers temple black magic satoriAcid Mothers Temple and Space Paranoid is the latest, umpteenth version of the Japanese psychedelic rock collective, and on this go-'round, Black Magic Satori, it's less psych and more doom. I mean, seriously: DOOOOOOOOOOOOM! No, but really: there's some super down-tempo Black Sabbath love on this LP -- "Black Sabbth" the song, specifically, right down to the ringing bell. On the title track, "Black Magic Satori," Acid Mothers Temple and Space Paranoid takes the sound out of the grave and into outer space, courtesy of Higashi Hiroshi's madman synths. The same goes for the chooglin', Goblin-esque progressive boogie of "Devil Inside." It's freaky, freaky shit that's hypnotic, yet terribly panic-inducing doom at its most accurate. You get goddamned uncomfortable listening to this record. [embed][/embed] The lone exception is "Space Paranoid" itself, a disposable and not-terribly-interesting legitimate cover of Black Sabbath's "Paranoid." Strangely enough, Acid Mothers Temple actually covering Sabbath isn't nearly as interesting as their interpretation of it. It's a 12-inch vinyl LP, limited to a pressing of 500.It's not due out until mid-November, but you can pre-order it now from the Safety Meeting Badcamp.

Listen to Wake, right now

In rare thing, we're just going to tell you to go listen to this EP from Richmond's Wake. We got the e-mail announcing the impending vinyl release of the self-titled 7-inch yesterday, and promptly started listening. It's snotty hardcore, and while Rival Mob might be the big new in terms of hardcore releases this week, take a moment (quite literally, less than ten minutes) to listen to Wake. It's almost better than a big cup of coffee to wake you up and get you moving. It kicks off with thirty seconds of gang vocals, so get your fist-pumping and finger-pointing skills up to snuff before you click play. The vinyl is so newly-announced, Glass Nail Records doesn't even know the colors yet. It'll be out in July, though, and you can pre-order that sucker through the Glass Nail store. How's that for being on the bleeding edge of news?

“Till Death” a gory Valentine’s Day card

book cover - till deathThe upcoming release of Till Death... A Guide to Love and Loss is sure to be a big deal for fans of New Years Day and its frontwoman, Ash Costello, as well as Kriz DK of the Genitorturers and Deadstar Assembly. It's a wonderfully shot series of photographs by Jeremy Saffer, and the concept is that it "shows what it might be like to date a Gothic matriarch, like Morticia, Elvira, Lily, etc. prior to them meeting their Gomez or Herman." It's a 70-page, full-color hardcover, with the images within hewing to "Addams/Tales From The Crypt" sense of humor. Essentially, that means some very cheesy (cheap Valentine's Day level, really) visual puns, coupled with some excruciatingly gory imagery. Till Death is a well-shot book. This photographs are an exercise in contrast. With so much of the coloring variants on the mortician's pallett -- grays, blacks, charcoal, etc. -- accentuated only with Costello's hair and lipstick or Kriz's "blood," these pictures could easily have been washed-out messes. Instead, the images are vibrant and nuanced, allowing even the tiniest details to come through. w6 Sadly, the jokes and posing are nowhere up to the level set by Saffer's pictures. The jokes are hokey: "He's crazy for me!" while Kriz is trying to get out of a straight jacket; "I only have eyes for you" while Costello pulls Kriz's eye out ... the makeup is astonishing. Were it not so well-lit, Till Death could almost function as a full-color version of Death Scenes with its commitment to viscera. Still -- the jokes are terrible, the poses Costello strikes are a little Facebook at times, and it's just ... unsubtle. The whole thing is far too wink-wink-elbow-in-the-ribs to be really clever, and these are the sorts of things which will be lucky to get more than a subtle smirk. While it's a nice thing to look at, the price tag ensures the only people picking this up will have more money than taste. You can, if so inclined, purchase the book from Saffer's webstore, with an astonishing array of pre-order options ranging from prints to autographs.

Kid Congo Powers & the Pink Monkey Birds, “Conjure Man”

cover - kid congo conjure manThe latest single from psychedelic rockers Kid Congo Powers & the Pink Monkey Birds won't be released until January 22 via In the Red, but you can listen to to the a-side, "Conjure Man," right now via Soundcloud. The b-side has "a deranged cover of an old Seeds tune," "Lose Your Mind," according to the press release. Both tracks are exclusive to this 7-inch, and won't appear on Haunted Head, the next long-player from the former member of the Bad Seeds, the Cramps, and the Gun Club, due out later next year. If you don't trust your local record shop to get in this spooky slab o' wax, you can pre-order it from Midheaven Mailorder

The Pharmacy, “Stoned & Alone” LP

cover-stoned-and-alone-pharmacyEvery so often, an act writes a song so good, they'll spend the rest of there career being judged by it. Think "Big Country" by Big Country -- a song so superlative, so perfect, that nothing else -- no matter how good -- would ever measure up to it. Such is the case with the Pharmacy, whose "Dig Your Grave" has seen more play in the Nuthouse this year than any other song. The single on which that song appeared, and from which it drew its name, came out earlier this year, and pretty much secured its position as my favorite thing to come out in 2012, with the EP-ending track, "Burn All Yr Bridges" coming in a close second as my favorite song for the better part of six months. Now, the Pharmacy has seen to release the LP containing "Dig Your Grave." Entitled Stoned & Alone, it's good, but everything simply seems to be leading toward that one particular track. The cuts which lead up to it -- "At The Top Of The Ivory Stairs" and "Sure," in particular -- work that dour, down-tempo folksy garage vibe really well. Think the Kinks, but at the end of a long evening at the pub, just strumming guitars and doing piss-takes for their mates. The rest? It's all a little too upbeat. The Pharmacy work best when they bring the pace down slightly, and bouncy numbers such as "Where Do You Run To?" don't stand out nearly as much as when the group plays with sonic dynamics, mixing the meter of their songs. The upbeat stuff that comes on the second side just comes off like it's running away from the standout track as quickly as it can. It's the tracks on Stoned & Alone that don't play according to convention that work best. "Sure" ratchets up the speed, and then descends into stomping simplicity. Rat-a-tat-tat -- then, suddenly, tap. Tap. Tap. It's brilliant, and that's what makes the first half of this album work. Sadly, the rest is bog-standard jangle-pop. Stoned & Alone is due out November 20 on Old Flame Records. You can pre-order it right now.

Diflucan Uk

be-my-doppleganger-kickstarter Diflucan Uk, It's poppy, it's punky, but it's not quite pop-punk. Be My Doppleganger hew close to the power pop end of the rock 'n' roll spectrum on these four songs from their forthcoming third LP. Tentatively titled Artless, the band is planning on self-releasing the record this fall.

If Be My Doppleganger is using these four tracks as a way to discern enthusiasm or interest in Artless, I'd like to add a hearty, Diflucan Uk india, "yes, please!" The bass work on these cuts is pretty extraordinary, and the production, vocals, 1000mg Diflucan Uk, and song structure all hearken back to the golden age of '80s power pop. The Plimsouls, Replacements, Cheap Trick, Smithereens -- this is what I'm hearing, especially on "Floor to Shoulder, Diflucan Uk japan," which I just want to listen to over and over and over again.

If you want to get behind Artless right fucking now, you can use the Kickstarter the group set up as a way to pre-order, Diflucan Uk. $15 gets you a Kickstarter-only LP color. Seriously, they'll only press as many as people pledged. Diflucan Uk australia, You also get a digital download two weeks before the album comes out. And buttons. Diflucan Uk, And stickers. Niiiiiiiice, right. This is Kickstarter done right. Good job, Diflucan Uk uk, Be My Doppleganger. You got it goin' on.


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Lumigan Directions For Use

cover-melodys-echo-chamberThe debut release from French psych-pop act Melody's Echo Chamber Lumigan Directions For Use, , a split on Fat Possum with Unknown Mortal Orchestra, won't see release for another three weeks, but you can pre-order the 7-inch right now.

On the 7-inch, Melody's Echo Chamber brings their track "Crystallized, 500mg Lumigan Directions For Use," which has been heretofore unavailable in any other form other than digital. Lumigan Directions For Use canada, Unknown Mortal Orchestra covers the MEC track "Endless Shore," which will see release in September on the MEC full-length debut, also on Fat Possum, Lumigan Directions For Use us.

If you're on the fence as to whether or not your should order it -- what, Lumigan Directions For Use coupon, the fact that it was recorded and mixed with Tame Impala's Kevin Parker isn't enough to pique your interest. -- check out the tracks below, via Soundcloud, Lumigan Directions For Use india, as well as a pic of what the single will look like (splatter vinyl with a die-cut sleeve -- fuckin' fancy).



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Risks Of Clomid

cover-black-wine-hollow-earthBlack Wine Risks Of Clomid, 's new album, Hollow Earth, doesn't come out on Don Giovanni until next Tuesday, but you can stream it right now. Which you should do. They're less abrasive than Hunchback was, but not as poppy as the Ergs, 250mg Risks Of Clomid, either. They're this happy medium somewhere in the middle, 30mg Risks Of Clomid, and Black Wine just always seems to scratch an itch I never knew I had.

Listening to Black Wine usually results in me binging on Superchunk and Husker Du albums for a day or two afterward, because they're part of this very specific style of music that has very few practitioners. Infectious and catchy, 50mg Risks Of Clomid, but just discordant enough to keep them interesting. It's not boozy, Risks Of Clomid us, stupid music, but neither is it pretentious or high-minded. It's fucking fun, and I feel the more I talk about them, 150mg Risks Of Clomid, the more I need to just shut up and let you listen for yourself, so that you'll go pre-order it from Don Giovanni.


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Tetracycline Pnumonia

cover-kepi-sleepy-hollowItalian label Surfin' Ki Records has put together a single for Kepi Ghoulie Tetracycline Pnumonia, 's upcoming European tour. It's a 7-inch featuring both the electric and acoustic versions of his tune "Sleepy Hollow." They're basically just slightly different mixes of the versions on Hanging Out and American Gothic, but it's always cool to have a single like this, 1000mg Tetracycline Pnumonia. Plus, 250mg Tetracycline Pnumonia, both of those albums have gone out of print on LP, so it's a nice way to snag those songs if you don't yet have 'em.

The record -- due out next Friday, Tetracycline Pnumonia paypal, June 15 -- will be limited to 300 copies, Tetracycline Pnumonia us, with 200 available on black wax and 100 on clear orange wax, and you can choose between blue and orange cover art. You can snag three of the four variants at the Surfin' Ki wesbtore, 40mg Tetracycline Pnumonia. The blue cover art / black wax variant will be available exclusively through starting at the end of the month, and those copies will include a free patch.

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Lumigan Side Affects

cover-ska-is-dead Lumigan Side Affects, Yesterday, after posting news regarding Underground Communique's returning Ska is Dead single series, they posted some more solid details, as well as some hints as to what you can expect.

Like the last series, there will be three 7-inches on black vinyl and three 7-inches on color vinyl (last year, it was white), and they'll ship in three monthly installments of two 7-inches each, starting in July. Pre-orders start at 2:00 p.m, 50mg Lumigan Side Affects. Eastern Standard Time on Friday, May 25 via the Ska Is Dead store.

And now, your hints as to who will be in this series, with my guesses after:

reunion bands
that STUBBORN guy
more international bands
solo stuff from several members of the Slackers
a band who made a SHIT-TON of money via Kickstarter.
two of the bands from the UnderComm/Asbestos Kickstarter series

Reunion bands: Could be Madness, English Beat, or the Specials, but that's pretty unlikely, Lumigan Side Affects. Lumigan Side Affects coupon, Maybe Suicide Machines, since Asbestos released that double LP last year.
Stubborn guy: King Django, who runs Stubborn Records and fronts the Stubborn All-Stars.
International bands: Could be any band currently on the scene. El Bosso & Die Ping Pongs, El Gran Miercoles, Lumigan Side Affects japan, Rubén López & The Diatones ... Lumigan Side Affects, who knows.
Slackers solo members: Agent Jay and Dave Hillyard, most likely.
Band that made a shit-ton on Kickstarter: Five Iron Frenzy. Duh -- $207, Lumigan Side Affects us, 980 pledged for a $30,000 goal. Goal met in less than an hour (to say nothing of $80,000 in one day).
Two UnderCom/Asbestos Kickstarter bands: Pietasters, Pilfers, Edna's Goldfish, Lumigan Side Affects india, and/or Spring Heeled Jack.

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