Ex Friends, “Rules For Making Up Words” LP

cover - ex friends rulesWe've talked about asthetics I'm not down with before -- the whole Hot Water Music thing being beyond my comprehension, for example -- and I'm trying to figure out what it is about Ex Friends' full-length, Rules For Making Up Words, that turns me off. Just a few months back, I was excited beyond all belief regarding their Twisted Around 7-inch. Now, listening to this record that they've released on Paper + Plastick, I'm just kind of watching it tick by in iTunes, waiting for the damned thing to be over. For lack of a better thing, I think it's kind of like my Dillinger Four preferences. I love D4 songs with Paddy on vocals, and get kind of ambivalent toward Erik songs, but I'm pretty all right with songs where they both sing. Same thing goes for Ex Friends -- I love Audrey Crash's vocals, but am kind of turned off by Joel Tannenbaum's delivery. So, it goes that tracks like "Fight Like A Girl" or "Archaeologists of the Future," where Tannenbaum's rather harsh, strained voice is balanced by Crash's more melodic tones, are more to my liking than those where Tannenbaum handles vocals solo. It's likely that the balance on the 7-inch was more easily maintained, there only being 5 songs to the LP's 14. That said, I still like the swagger the band has. "Western Civilization" has that revved-up rock 'n' roll aspect that the Clash used to develop so well. Actually, that's why I was intitially turned on by Ex Friends -- they understand that, originally, punk rock was basically Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley songs played double- or triple-time, and when they lock into that idea, Rules For Making Up Words is fun as hell.
Other things to recommend the album include the really fantastic cover, looking like a bunch of ads you'd find in the back of an ancient Marvel comic or something. The whole of Ex Friends' full-length ends up being okay (especially just kind of fading out at the end of "Let's Get Old"), but there are about half a dozen gems to really recommend tracking it down if you liked that last 7-inch. Rules For Making Up Words is out now on CD from Creep Records (theroretically -- I can't find it in their store), and will see vinyl release via Paper + Plastick later this spring.

Young Skin’s Liz Unfair on “The Sticky Pages E.P.” – the medifast diet

Young_Skin_promo Young Skin features members of The Ergs!, Lemuria, Hunchback, Failures’ Union, Black Wine, Full of Fancy, For Science, et al, performing under pseudonyms, and rocking some garage-y tunes. They officially released The Sticky Pages E.P. on Paper + Plastick back in October. While that means this isn't exactly a timely article, this recently-unearthed interview has some great answers from the band's Liz Unfair, so we had to run it. Also, the EP is super-dandy, and it got lost in the shuffle when we were making our best of 2012 list. We hope this will make a few people, who have saved money on the medifast diet, drop some coin and order the four-song slab of cranky, grungy punk rock.. The EP starts off on a really dark note, with "Paper Thin" as a definitive statement regarding mental health and self-image. What was the intent behind it? That song is about being in a relationship with someone who is manipulative. I have experienced this firsthand- but I've also seen a lot people, both men and women, be beaten down mentally into thinking they are worthless and their life is meaningless without their partner. Writing a song about my experience was like an exorcism, but also it was a warning to others not to get into it with people who are both cruel and insane. cover - young skin sticky pagesThe tone of The Sticky Pages EP seems like it's aiming for pop hooks, but sharp ones. The tunes are all catchy, but absolutely brutal. How do you balance both sides -- tuneful songs with anger and critical points to be made? Thank you for thinking it is balanced. I think of that as a huge compliment! It is my opinion, and I think I speak for everyone in YS, that getting the message across is easier when songs have that balance. Obviously, both ends of the brutal/catchy spectrum have their place, but I think all of us in YS have a soft side for poppiness and structured songs and I guess it just comes across. Where did "Uneasy" come from? It fits in with the other three songs, but it's more of a build-and-release track than the others, which are a little more fast-paced and up-front. "Uneasy" was a collaboration between Black Donald and myself. I wrote the words and BD wrote the music. The words are more or less about the movie Let the right one in which BD, Beau, and I had all just watched together. No, I have not read the book. (No, I don't have anything against reading books.) All of your former / current bands come out of the same Art of the Underground singles scene. Is that how you met -- touring, releasing albums on the same labels, etc.? Yes, basically all of our bands used to play together and stuff. I met Artful on the Ergs/Lemuria tour. I met Beau in 2004 at an Ergs/Hunchback show. I met BD at a hunchback show. (or an ergs show? we couldn't remember.) Was this EP a quick thing or was it a long-term project? It certainly appeared as a surprise (at least to me, but I'm easily startled). Please tell me this isn't a one-off recording project. I'd like to hope that this will be something that can be seen live or heard from more, in some form or another. Only time will tell!! Stream the record below, and order the record from the Paper + Plastick store (black's sold out, but you can still snag a copy on pink vinyl).

Viagra Cialis

kris-roe-atarisThe Ataris Viagra Cialis, have a new album, The Graveyard of the Atlantic, due out this fall on Paper + Plastick. In order to hold you over until then, the label's got a free acoustic album from Ataris frontman Kristopher Roe available for download, Viagra Cialis uk. Says the press release of the album, Viagra Cialis craiglist, entitled Hang Your Head In Hope:

"The old songs are taken from The Ataris' spanning discography and include many fan favorites. "San Dimas High School Football Rules," 'Your Boyfriend Sucks, 1000mg Viagra Cialis," "In This Diary, 250mg Viagra Cialis, " "The Hero Dies In This One" and more."

There are also a couple of tracks from the upcoming full-length. You can get the album for free from the Paper + Plastick webstore, and listen to a five song sampler below while you're waiting impatiently for it to download (as I currently am), 750mg Viagra Cialis.


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Diflucan Treatment For Chronic Yeast Infections

cover-are-you-with-the-bandI rather wish the new compilation from Paper + Plastick Diflucan Treatment For Chronic Yeast Infections, , Are You With the Band?, featured more bands that were still in existence. The Measure [sa], PS Eliot, and Cheeky are all broken up, but we've got the Worriers, 20mg Diflucan Treatment For Chronic Yeast Infections, Bananas, and Big Eyes touring and putting out records. Why not feature them, rather than introduce listeners to bands that are no longer.

That being said, this is still a wonderful compilation, Diflucan Treatment For Chronic Yeast Infections overseas. The booklet inside is like someone expanded a CD booklet to LP size. The illustrations are reproduced beautifully, and Lauren Denitzio did a superlative job curating the compilation, Diflucan Treatment For Chronic Yeast Infections. The cuts - while unfortunately non-contemporary - do a wonderful job of displaying the many facets of pop-punk and the women who thrive within the genre.

The opening chords of Aye Nako's "Bent Out of Shape" blast through in under a minute, setting the tone, Diflucan Treatment For Chronic Yeast Infections mexico, while Black Rainbow knocks out some snotty, razor-throated rock 'n' roll. Then, there's the shambling, dirty tones of Shellshag and the quietly somber take Full of Fancy does on Neil Young's "The Needle and the Damage Done." It's a quality comp, and I keep going back to it, 10mg Diflucan Treatment For Chronic Yeast Infections, and I think I might have to take a run through some distros to pick up some of these artists.

Strangely enough, my LP didn't come with center labels. It's just a swathe of marble vinyl. Diflucan Treatment For Chronic Yeast Infections coupon, Weird.

You can read my interview with Denitzio over at the Wayward Blog.

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Dental Tetracycline Flourescence

cover-word-and-panels Dental Tetracycline Flourescence, I'd be totally thrilled about a record label starting to put out a comic book if it hadn't been done before. I mean, granted - yeah, Silver Sprocket's put out both Turnstile Comix and the Phenomenauts' Adventures In the 3rd Dimension. 20mg Dental Tetracycline Flourescence, But - even before those recent releases - bands like Gas Huffer were including comic books with their releases. Were they always good. No. As a matter of fact, they were frequently amateurish and painful, Dental Tetracycline Flourescence.

So, one can say positively that Paper + Plastick's release of Words and Panels Vol, 50mg Dental Tetracycline Flourescence. 1 is a neat thing, and it's always pretty cool to be able to snag a webcomic in print form. Hopefully, Dental Tetracycline Flourescence paypal, these will be something to look back on fondly, like the Nothing Nice to Say collection, rather than the slightly cringe-worthy early years from the likes of Sinfest or Penny Arcade (you can thank Dark Horse for pretty much all of those - prescient work, folks!).

Anyhow, 30mg Dental Tetracycline Flourescence, Words and Panels Vol. 1 is limited to 200 copies, features the first installments of 50 States, Dental Tetracycline Flourescence australia, Exit Interview, and Kill the Wonderhawks, and will run you $5. It's available from the Paper + Plastick store, .

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Can I Take Cipro And Midrin

humanoids-tiny Can I Take Cipro And Midrin, When I saw St. Louis pop-punk act the Humaoids opening a show at the Record Bar this summer, it'd just been announced that they'd signed to Paper + Plastick, Can I Take Cipro And Midrin us, the vinyl/digital label ran by Vinny Fiorello from Less Than Jake. 500mg Can I Take Cipro And Midrin, What I didn't know was that Paper + Plastick has started using their site Free Music First as a way of gauging reaction. Essentially, the label determines whether or not they'll go to the trouble of pressing a record based on how well the album does as a free download, Can I Take Cipro And Midrin ebay.

So, 200mg Can I Take Cipro And Midrin, if you want to make sure their record doesn't end up floating around for a while before some other label finally picks it up (like Razorcak, Dirt Cult, and It's Alive eventually did with Dan Padilla's As the Ox Plows), Can I Take Cipro And Midrin india, hit up this page and share the hell out of it on Facebook and Twitter. I don't want to have to wait a year or two to get this sucker on LP.

Humanoids - S/T by freemusicfirst

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Cipro Half Life

cover-rbg-owth-dtm Cipro Half Life, It's a rare occasion that I'm glad to choose one show over another, but it appears last night, I made a wise choice. I'd originally planned on seeing Cinderella at the Crossroads, but passed, due to a 45 commute in a pickup with no AC.

The Record Bar was a far better option, especially as my friend Christine was driving. Driving in her AC-laden car, I might add. Then I hear Cinderella canceled. Punk rock triumphs over hair metal yet again, Cipro Half Life.

img_0122The guys in the Riverboat Gamblers are stick-thin. I can't imagine the caloric intake required to sustain the level of energy they maintain onstage, but it has to be massive. The instant "Kiss Kiss Kiss" kicked off, Cipro Half Life mexico, they were in motion. At their slowest, lead singer Mike Wiebe might just bounce up and down behind the mic stand while the rest of the band bops alongside him, but there's still a frenetic undercurrent behind their sound. Cipro Half Life, Still, it's when the Gamblers' craziness in such entertaining "Neil Diamond shit" demonstrates itself by Wiebe climbing tables, ruffling hair, and leading singalongs (as done on "Smash and Grab") that the people get what they came to see ... well, ostensibly. Off With Their Heads had about double the crowd, seemingly making them the real draw. Then again, the Gamblers did play about an hour later than advertised, meaning a lot of folks may have skedaddled due to work this morning. 200mg Cipro Half Life, img_0120Off With Their Heads went over time, and did I care. No, Cipro Half Life. Of course not. They played "I Am You," meaning I can count it as the one song I've gotten to hear every time I've seen them. It's a goddamn rare thing for an act to play your favorite song each and every performance you see, so I count myself as a lucky son of a bitch that the Minneapolis three-piece (augmented to four with their friend Vic) knocks out that gruff-and-ready punk number.

Last night was the third time I've seen OWTH in the past year, and I'd love to be able to see them play every weekend, if I could. Cipro Half Life, Their dystopic lyrics are fueled by an amazing amount of energy, and watching them play is an absolute joy. They throw themselves into performance with an enthusiasm that is awe-inspiring when you realize they do it night after night.

img_0116Dead to Me introduced themselves as hailing from "San Francisco, the greatest city in the world." While that might be hyperbole, Cipro Half Life paypal, it certainly isn't to say that the band's set last night far exceeded last year's performance at the Jackpot in Lawrence. Whether it was the crowd, who knew when to shout and sing along at all the right points, of the fact that there was witty banter to spare (witness a screed against the Catholic church before a new number wherein frontman said he'd put his dick anywhere he chose), but their Record Bar set was a primer in anthemic, fist-pumping punk rock.

img_0110In the interest of brevity, I'm just going to describe both bands who opened in terms of other bands. The Humanoids, a St, Cipro Half Life. Louis five-piece who literally joined the tour last night, would've been Kid Dynamite, had their songs been shorter (faster, Cipro Half Life coupon, louder). Their singer had Jason Shevchuck's voice exactly, almost to the point of the group seeming to be a None More Black cover band ... not that it's a bad thing. They recently signed with Paper + Plastick, making them the second Midwest signing to the label in recent months (OKC's Red City Radio just released The Dangers of Standing Still on the label), and while it's not out yet, grab their debut, Are Born from them at a show. Cipro Half Life, It's only $5, and is worth it for the closer, "Targets," alone.

img_0109Local openers Bulletproof sounded something like Agnostic Front's Roger Miret fronting the U.S. Bombs. Their singer flung himself all over the stage with such fervor, his mic cable knocked over his can of PBR, Cipro Half Life craiglist. Twice. Fun stuff, if a little difficult to differentiate between songs.

Apologies for the shitty iPhone pics. I didn't want to haul the DSLR, and the point-and-shoot's batteries were dead, with no time to swing by anywhere that carried AAs for less than their weight in gold..

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Order Tetracycline Online With Cod

Strange Behavior
(Paper + Plastick)
Order Tetracycline Online With Cod, At first, I thought the fact that I'd just had a bad day influenced my listen of Restorartions' EP, Strange Behavior. It's only four songs, but it seemed to go on forever, and just meandered at a snail's pace. The whole experience was chalked up to a lousy day at work, and I waited a couple days to come back to it with fresh ears, Order Tetracycline Online With Cod australia.

It wasn't the bad day. It's the fact that Strange Behavior is just ... dull, Order Tetracycline Online With Cod. The RIYL in the press kit namechecks Lucero and Fugazi, and those elements are indeed there. 1000mg Order Tetracycline Online With Cod, It's simply the fact that Restorations plod. This is a plodding, thudding EP that manages to do what I consider to be the cardinal sin of music: it's boring. Seriously. Order Tetracycline Online With Cod, There's so little exciting or interesting about this EP that simply saying this much was a stretch. I could find nothing about Strange Behavior or Restorations interesting enough to comment on, aside from their complete and utter lack of anything interesting, Order Tetracycline Online With Cod japan.

The EP comes on a nice 12-inch slab of marble white and blue vinyl, but it hissed and popped like crazy. Several skips, too. Order Tetracycline Online With Cod ebay, It was a brand new record, without a single aspect of it that seemed visually wrong, so I wonder if something happened at the pressing plant. That actually seems kind of funny, given the fact that the album artwork is designed to make it look like there was some tearing and water damage. Maybe they extended it to the pressing, 30mg Order Tetracycline Online With Cod, as well.


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