Sonny Vincent, “Totally Fucked” 7-inch

cover - sonny vincent totally fuckedSonny Vincent, late of the Testors, belies the idea that just because you've passed 60, you have to start making blues or Americana albums. No sirree, Bob -- Mr. Vincent has not strapped on an acoustic guitar, nor is he revisiting the Great American Songbook. He is, in point of fact, playing balls-to-the-wall rock 'n' roll. That is "rock 'n' roll." Not "rock and roll," not "rock," not "garage" -- "rock 'n' roll." Snarling, angry, unrelenting rock 'n roll. After last year's recording as Sonny Vincent and the Bad Reactions, this recording on Oops Baby is a welcome change. On that 7-inch, Vincent was sharing vocal duties with someone else who threatened to overtake his vocals, whereas on this spinning piece of black plastic, he's complimented nicely. Of course, "Totally Fucked" is all Vincent, and features the remarkably succinct couplet "Totally fucked/ And high on cocaine," and the final 20-30 seconds is just "totally fucked" repeated over and over again, each time more insistent. It's the perfect follow-up to Oops Baby's last release from Livids -- it's the same crazed, streamlined blast of energy that like's mainlining espresso. Each track races along, faster and faster. The second track on the b-side, and final song on the single, is "Robot Radio," and it has a stop-start rhythm that will have you pumping your fist. It's astonishing to think that so many of his peers are revisiting the past, mining the hits, and Sonny Vincent's making singles that stand shoulder-to-shoulder with any of the young turks on the scene today. "Totally Fucked" is available from the Oops Baby store for $6 on black, with a pressing of 400 or $8 for color, limited to 100.

Livids, “(Some of Us Have) Adrenalized Hearts” 7-inch

cover - livids adrenalized heartsWhen you hear that Eric Davidson from the New Bomb Turks has a new band, along with a slew of singles you get excited. Such was the news regarding Livids and one of their first releases, the (Some of Us Have) Adrenalized Hearts EP for Oops Baby Records. The press release describes it as a recording which was "banged out." Sadly, it seems like that's less hyperbole, and more a statement meant to keep you from getting your hopes up. The songs are good, if a bit rough, but the recording is more like a really good demo than a proper release. Your initial impulse on listening is that you'd like to pogo around the stereo, but nothing sounds strong enough to really rock you solidly. The title track's a little thin-sounding. The guitars and drums don't have any real heft to them, which is a shame, because Davidson's voice is as strong and sneering as it was during his time with the Turks. The bass work is heavy and thick, but I want those guitars to scream through on parts other than the solos. The thin guitars work a little better on the numbers which run a little faster, like "Nerve-Wrecked." Those punk rock licks work just fine with a thinner guitar tone, but for the rock 'n' roll numbers, you want those riffs to punch, not sound tinny as if they were being recorded from another room. "Theme From Livids" is the only track on here that really has the right tone going for it. The guitars sound like they've got a purpose for being there, rather than existing purely as a counterpart for the bass. "Midnight Stains," another track from the same recording session conducted by Phil Palazzolo, was released by Italy's Goodbye Boozy right around the same time as Oops Baby put this one out, and the same guitar problems plague it, as well, making this less of a pressing issue, and more of a mixing or recording one. If you watch live footage of the band, even the relatively lo-fi audio in the YouTube clip manages to have some clear and true guitars. Usually, I'm one to allow for a band's growth, and lord knows I want this band to do well, but I'm thinking they might not have needed to rush into the studio so quickly, or at the very least, might have gone with a different engineer. The songs are here, and they could be real rockers, but it's just a bit of a letdown. That being said, the songs are good, even if the recording sounds subpar. You can snag the EP from the Oops Baby store, with a pressing of 500 on black vinyl for $6, or spring for the limited-to-100 pressing on blood splatter for $8.

Prozac Interaction

"Lady Sonia" single
(Oops Baby Records)

You can be forgiven if you lump New York's Stalkers Prozac Interaction, in with the cavalcade of garage rockers who've emerged from the city's clubs in the wake of the Strokes. Vocalist Andy does share a bit of the New York drawl so effectively used by the likes of Julian Casablancas, Richard Hell, and Joey Ramone, Prozac Interaction mexico, but the delivery's 100% exuberance on the a-side, the jangly power-pop nugget "Lady Sonia." The backing vocals are what really make this number bounce along nicely. The "lalalalala" going on during the verses lends the whole track verve and fun, and this is nothing like the cold, boring drone favored by the Strokes, Prozac Interaction overseas.

The b-side, "When We Get There," is a bit more sedate. 1000mg Prozac Interaction, Stalkers do a real bang-up job hearkening back to the '50s crooners without being a nostalgia act. It's the sort of number you'd like to hear coming out of your car stereo while you do one of those "slow dance in the headlights" things you always see in the movies, Prozac Interaction. I'm sure it's romantic to dance in the middle of nowhere - I'm just afraid of killing the battery and being stranded, so how 'bout you try it and check in with me.

The single's limited to a pressing of 500, with 400 on black and 100 on blue, 10mg Prozac Interaction. Blue's a dollar more, but it's prettier and limited. You pay for those things. 500mg Prozac Interaction, They're both available in the Oops Baby store.

Stalkers - Lady Sonia by Oops Baby Records

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Lumigan Free Shipping

cover-shark Lumigan Free Shipping, Shark.
(Oops Baby Records)

It might be that I've listened to this Shark? single, Kreegah! two or three times a day since it showed up in the mail last week, but I find myself humming snatches of the songs at odd times. Lumigan Free Shipping india, For a fuzzy little band from Brooklyn, this four piece has strong pop chops. Were these songs stripped of their distortion and slightly-warbly vocals, they'd be contenders for alternative radio hits.

Each side of this single has a different version of Shark?'s wry delivery, 20mg Lumigan Free Shipping. The a-side, "Hip Hop Hooray" (no, not a cover of the Naughty By Nature track) is a darker, sludgier tune, whereas "You Don't Love Me (Anymore)" is poppier and upbeat, Lumigan Free Shipping. If you think about it, it's kind a study in dynamics. Your party-titled track is depressing, Lumigan Free Shipping craiglist, and your sad bastard tune is a bouncy, almost jaunty number. Both tracks still manage to lodge themselves firmly in your brain, however, and you will find yourself telling people, Lumigan Free Shipping usa, "No, really. This is one of those bands that are gonna be pretty big."

Vinyl's a big-hole 45, 150mg Lumigan Free Shipping, and comes hand-numbered on the sleeve, out of 250. Hop on this post-haste. They're already getting chatted up on Brooklyn Vegan, meaning soon your only option will be iTunes or some other digital purveyor.

Kreegah! by sharkquestionmark

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