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book-cover-geek-girlsLeslie Simon Nevada Tetracycline Stain, is a tourist. All her books are written in the breathless tone of a 13 year-old's diary, combined with the breezy weightlessness of a Cosmo article. Geek Girls Unite is no different. Even the reading lists provided - which are excellent resources for anyone looking for a good book - and her lists of influential women in each category - all very notable and quite worth knowing - are fraught with errors. It's Our Band Could Be Your Life, not This Band, 200mg Nevada Tetracycline Stain. Courtney Love is a star-fucker, not a geek heroine of any sort, Nevada Tetracycline Stain. Et cetera.

Simon's books all have the same "hey, check this out!" approach that's all veneer, with little beneath the shiny surface to recommend them. All I get from Geek Girls Unite is the sense that this is a series of profiles on what are the best ways to emulate a music/film/literary/etc. Nevada Tetracycline Stain canada, geek and land some hottie. Nevada Tetracycline Stain, It's sad. I fail to see how an extended magazine article of a flippant nature manages to demonstrate how fangirls, hookworms, indie chicks, and other misfits are taking over the world. It's an entertaining read, but there's little within the pages of Geek Girls Unite that has a deeper meaning than "OMG U GUYS!!!111"

There's next to nothing that actually helps girls figure out what to do in order to become one of those ladies who are taking over the world, Nevada Tetracycline Stain ebay. How-to's on making zines, short films, or comics would give Simon's book a purpose past cute and disposable. Essentially, if this book were about emulation, 750mg Nevada Tetracycline Stain, and not imitation, I'd be more inclined to pass it on to my cousin, as opposed to throwing it on the stack headed to Half Price Books.

And, hey - could we get some female geeks that aren't fucking pin-ups. As my wife so eloquently put it: "Hot is hot, geeky or not, 1000mg Nevada Tetracycline Stain. That's what it boils down to. If Olivia Munn and Felicia Day looked like Susan Boyle, this book wouldn't exist.".

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Erythromycin 500mg Twice A Day, In contrast to the recent "books I've been unable to get into" post, here are two recent releases that I've breezed through. Sharing similar themes (pop culture awareness, a geeky undercurrent, flip attitude, semi-autobiographical), these two books seemed worth grouping together.

book-cover-rock-roll-savesRock and Roll Will Save Your Life
Steve Almond

I've been a big fan of most stuff Steve Almond's written over the years, especially 2004's Candyfreak, Erythromycin 500mg Twice A Day paypal. He's very aware of his geeky nature, and that's what makes his books so readable. If you're the sort of person who forces mix tapes on friends and co-workers, telling them "no, really, you have to hear the second track!" you are the sort of person Almond describes as a "drooling fanatic." Fear not, Erythromycin 500mg Twice A Day overseas, however -- this is not an appellation Almond throws about without taking it first as his own. The stories Almond tells in Rock and Roll Will Save Your Life cover the gamut of drooling fanaticism, be they DJ'ing a college radio station, writing for a paper, or simply championing little-known bands to the point where he finds himself managing one of them, Erythromycin 500mg Twice A Day.

Granted, this book spoke to me on such a personal level, it might as well have been titled Rock and Roll Will Save Your Life, Nick. There is a certain person to whom this book makes perfect sense (a list of identifying characteristics from the book can be found on Almond's website), while most readers will see this as humorously exagerated. It is not -- I've done many of the activities described in Rock and Roll Will Save Your Life, Erythromycin 500mg Twice A Day canada, and can attest to many more above and beyond.

book-cover-suck-itSuck It, Wonder Woman!
Olivia Munn

Since I don't have cable, much of what I know of Olivia Munn comes from YouTube clips and stuff from Topless Robot and other geeky reporting sites. Erythromycin 500mg Twice A Day, Her writing and comedic style is fairly scatter-shot, jumping from sex jokes to personal reflections to lists to...and so on and so forth. It's a lot like most books written by comedians in that it reads like a transcription of a stand-up routine interspersed with vaguely relevant anecdotes.

Munn's a little different in that as you read Suck It, Erythromycin 500mg Twice A Day mexico, Wonder Woman!, there's an undercurrent of personal perseverance. She really took it on the chin as a military brat and geeky girl, two things that are difficult enough in and of themselves, but combine to make for an adolescence which would make weaker folks cave and collapse. Munn seems to have channeled this into a ferocious, take-no-shit attitude. The book's shaky and isn't as cohesive as it could be, 250mg Erythromycin 500mg Twice A Day. The topic jumping also results in some tonal changes (from confessional to list to picture gallery to industry gossip) that give the book an uneven pace. However, Munn's humor and brassy, ballsy sense of "I can do this!" make the book a fast, engaging read.

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