Podcast #123, “Tony Rettman & NYHC”

book cover - nyhcIt's been a good long while since we last spoke with author Tony Rettman (going all the way back to podcast number twelve), but his new book for Bazillion Points, NYHC: New York Hardcore 1980-1990 is pretty amazing. We were lucky enough to interview Mr. Rettman for the Runout, and while we had him on the line, we had him play DJ for a few songs. Thus, there's nothing but New York hardcore on this particular episode, but it's a nice mix of both classics and new, and all of it likely a bunch of stuff you've not ever heard. If you like what you hear, check out the full Spotify playlist Mr. Rettman put together for the book (and, conveniently, buy a copy of NYHC) at the Bazillion Points website. Podcast #123, "Tony Rettman & NYHC" Cro-Mags, "Show You No Mercy (demo version)" (1984 Demo) Urban Waste, "Reject" (Urban Waste) Agnostic Front, "Hiding Inside" (Victim In Pain) --- Maximum Penalty, "All Your Boyz" (Demo '89) The Mob, "Step Forward" (Step Forward) --- Killer Instinct, "Torture You First" (Big Apple: Rotten to the Core) --- Brain Slug, "Distort New York" (Distort New York) In School, "Knocked Out" (Praxis of Hate)